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Where to Get a TENS Machine in Geelong

Pain is a part of life and a way of alerting us that something is wrong with our bodies. The pain can be sudden due to an injury, and disappear when the body heals, while some pain can persist longer. Pain that lasts longer are mostly due to chronic health conditions. Unfortunately, there is no cure for chronic pain. Since the pain can happen at any time, effective pain management is critical to lessen the burden. You can manage pain through several techniques. The most common methods are oral medications, physical therapy and electrotherapy. In particular, physiotherapists and healthcare professionals often use Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation or TENS for their patients. You can use them in clinics or treatment centres or buy one for personal use. A TENS machine in Geelong is available at iTENS Australia. 

You can get a TENS machine in Geelong in stores or online through certified retailers. A standard TENS machine uses wired electrodes connected to pads placed on the skin. On the other hand, the iTENS is a wireless TENS device for pain relief. It has Bluetooth-enabled electrodes and adhesive gel pads for more convenient pain treatment. TENS works by flooding the nervous system with mild electrical currents to stimulate the nearby nerves. Once the electrical currents enter the body, it causes a reaction that reduces overall pain perception. In particular, it excites the nerve fibres to act the following:

  • Block pain signals from reaching the brain
  • Release more endorphins 
  • Increase blood circulation

iTENS – The TENS Machine in Geelong

You can get a TENS machine in Geelong from pharmacies or medical supply stores near you. The iTENS is a highly effective TENS machine to relieve acute and chronic symptoms. It is beneficial for treating various conditions such as sciatica, fibromyalgia, arthritis, tendonitis, and period pain. They are conditions that are constant or recurring. So whenever you feel pain, you can use TENS to reduce the deep, throbbing, or burning sensation. Furthermore, people with sports injuries or post-surgical procedures use the modulated frequency from TENS to ease the pain around the affected area. The repeated stimulation increases the flow of blood and oxygen, thus relaxing sore muscles and nerves. This help shortens the recovery period of injuries and aid in faster nerve regeneration. 


TENS Machine in Geelong: Using a Wireless TENS

The iTENS is a device that combines wireless technology with the efficacy of TENS. The machine comprises electrodes with Bluetooth connectivity to a smartphone. Through the smartphone app, you can access various treatments for different varieties of body pain or health conditions. For example, if you have arthritis, select the pre-set program for arthritis from the iTENS app. Similarly, if you have pain in the lower back, choose the treatment under the Body diagrams to initiate pain relief. This iTENS feature allows users to manage pain conveniently. Since pain is already complicated, the pain relief method should not be. The pre-set programs of iTENS have fixed parameters designed to treat each condition optimally. With a few, simple steps, you can begin the therapy right away with a TENS machine in Geelong.

The iTENS machine also lets you personalise your treatment through a manual mode of operation. You can connect the iTENS with a smartphone and control the settings from the app. For example, try different frequency levels, pulse rate, waveform, or duration to find optimal results. It is essential to start at the lowest intensity and gradually increase to allow the body to adjust to the electrical stimulation. You may feel a mild tingling sensation as you begin the therapy, and it will get more intense as you increase it. The sensation should be strong but not uncomfortable. Additionally, avoid turning the frequency too high. Moreover, the wireless feature of the iTENS makes it the best TENS machine in Geelong.

Advantages of iTENS

Using a wired TENS machine in Geelong can limit the movement. For instance, the lead cables do not let you move as much as you want to. Additionally, wired TENS are bulkier than wireless iTENS. Meanwhile, the key feature of the iTENS is the capability to lessen the pain without the hassle of wires. The wireless electrode pads of iTENS give you room for movement. In addition, iTENS has flexible, slim gel pads that stick well to the skin. It comes in large and small wings and a long strip to fit in strategic body areas. Therefore, you can use the iTENS discreetly while working, doing chores or doing other physical activities. To sum it up, the wireless iTENS offers you the following advantages:

  • Convenient – The wireless device lets you manage pain while you work
  • Ease of Use – Treat pain in a few simple steps
  • Innovative – Wireless pain treatment through the iTENS app
  • Portability – Light, discreet, and easy to carry around

Buying a TENS Machine in Geelong

There are many TENS machines in the market. You can search for a TENS machine in Geelong online and view different kinds. However, choosing a high-quality device is critical in managing pain effectively. iTENS offers safe, effective, and cost-efficient methods for pain alleviation. You may look for iTENS in your favourite online stores like Amazon or eBay Australia to purchase a TENS device. Alternatively, you can buy iTENS in pharmacies or stores near you without a prescription. Finally, buying a TENS machine is accessible through the iTENS Australia website. iTENS has FDA approval for a wireless TENS device for safe pain relief. iTENS Australia offers fast shipping so that you can treat pain right away.

TENS Therapy – Is it Safe?

An effective TENS like the iTENS can improve how you manage your pain. You can treat pain at home or work without taking medicines regularly. TENS is a non-invasive and drug-free alternative to oral medications. In particular, TENS is safe because it does not produce the adverse reactions that most painkillers have. Therefore, you can use TENS frequently without worrying about the possible side effects. Using a TENS machine in Geelong allows you to do more while tending to pain. TENS is best when paired with physical activity or exercise. You may use TENS in combination with other therapies for optimal pain relief. However, avoid using TENS while driving, sleeping, or near a body of water.

Despite its wide applications, TENS is not suitable in some cases. For instance, people with cancer, heart disease, epilepsy, and cardiac pacemakers should avoid using a TENS machine. Before first using TENS, consult a physician or therapist regarding the correct administration of TENS for your condition. A TENS machine in Geelong should not be hard to find with the wide availability of iTENS nationwide. Visit iTENS Australia for more information on wireless pain relief and buy iTENS. Get the iTENS straight from your doorsteps through iTENS Australia.

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