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How to Use the iTENS as a TENS Neck Massager

A Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) machine is a device that can effectively reduce pain from injuries and health conditions. It uses low-voltage electrical currents to stimulate our nerves. The effects of pain relief through electrical nerve stimulation fall under the “Gate Control Theory” of pain management. This theory states that the electrical stimulation from a TENS device can help close our “gating channels”. These gating channels are pathways for our pain signals. Closure of this gating mechanism can block the pain signals from reaching the brain, thus, reducing the pain sensations we would typically feel. Since a TENS machine only uses mild and low-voltage currents, it can even help treat areas like the neck. Devices like the iTENS from iTENS Australia are safe and versatile enough for neck pain or neck massage treatments. The iTENS’ small and flexible electrode pads make it a highly effective TENS neck massager.

A TENS device is also capable of inducing endorphin release. Healthcare professionals refer to this hormone as the “feel-good” hormone because of its positive effects. Endorphins are our body’s natural painkillers. Improving endorphin release through a TENS neck massager can help with pain relief and relaxation. Additionally, endorphins can also help improve our moods and sleeping patterns (through their relaxation effects).

iTENS as a TENS Neck Massager

Using the iTENS as a TENS neck massager is easy and convenient mainly because of its features. The following features help make the iTENS a practical device:

  • Wireless Features: The iTENS from iTENS Australia is an entirely wireless device capable of Bluetooth connection. Users can seamlessly pair the device with their smartphones. This feature allows users to activate and control the iTENS through their phones conveniently. Furthermore, this wireless feature can drastically help users that may be trying to treat hard to reach areas like the lower back. Additionally, it is worth noting that the iTENS and iTENS app is compatible with most iOS, Android, and Google devices.
  • Free to move: Users using an entirely wireless device can move more freely, even during treatment. Users can move more freely because there are no longer any wires to disrupt movement. Furthermore, this feature can enable users to work or do activities simultaneously with TENS therapy or massage. This feature can drastically help users that may have busy schedules.
  • Different sized pads: The iTENS has three available pad sizes. Having interchangeable pad sizes helps make the iTENS a versatile device. Moreover, different pad sizes can enable the device to treat various injuries and conditions. Each iTENS pad size is optimised to treat specific areas. For example, you can use the small electrode wing pads of the iTENS to treat areas like the neck optimally.

Using the iTENS TENS Neck Massager: Do’s and Don’ts

When using the iTENS as a TENS neck massager, there are some key instructions users should never forget. Users should always follow the necessary steps during TENS therapy to help prevent irritations or discomfort. Users need to follow these instructions:

  • Attach before turning on: Users should always attach a TENS device and its pads first before turning it on. This method can help prevent sudden shocks at the start of the treatment.
  • Pair the iTENS only after attaching it: Users should only pair the iTENS after attaching it. This can help prevent any accidental activations.
  • Clean the skin thoroughly: The area to be treated should be thoroughly cleaned. Cleaning the area can help improve the transmission of electrical currents. Furthermore, effective transmission of currents can help improve nerve stimulation.
  • Double-check pad sizes: Use suitable pad sizes for the right areas. For example, using small pads on areas like the back may not have sufficient electrical stimulation.
  • Avoid open wounds: Users should avoid attaching the pads over open wounds.
  • Avoid sensitive areas: Users should always avoid sensitive areas like the eyes, genitals, mouth, the temple area (on the head), and the front part of the neck.
  • Secure connection between the pads and the iTENS: Users should still ensure that the electrode pads are attached firmly to the device despite having no wires. This method can help prevent sudden disruptions during treatment. Furthermore, this method can also prevent sudden shocks.

How to use the iTENS

Once users know the essential instructions, they may begin their TENS therapy session. Users can use the iTENS in “app mode” or “manual mode”. When using the iTENS in app mode, users can select their treatment through the iTENS smartphone app. The app contains a variety of pre-set treatment parameters optimised to treat specific body areas, injuries, and health conditions. Users can begin their treatment with just a press of a button. For example, you can select the “neck” option in the iTENS app to specifically treat neck pain. Moreover, the app mode feature can also drastically help users new to electrotherapy. Inexperienced users can effectively treat themselves even without professional help. This feature makes the iTENS a highly effective and reliable TENS neck massager.

Users that prefer TENS therapy with more personalised parameters can use the iTENS in its manual mode. This mode enables users to manually set the intensity, frequency, pulse width, and duration. Having personalised parameters can help make treatments through a TENS neck massager feel more comfortable. Users can set the parameters that suit them best. However, users should remember to adjust the settings only gradually when using the manual mode. This method can help prevent skin, muscle, or nerve irritations. Furthermore, this can help protect the user from any form of discomfort. For neck pain/massage treatments, users can place the electrode pads over the pain site on the sides of the posterior neck (one on each side). The electrodes should not be over the spine.


Is TENS therapy Safe?

TENS therapy with a TENS device like the iTENS is a non-toxic, safe, and all-natural pain relief method. Unlike some oral pain medications, TENS therapy devices do not have adverse side effects. Moreover, the mild electrical currents produced during TENS therapy cannot cause any harm. Therefore, buying and using a TENS neck massager is entirely safe. Additionally, you can also use them throughout the day when pain symptoms begin to show. However, it is essential to remember to take 20-minute breaks in between sessions. Furthermore, users can confidently use iTENS from iTENS Australia because it has FDA clearance to be an effective and safe pain relief device. FDA clearance ensures users are using a device that has undergone serious product testing before release. Despite being safe for use, people with cancer, epilepsy, history of seizures, heart problems, and cardiac pacemakers should avoid using TENS devices. 


There are plenty of benefits when using the iTENS as a TENS neck massager. Additionally, the iTENS is highly versatile and practical. Therefore, this pain management device can be a worthwhile investment. Users can buy and use the iTENS for various painful conditions and discomforts, improving their overall quality of life. Furthermore, it can provide multiple pain relief and massage treatments, enabling users to save money by needing fewer services from professionals.

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