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TENS and Units Available at iTENS

TENS therapy is a proven and tested treatment for back, muscular and joint pain. iTENS is the world’s first FDA-cleared wireless medical device. They are made to provide pain relief without the hassle of tangled cables of traditional TENS devices. iTENS is an innovative TENS device. It consists of an Interchangeable TENS and units accessories with a rechargeable battery and a wireless Bluetooth receiver. Its electrodes are designed to have laser printed silver conductive surface where the iTENS gel pads are used. These reusable and replaceable gel pads are suitable for up to 20 uses. The reusable and changeable gel pads come as an accessory to the iTENS unit available in 3 pairs of reusable gel pads per pack, which means you can have a total of 45 – 60 uses per pack at a very affordable price.

iTENS is the leading wireless TENS therapy device for pain management. It can also help stimulate and improve muscle rehabilitation. The iTENS wireless TENS and unit medical device is safe for self-use. Using the iTENS wireless TENS device is a convenient and highly effective way of treating your pain without adverse risks to your health. Access to instant pain relief has never been this easy. You can have access to pain relief whenever you need it.

Types of TENS and Units Accessories

The TENS and units accessories available for iTENS are:

  • The iTENS small wings are best suited for your ankle, knee, elbow, wrist, and other small treatment areas.
  • The iTENS large wings are best suited for maximum coverage; for larger areas of pain relief such as the back, thigh and other more significant treatment sites.
  • The iTENS long-wing strip is best suited for extended length coverage and for pain that emits downwards, designed for treating sciatica, tendons, and other long treatment in points.

The electrodes of the iTENS device are where you place the gel pads, and these pads need to be changed if you feel like it is not sticking to your skin properly. After using the iTENS device, store the device and the gel pads in a resealable bag provided with the kit. Suppose you are concerned about your budget for getting TENS and Units accessories for the TENS therapy device. In that case, the iTENS Australia Priceline guide will certainly make it easy for you to decide what is worthwhile for your pain management. 

TENS and Units Priceline Guide

TENS Pain Relief Kits – $̶1̶4̶9̶ – $99.97

The iTENS Pain Relief kits include everything you need to help you quickly and easily start wireless pain relief. 

  • TENS Pain Relief – Small Wing Kit ( Generation 2 ) 14.0cm x 4.4cm
  • TENS Pain Relief – Large Wing Kit ( Generation 2 ) 16.5cm x 6.4cm

Accessory – Spare Wings – $29.95 

The Spare Wings are interchangeable or replacement wings compatible with all iTENS devices. Having different Wing sizes helps if you have various pain points, you can easily change between Spare Wings for maximum effectiveness. 

  • Small Spare Wing
  • Large Spare Wing
  • Long Spare Wing

Accessory – Gel Pads – $12.95 

These reusable, long-lasting, and replaceable gel pads are good for 15 – 20 uses per set. Each box contains three sets of gel pads, meaning you can get 45 – 60 uses in total per box. 

  • Small Gel Pads
  • Large Gel Pads
  • Long Strip Gel Pads

You should consider the iTENS Pain Relief Kits. The iTENS is 100% risk-free, drug-free, highly convenient, and notably, the most effective tool for managing your pain relief. 

TENS and Units for Pain Relief

The iTENS wireless TENS is a portable medical device. The iTENS device is attached to a gel pad and placed directly above the pain point. You can manually use the machine or adjust it with the free iTENS app using any iOS or Android device, making the iTENS unit for pain relief an efficient and effective instrument for pain treatment. The iTENS wireless TENS and units come with a set of small or large wings. We recommend the iTENS small kit for wrist, knee and elbow pain. The interchangeable long wing strips are also available for sciatica treatment and other extended areas. 

iTENS unit for pain relief is a safe form of pain relief therapy. An electrical impulse may be too intense for some users. It may rarely produce burning or irritation to the skin. Some users may be allergic to the gel pads of the TENS device. People who have pacemakers or other similar devices should avoid using TENS and Units or other electrical therapy devices.


Types of TENS

There are many types of TENS and units in electrotherapy, and they all work using mild electrical impulses to treat pain disorders. The different types of electrotherapy work similarly, but they differ in purpose. Some use electrical stimulation to reduce pain, while some stimulate muscles. Some use a lower frequency, while some work better at a higher frequency. There are different types that function only for a specific purpose, while some devices can be for multiple different types of treatments.

The different TENS and units in electrotherapy can treat mild to intense acute and chronic pain. Depending on the individual’s needs, TENS is an excellent complementary tool for pain management, and it can be in combination with more intensive treatments like exercise. TENS therapy is a safe and non-invasive method of pain relief. It is ideal for individuals seeking to relieve pain without the side effects of medications. The iTENS is a wireless TENS device that offers various benefits. Additionally, it can help treat different kinds of pain disorders and medical conditions. 


Ensure you follow the iTENS instructions that come with your TENS and Units (they are also available in the free app). Be sure to follow these directions for use:

  • Use alcohol to sanitize the area where you want to place the pads. Ensure that there are no wounds or irritations on the spot.
  • Place the electrodes on either side of the pain point.
  • Choose either body part, condition or create your unique program settings.
  • Switch on the TENS therapy device using your fingernail and slowly adjust the intensity until you feel a slight tingle. TENS therapy should not hurt or cause harm. Please do not set it too high, as this can over-stimulate the area and worsen the pain. There should be no muscle contractions at any point during the TENS therapy.
  • When the TENS therapy session is over, turn the device off using your fingernail and disconnect the electrodes by pulling it away from the middle part. Do not touch the gel pads, as they will wear out faster. Clean the skin with mild soap and water. If you find any redness or irritation from using the pads, you should place the pads on a different area the next time.

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