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Benefits of Having a Portable Electrotherapy Device

Imagine having a personal pain-reducing device with you wherever you go. When your pain starts acting up, you can quickly cue them to work on you right away. That is what a portable electrotherapy device can do. Accordingly, iTENS Australia offers the revolutionary iTENS wireless TENS machine. Having a device like the iTENS is like having a mini professional therapist with you whenever and wherever you need it. You can find out more about the iTENS wireless unit and its many benefits and additional features below.

How Does a Portable Electrotherapy Device Relieve Pain?

Firstly, a portable electrotherapy device is basically a TENS machine with added features to increase mobility. TENS stands for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation. Transcutaneous means “through the skin”. It is a form of electrotherapy that works by penetrating the skin’s surface with low voltage electrical currents to reach the nerves. The electrical stimulation targets the nerves for sensory feedback. It intercepts the pain signals from reaching the brain. When the pain signals are blocked, the body feels less pain. This method of pain relief falls under the “Pain Gate Theory of Pain Management”. Moreover, a TENS machine like iTENS wireless unit is a highly effective portable electrotherapy device made up of electrodes that can be discreetly attachable to the skin.

In addition, a portable electrotherapy device can also aid in the release of more endorphins. Endorphins are chemicals that help reduce the sensation of pain. It is our body’s natural pain killers that act like morphine. Furthermore, it can also provide increased happiness, euphoria, or a general sense of well-being. Hence, why most medical professionals call endorphins the “happy hormone”.


Benefits of Electrotherapy

There are several benefits of electrotherapy using a TENS machine. More so if you are using a portable electrotherapy device. The primary purpose of a TENS machine is to relieve one’s pain while you are on the go. Pain management treatment using TENS electrotherapy can alleviate acute and chronic pain symptoms. Such as:

  • neck pain
  • shoulder pain
  • arm pain
  • elbow pain
  • wrist pain
  • back pain
  • leg pain
  • feet pain
  • joint pain
  • period pain
  • labour pain

Additionally, TENS electrotherapy with an effective portable electrotherapy device like the iTENS may also treat various pain conditions. Pain from existing conditions such as:

  • arthritis
  • bursitis
  • endometriosis
  • fibromyalgia
  • sciatica
  • tendinitis
  • adhesive capsulitis
  • multiple sclerosis
  • diabetic neuropathy
  • tennis elbow

Lastly, it can also serve as an excellent electronic massager. Depending on the availability of intensity settings of your device, a TENS machine can attend to your muscles internally. Electrical stimulation can provide muscle relaxation and aid in muscle recovery. Likewise, the iTENS portable electrotherapy device has multiple customisation options, from pre-set settings to desired manual input settings. 

Advantages of the iTENS Portable Electrotherapy Device

Generally, a TENS machine is small and about the size of a mobile phone. It is lightweight and easy to carry. On the other hand, the iTENS portable electrotherapy device has many more advantages. One of the primary advantages of the iTENS unit is that it comes 100% wire-free. Users can easily pair these devices with their smartphones through the iTENS app using a Bluetooth connection. Moreover, the iTENS app includes various pre-set settings optimised for pain management in different body locations and health conditions. For example, users who suffer from the sciatica condition can select the sciatica option and follow instructions as needed. Thus, it eliminated the need for often expensive professional consultation. Alternatively, users may also use the iTENS manually through the device itself. This option enables more customisation for experienced users or for more specific pain management requirements.

In addition, the iTENS interchangeable adhesive electrode pads can fit almost anywhere, even in hard-to-reach areas of the body. It is due to its innovative slim wing-like design. Furthermore, there are no messy and tangled wires to hinder body movements or cause accidental shocks and burns using the iTENS. Users may wear the iTENS portable electrotherapy device on their bodies discreetly. At iTENS Australia, the days of wired and bulky TENS machines are in the past.

Is the iTENS Portable Electrotherapy Device Safe?

TENS electrotherapy is a safe, drug-free, and non-invasive method to relieve pain with no adverse side effects. If you want to relieve pain effectively without the accompanying harsh side effects of oral painkillers, the iTENS portable electrotherapy device is right for you. Analgesics come in handy, but if taken long-term, it has adverse side effects that may compromise the health, such as allergic reactions, dependency, and weakened immune system. Subsequently, the iTENS interchangeable adhesive electrode pads are hypoallergenic. This feature makes it less likely for users with sensitive skin to cause an allergic reaction when applying the sticky pads to their skin.

More importantly, the iTENS portable electrotherapy device is the world’s first FDA-cleared true wireless TENS machine. Having FDA clearance can ensure users and would-be buyers that the iTENS wireless unit has the requirements to be a medical device for personal use. Additionally, it has passed all the proper testing to be safe, effective and reliable.


Usage and Safety Guidelines

The iTENS portable electrotherapy device offers a wide array of solutions for pain relief. It is one of the most effective and safe methods of pain management available. However, as with all medical devices, users should keep in mind that a TENS machine is not suitable in some situations. It is advised to take 20-minute breaks in between TENS therapy sessions. Moreover, users should not conduct TENS pain management treatment when:

  • sleeping
  • showering, bathing or any activities involving water
  • driving
  • operating heavy machinery

Furthermore, even for TENS machines as safe as the iTENS portable electrotherapy device, it is still not advisable for use by:

  • pregnant women (but not in labour)
  • people with epilepsy
  • cancer patients
  • individuals with heart conditions
  • people with electrical or metal implants such as cardiac pacemakers and defibrillators

Apart from these specific conditions, TENS electrotherapy using a TENS machine for pain management is entirely safe. Nevertheless, you may consult your doctor, healthcare provider or physical therapist for a more comprehensive insight into the benefits of TENS electrotherapy and the advantages of the iTENS portable electrotherapy device.


Without a doubt, the iTENS portable electrotherapy device is one of the most effective TENS machines for relieving pain with added convenience and efficiency. You may avail the iTENS Kits at the iTENS Australia products page now.

The iTENS portable electrotherapy device kit includes:

  • 1 x Interchangeable Gen 2 iTENS Device (the white round part), which is the rechargeable battery and the Bluetooth receiver
  • Small or Large (depending on the kit selected) G2 Wings with laser printed silver conductive surface (14.0cm x 4.4cm)
  • One set of reusable and replaceable gel pads (15 – 20 applications)
  • Charging dock with USB charging cable
  • The iTENS Quick start guide
  • Sealable bag to store the wings and gel when not in use

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