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Where to Get a TENS Machine in Melbourne

Using TENS machine for faster pain relief

Medical conditions can develop at any life stage and for various reasons. These painful conditions may cause deep throbbing, numbing, or shooting sensations. Therefore, people use multiple techniques to manage the symptoms, including TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation). TENS enables individuals to relieve pain without medications. Individuals can get a TENS machine in Melbourne in pharmacies or online without a prescription. An excellent place is iTENS Australia online, offering a professionally-endorsed wireless TENS device with nationwide shipping. 

More people turn to electrotherapy like TENS to manage various pain conditions without requiring regular doctor visits. It is a form of treatment that uses mild electrical impulses to target the sensory nerves in control of pain. Nowadays, individuals may get personal devices for use at any time. This article will present where to get a TENS machine, guidelines for selecting a device, as well as the advantages and limitations.

Getting a TENS Machine in Melbourne

Searching for a TENS machine in Melbourne is easy with the vast choices available. People may get TENS devices in pharmacies, medical stores, and online stores like iTENS Australia. In addition, it comes in many kinds with different features. Mainly, TENS devices come in standard and wireless types. Traditional TENS have a handheld control and wired electrode patches to attach to the skin. On the other hand, a wireless TENS device uses Bluetooth-enabled electrodes instead of wires.

iTENS Australia offers the iTENS, the first FDA-cleared wireless TENS device for pain relief. It features innovative wing-shaped pads in small, large and long sizes to treat various areas. Wireless devices are more efficient as it removes the inconvenience of dealing with tangled wires before use. Hence, it enables quick pad placement and faster treatment. It is also more compact and discreet, especially when worn under clothes. Moreover, it does not limit the range of motion.

Many people get a TENS machine in Melbourne for personal or home use. Choosing a device may depend on a person’s treatment needs or preferences. For example, you may get a device with a treatment setting for a specific health condition. Some may need it to recover from sports injuries or post-surgical procedures. Furthermore, understanding how TENS works and how to operate a device is essential before getting one.

What TENS Machines Can Do

  • Block pain signals – the electrical stimulation floods the nervous system and intercepts pain signals in the spinal cord from reaching the brain. 
  • Release endorphins – induce the release of natural hormones that help inhibit pain. 
  • Relax muscles –  boost blood circulation, soothing tense muscles. The stimulation lessens inflammation or soreness from activity-induced pain. 

Operating a TENS device without phone

Guidelines for Choosing a TENS Machine in Melbourne

There are several factors to consider before getting a TENS machine in Melbourne. The first one is the kinds of electrodes. As previously stated, TENS comes in traditional wired and wireless devices. It can impact pain management, such as pad placement and ease of use. The second factor is the operation. In wired TENS, users may adjust the settings through a handheld controller connected to the pads. 

Meanwhile, in wireless TENS like the iTENS, you may facilitate treatment by turning it on and adjusting the intensity level directly on the device. Additionally, you may also operate it from the convenience of a smartphone. The electrodes pair to an iOS or Android device via Bluetooth, allowing users to access manual settings and programs. Individuals may customise the parameters (frequency, intensity, duration) or choose a pre-set mode through the app.

Furthermore, TENS devices include accessories to suit different kinds of treatments. The electrode pads are interchangeable from small to large sizes, depending on the area to be treated. The iTENS from iTENS Australia offers a long strip wing, ideal for pain that radiates downward, like sciatica. In addition, refill pads are necessary to replace old pads that are no longer adhesive. In getting a TENS machine in Melbourne, the choices and availability of accessories impact pain management routines. 

iTENS App Features

  • Pre-set modes – built-in settings based on body pains and health conditions. It includes treatments for osteoarthritisrheumatoid arthritissciaticafibromyalgiabursitis, and more.
  • Manual mode – customisable parameters, like pulse rate, pulse width, and waveforms.
  • Timer – duration of treatment. 
  • Favourite – save a manual program for easy access.

Using a TENS device for elbow pain

TENS Machine in Melbourne: Advantages of TENS

More people get a TENS machine in Melbourne because of its numerous advantages and benefits. TENS therapy is one of the safest pain management methods available. The electrical stimulation is proven safe and does not cause adverse risks. Moreover, it does not contain substances that may harm tissues and nearby organs. TENS does not have reported serious side effects. Thus, it is an ideal alternative for people who want to avoid taking medicines. 

TENS machines are portable and lightweight. People with chronic pain may carry the device around and use it whenever necessary. For instance, individuals may manage pain at work, minimising the need to see a doctor. Furthermore, a wireless device like the iTENS is more discreet, making it less distracting when worn outside. TENS machines are non-invasive and do not penetrate the skin. They gently adhere to the skin. Also, they do not leave permanent marks when removed.

Lastly, TENS therapy does not conflict with other treatment methods. Studies show that combining TENS with physical therapy or exercise maximises pain relief. It is valuable for people coping with an injury or post-surgery with limited movement. For these reasons, more people get a TENS machine in Melbourne instead of relying on medicines. It is beneficial for individuals seeking safer, natural, and more convenient pain management methods.


TENS machines may have the following restrictions:

  • TENS may not work for everyone. Each person responds differently to pain relief methods, including TENS.
  • Keep the intensity in modulation to prevent burns and skin irritations.
  • People with heart problems, epilepsy, or who are pregnant must consult a doctor first.
  • Not advisable while bathing, driving, or sleeping.


Pain management is more effective with the use of safe and reliable devices. TENS therapy is one of the cost-efficient methods to manage pain without relying on drugs. Fortunately, getting a TENS machine in Melbourne is easier with iTENS Australia. The wireless iTENS is excellent for versatile pain relief. It enables quick pad placement and easy operation with minimal risks. Individuals may use a TENS machine whenever necessary without a lot of effort. 

However, there are several considerations in getting a device. It includes the electrode type, accessories, and other features. Knowing their functions is vital in choosing a suitable TENS unit. You may consult a doctor for guidance in using or getting TENS that will help with your particular condition. Finally, select a TENS machine that professionals and thousands of users trust. The iTENS is FDA-cleared and is valuable in various pain management settings.

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