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A Portable EStim Machine: Why to Get One

If you have fibromyalgia or another condition, it may benefit you to undergo a physical therapy procedure called electrical stimulation or estim. Estim emits electrical pulses to copy the signals from neurons. These mild electrical pulses signal targeted muscles to stimulate muscle contraction. Carrying them with you all time is now possible with a portable estim.  

The iTENS Portable EStim Machine

One favoured type of portable estim machine is the iTENS. This innovative device aims to provide instant, long-lasting and medical-grade pain relief at home, workplace or any place you are convenient. With iTENS, you no longer have to operate the device directly. You can adjust the intensity of the pulses via Bluetooth through your smartphone.  

Unravelling wires when you need pain relief is unbearable; now, you don’t have to deal with that problem with the wireless portable estim. The days of plugging in wires to the electrodes are in the past. Afraid that people might notice a bulky machine bulging through your dress? Don’t worry because the portable estim machine has wings that are ultra-thin, flexible and lightweight. You can wear the iTENS discreetly under your clothes to conveniently experience essential relief whenever you need it. Place the adhesive gel pads to the specific body part, turn the iTENS on, and the device will work wonders. With its small design, you can effortlessly fit your iTENS in your pocket, bag or purse.   


A portable estim machine like iTENS lets you control your device via Bluetooth through your iOS or Android smartphone and tablet. On the iTENS app, you can choose what type of program you would like to undergo:   

  1. Body part mode aims to provide pain relief to a specific area like the lower back, arms, legs, shoulders and joints.  
  1. Condition mode lets you choose a treatment based on your particular pain condition such as Sciatica, Osteoarthritis, Fibromyalgia, Acute pain, Chronic pain and more.  
  1. Manual mode allows you to adjust the pulse width, pulse rate, waveforms and treatment time. Countless features are now possible because of this integration.  
  1. Favourite lets you select your saved programs for easy access. You can save any treatment anytime.  

Safety is never a question for iTENS because it is the first FDA-cleared wireless pain relief device administering exceptional TENS technology to fight pain. Investing in a portable estim saves you money in the long run with its multiple benefits and no side effects. 

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