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Why You Should Prefer a Professional or Pro TENS Machine in Australia

Dealing with injuries or long-term health issues needs utmost care and remedies. Pain causes discomfort and affects normal activities. Many people seek medical help to manage pain or health conditions. As such, there are various methods to manage pain. Treatment can be in the form of medicines, physical therapy, or electrotherapy. Therefore, finding the right treatment is essential to restoring to regular or pain-free situations. Among the effective approach to pain management is Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS). A professional device lets you relieve pain without going to a doctor regularly. The iTENS is a pro TENS machine in Australia suitable for many pain types. 

TENS is a form of electrotherapy using mild electrical currents to transmit through the skin. The device consists of electrodes connected to wires and pads to place on the skin. The electrical pulses cause the nerves to block pain signals from reaching the brain. It also induces the release of the body’s natural pain killers called endorphins. As a result, TENS reduces the overall pain perception. People with acute or chronic conditions use a TENS machine to treat pain anytime. Additionally, a reliable device can manage pain effectively. A pro TENS machine in Australia is one of the top recommendations of physiotherapists for pain relief.

Pro TENS machine in Australia

Pain can develop at any time and for various reasons. It can be symptoms of an underlying health issue that persists long-term. Similarly, overuse of muscles or periods of inactivity causes soreness, swelling, or numbness in different body parts. Therefore, using a sustainable method is the best way to manage pain. Likewise, medical professionals administer TENS therapy to help patients recover from injuries or post-surgeries. Utilising a pro TENS machine in Australia for various conditions helps manage pain efficiently. The iTENS is a wireless TENS device that provides the following benefits:

  • Relieve pain
  • Improve blood circulation
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Massage muscles
  • Reduce muscle spasms
  • Accelerate healing or recovery of muscles
  • Regenerate nerves

Uses of a Pro TENS Machine

A professional device like the iTENS is cost-efficient to reduce symptoms of chronic conditions like sciatica, fibromyalgia, or arthritis. Chronic pain is a long-term pain that may worsen over time. The sensation may be recurring or constant. The pain can be so intense that it can affect normal functions and cause an individual to miss work or other important activities or events. The iTENS is a portable stim machine that you can carry anywhere. Likewise, pregnant women can use a pro TENS machine in Australia to ease labour pain. In particular, TENS can reduce discomfort during the early stages of labour. When contractions start, place the electrode pads on the lower back. However, do not use TENS during pregnancy. Additionally, Consult with your obstetrician if you plan on using a TENS unit during labour. 

People can also use a pro TENS machine in Australia while recovering from fractures or surgeries. While acute pain may go away on its own, a professional device can alleviate pain symptoms faster. The mild electrical pulses help increase blood flow in the affected. As a result, improved blood circulation relieves pain by soothing sore muscles. Additionally, it helps in the faster recovery or healing of damaged muscles or nerves. Lastly, at low intensity, the wireless iTENS provides muscle stimulation. The modulated frequency of iTENS gives a therapeutic effect similar to massage therapy. It helps reduce muscle spasms and aching muscles due to exercise or physical activity strain. 

iTENS: Pro TENS Machine in Australia

A pro TENS machine in Australia can have wired or wireless electrodes. For example, health clinics or therapy centres use wired electrodes. Meanwhile, iTENS from iTENS Australia utilises wireless electrodes for more convenient pain treatment. The iTENS electrodes have Bluetooth capability to connect to a smartphone app. To use iTENS, attach the wing-shaped gel pads to the electrodes and place them on the skin. Then, turn on the device and connect it to a smartphone via Bluetooth. From the iTENS app, you can access multiple pre-set programs or modes. For example, you can choose the treatment according to body parts or conditions. Furthermore, you may personalise treatment under manual operation. In manual mode, you can set the pulse width, pulse rate, waveforms, and duration. This enables you to find the most optimal relief.


Professional TENS Machine for Home Use

The iTENS pro TENS machine in Australia allows you to manage pain at home. You don’t need to see your physician or take oral medications regularly with a professional TENS device. Additionally, the iTENS gel pads come in small or large sizes to fit different parts efficiently. For example, the large wing kits are suitable for broad areas like the shoulders, backs, or hips. Alternatively, the small wings are ideal for joint areas like the elbows, knees, wrist, and ankles. To facilitate pain treatment, identify the most painful region and place the electrode pads strategically. Moreover, the electrode pads placement is vital for getting the most effective pain relief. 

The iTENS is a pro TENS machine in Australia that you can carry anywhere conveniently. The wireless electrodes make it easy to place on the affected areas without the inconvenience of lead cables. Additionally, they are discreet when worn under the clothes. Therefore, you can use the iTENS while working on mobile or other activities. Furthermore, you can place the electrode pads at the onset of pain and begin treatment immediately. It is ideal for people with busy schedules who do not have time to go to a therapy session or program. 

Professional device at iTENS Australia 

With the vast choices for pain relief, a pro TENS machine in Australia is an excellent method. TENS is a non-invasive way to reduce pain symptoms. It is beneficial for relieving mild to moderate pain. However, surgery or other treatment methods for extreme pain can be the last solution. Moreover, TENS is a drug-free alternative to oral painkillers. Prolonged intake of oral medications can increase a person’s pain tolerance. Likewise, it can develop adverse reactions in the long run and worsen the condition. On the other hand, a professional TENS machine like the iTENS has little to no negative side effects. Therefore you can use a TENS machine 2 to 3 times a day. 

You can get a pro TENS machine in Australia and avail safe and hassle-free pain relief at iTENS Australia online. The iTENS offers more functions and versatility than other stim machines. Moreover, the iTENS is the first wireless TENS device with FDA clearance for pain relief. You can purchase the iTENS in pharmacies or online without a necessary prescription. The effectiveness of electrical stimulation enables people to manage pain easily. However, avoid using TENS if you have the following conditions:

  • Cancer
  • Epilepsy
  • Heart conditions
  • Deep vein thrombosis (DVT)
  • Cardiac pacemakers or other electrical equipment implanted in the body

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