TENS Machine for Lower Back Pain

When your back aches – or even if it doesn’t – you may think that an electric jolt will be the last thing you need, right? You’d be surprised. A Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) unit is a device used for pain management therapy. It is also a low-cost alternative for chronic targeted back pain treatment. TENS machine for lower back pain employs a low-voltage electric current to alleviate pain. Electrodes are put on the skin over an area of discomfort around the back. Then the device causes electrical impulses to flow along nerve fibers, causing a tingling sensation. Typically, pain alleviation begins immediately after using it. 

The iTENS, a modern-day TENS machine, allows you to utilize one channel with two electrodes known as the wings. In case that you have broader discomfort on your back, you may also consider picking a larger iTENS kit. iTENS has the advantage of being non-specific to the location of the area of pain; all you need to do is place the iTENS unit where you are experiencing pain. That’s why iTENS is an excellent choice if you are looking for a TENS machine for lower back pain. 

iTENS devices are becoming more popular as more consumers need them for lower back pain, among other typical areas of discomfort such as muscular spasms and physical rehabilitation. The device provides pain relief without the need for medication. It’s effective as a supplementary therapy and is pretty affordable. 

How can you utilize a TENS machine for lower back pain treatment? 

Here are the easy procedures for using your TENS or iTENS machine for lower back pain:

  • Determine the primary source of the pain.
  • Start the procedure by turning on the machine and setting it to the lowest setting.
  • Change the duration and frequency of the pulses and then wait a few seconds and then re-adjust till the back discomfort is relieved.
  • Repeat as needed, using the machine for approximately 30 minutes at a time. 

The number of electrical pulses per second is referred to as frequency.  High-frequency units have a frequency range of 50 to 100 Hz, which is often used to treat acute pain, while chronic pain is commonly treated with low frequency, which cycles one to twenty times per second. Duration represents the amount of time, measured in microseconds, that the current travels through the skin for each pulse. You may also need to explore different settings until you discover the ideal combination to relieve your specific pain. It is simple to use a TENS machine for lower back pain. Just place the electrodes on or around your lower back for lower back pain, adjust the machine settings and relax. 

If you intend to treat yourself at home and require effective relief as well as EMS (muscle activation for further back ease), choose the iTENS unit as the best TENS machine for lower back pain.

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