What is a Physio TENS Machine

Back in the day, physical therapists (PTs) were the only ones capable of performing pain management treatments; using their physio TENS machines. Nowadays, though, with machines like the iTENS unit readily available and accessible to everyone online; it has become more cost-effective and convenient for pain management treatments. Physio TENS machines treat pain by sending out electric impulses to nerves; which would block and prevent pain signals from reaching the brain. The settings available are the difference between a PT’s physio TENS machines back then and the ones offered now. Back then, PTs would need to set the device to get an optimal effect manually. 

Settings nowadays for TENS machines are a lot less complicated. This would mean that almost anyone with access to a personal TENS machine can operate it. Pre-set settings are now available in devices like the iTENS unit and can be set manually or through an iOS or Android device. A physio TENS machine back then would need to be thoroughly operated with its many hinges that control frequency, intensity, pulse width, and current; which would prove to be too complicated and slightly dangerous for any untrained non-medical individual. 

iTENS as your physio TENS Machine

The portability of a TENS machine nowadays is also quite different compared to a physio TENS machine used in the past. More and more innovative machines that are battery operated and have wireless capabilities, like the iTENS device, are can now easily be placed in one’s work bag, gym bag, and even their pockets. Pain management treatments have become available on the go; which proves to have increased the quality of life for those experiencing long-term pain and have a busy schedule.

There isn’t much difference between the effects of a physio TENS machine back then and the ones available for personal use now with continuous improvements towards TENS machines. Physical therapists nowadays even look for upgrades to their devices in the public market; and prefer to use the same machines available for personal use on their patients. With effectivity, portability, accessibility, and quality all out of the question, it is now proven that owning a personal TENS machine as a therapist or as an individual would prove to be an invaluable investment to have. Keep in mind that all its advantages greatly outweigh its disadvantages and that almost anyone would most likely benefit from conveniently owning a high-quality personal physio TENS machine, like a wireless iTENS unit.

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