Using TENS Machine for Shingles Pain

When you get shingles, you can’t mingle. Shingles are painful rashes that develop on one side of the face or body. It comes from the Varicella zoster virus (VZV), the same virus that causes chickenpox. A person can develop shingles when the dormant virus from chickenpox reactivates. It is usually painful and itchy and could last for two weeks to one month. Shingles can leave long-term pain long after the rashes are gone. Using a TENS machine for shingles pain can help with this complication.

The TENS machine for shingles pain is a small, portable device placed on the area around the pain points. The TENS machine works by creating low electrical currents from the electrodes connected by leads. The electrodes pass through the skin and flood the central nervous system. The sensory stimulation of the nervous system blocks the pain signals from reaching the brain and causes the release of chemicals in the body, like endorphins that act as natural painkillers. An excellent example of an effective TENS device that can treat this kind of pain is the iTENS unit.

TENS Machine for Shingles Pain: Instructions

To use a TENS machine for shingles pain, apply the electrodes near or around the part where the symptoms occur. After placing the pads, turn on the device and slowly adjust the intensity of the program. The frequency should be high enough to create a tingling sensation but mild enough not to cause discomfort. The iTENS is a wireless Bluetooth-compatible compact device that can treat various kinds and levels of pain. iTENS comes in small and large wing kits that can fit on several body areas. The unit works by being connected and adjusted via Bluetooth on iOS, Android and Google smartphones and supported via the iTENS app. The iTENS app also comes with pre-set settings that can help make self-pain management treatments more manageable and seem effortless.

At the first sign of shingles, immediately seek professional medical help. Should PHN persists, TENS therapy is a great drug-free alternative for pain management. The wireless iTENS unit, with its very portable state and size, could prove to be one of the better options when looking for a TENS machine. iTENS machines are available nationwide over the counter and through online purchases. For best results, consult with a qualified healthcare professional on the proper use of a TENS machine for shingles pain.

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