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What is a Stimulator Machine?

Health conditions can develop for a variety of reasons. They can be acute that go away on their own, or chronic that lasts for a long time. Each condition may cause sharp, stabbing, or shooting sensations. Likewise, pain can be mild or intense and affect our daily activities and overall quality of life. Thus, many people seek immediate relief by going to the doctor or taking medicines. Your physician may recommend electrotherapy through TENS devices to manage pain during a consultation. TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) is a portable stimulator machine that uses electrodes to reduce pain symptoms. The device sends mild electrical pulses to stimulate the sensory nerves to block or reduce pain. 

A standard TENS machine is a battery-operated unit using wired electrodes placed on the skin. The electrodes are applied near the pain area to allow transmission of the electrical pulses to the nerves. Nowadays, you can quickly get a wireless TENS unit for more seamless and efficient pain management. The iTENS from iTENS Australia is the first device with FDA clearance that combines wearable technology and TENS therapy. The iTENS is a wireless stimulator machine for pain relief with Bluetooth capabilities.

What is a TENS stimulator machine?

TENS is a nerve stimulator machine because it induces the nerve pathways to control pain signals. According to the Gate Control Theory of pain, the spinal cord has a gating mechanism that allows transmitting pain messages from the site to the brain. The mild electrical pulses pass through the skin during TENS therapy and override the nerves. High frequency causes the nerve pathways to block the pain signals before reaching the brain. Additionally, the other function of TENS is to stimulate the production of endorphins, the body’s feel-good hormones and natural painkillers. TENS devices can induce endorphins release at low-frequency settings. TENS devices, with these effects, can provide an external stimulus to activate the body’s natural defences against pain. 


Who Can Use TENS?

Pain is common to all people of all ages, although the experience differs between individuals. As people age, they are more prone to developing severe health conditions. The iTENS stimulator machine effectively reduces pain from acute and chronic conditions. Acute pain is any short-term pain that lasts for three to six months. Although short-lived, they may cause discomfort wherein pain management may be needed. The common causes of acute pain are injuries, post-surgery, burns, labour, and muscle soreness. In contrast, any pain that endures for more than six months is chronic. Progressive illnesses like arthritis, sciatica, and fibromyalgia cause sharp shooting sensations. Furthermore, these conditions tend to worsen with time. Thus, a TENS machine can help with these conditions by reducing the pain. Additionally, TENS treatment is also beneficial for people in the following situations: 

  • Neuropathic pain – nerve damage 
  • Musculoskeletal injuries – injuries affecting the bones, muscles, ligaments, nerves, or tendons.
  • Sore muscles – inflammation of muscles from overuse
  • Post-surgery

Using the iTENS Stimulator Machine

The iTENS has a set of wireless electrode pads with Bluetooth connectivity to facilitate convenient pain relief. The iTENS works in a few simple steps. There are no complicated controls or instructions that you get from other electrical devices. First, peel and stick the gel pads on the pain site and turn on the device. Second, connect the electrodes to a smartphone app via Bluetooth. Lastly, choose the therapy you need based on the body part or condition to be treated, and you can begin the treatment right away. The device would give a mild tingling sensation during the session. The stimulator machine works by sending electrical pulses to activate the nerve endings. Conversely, you can modify TENS treatment based on your preferences. Set the pulse rate, pulse width, duration, and waveforms in manual mode. Additionally, you can adjust the intensity according to your condition and preference.

The iTENS companion app features various pre-set programs for common body pain. For aches due to stress or fatigue, you can choose the treatment based on parts like elbows, shoulder, back, hands, and feet. Alternatively, the iTENS offers thirteen ready therapies for chronic conditions and includes muscle massage and relaxation modes. The program’s parameters are fixed according to the settings that give optimal relief. So, you can self-administer pain treatment with zero risks. You can start with the lowest settings for safe and effective results and work your way up. Lastly, the stimulator machine can provide relief for up to 4 hours.


Advantages of iTENS

Not all TENS or stimulator machines deliver the same effective relief. With many options available, choosing which device to use can be overwhelming. The iTENS can help reduce many pain symptoms all from one compact-sized device. You can get these benefits when using iTENS:

  • Non-invasive – The electrode pads attach to your skin and can be easily removed without leaving permanent marks or damage. 
  • Portable – The iTENS maximises mobility by going wireless. The iTENS kit comes with a poly bag for easy storage. Likewise, unlike other wired devices, they are not bulky, so they are handy and easy to carry anywhere. 
  • Rechargeable – The device uses rechargeable batteries with 24 to 36 hours of running time. 
  • In-app features – The companion app offers built-in programs for easy use and programmable settings. Additionally, the device will shut off automatically after 30 minutes if no buttons are pressed.
  • Reusable gel pads – The reusable pads are easy to clean or maintain. In addition, the replacement pads are low-cost, making them cost-effective. 
  • Drug-free – Using a stimulator machine does not produce adverse side effects that oral painkillers have. You can use TENS many times in a day as needed. 
  • Discreet – The iTENS pads are slim and lightweight. They are not noticeable when worn under clothes. You can use the iTENS while working or on the go. 

Where to Get a Stimulator Machine

Using a stimulator device like a TENS machine can immediately relieve acute and chronic pain. TENS also improves blood circulation, helping to heal damaged muscles or nerves in an injury. However, be careful not to use TENS in some instances to avoid causing further damage. Do not use TENS on an open wound or broken skin. Avoid placing the TENS pads on the head, throat, upper neck, and chest. Furthermore, TENS is not advisable if you have heart diseases, cancer, epilepsy, blood clots, or cardiac pacemakers in your body. You can get the iTENS at iTENS Australia online and receive them the soonest possible time. In choosing a pain relief device, choose one that experts and pain specialists highly recommend. The iTENS is available without a prescription. For best results, you may consult your physician or therapist on using TENS for the first time.

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