What are the TENS Therapy Benefits

Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) has now become one of the most common forms of pain management treatments performed. Easy to use and effective; innovative machines like the iTENS unit have helped this pain management technique become widely acknowledged. A TENS machine sends electrical impulses from the area of skin it is attached to, then towards nerves, which help block and prevent pain signals from reaching the brain; which reduces or completely negates the pain felt. With the availability of high-quality machines like the iTENS unit online; devices can now commonly be found in households, with all its TENS therapy benefits available in the comfort of one’s home.  

There are several TENS therapy benefits that one should consider when purchasing a personal TENS machine. One of a TENS machine’s best advantages is its portability; giving an individual an option to perform pain management treatments on the go. Be it on their going to work, during work, on a bus ride going home, and before, during, or after a workout. Limitations, especially with wireless machines like the iTENS unit, are almost nonexistent. 

Despite being the more natural and traditional pain management methods back in the day, icing and heating are now being used less and less. Even with proven positive effects, their main issues were the lack of longevity of treatments due to temperature dissipation and how long their effects lasted. Unlike icing and heating, TENS therapy could include more frequent treatments that can be done for as long as the individual can tolerate. TENS treatment can be done almost 2-3 times a day, which helps ease pain throughout the day. The TENS therapy benefits directly solve the issues icing, and heating therapy had in the past.  

TENS therapy benefits that the iTENS device provides

With more and more accessible devices, like the iTENS unit, TENS therapy has also become less complicated to perform. The iTENS machines come with pre-set settings that can be activated with a press of a button. Settings on the iTENS could also be done manually or through an iOS or Android device, making pain management convenient and easy to access. This means that almost anyone can acquire the tens therapy benefits all by themselves with minimal professional help.  

TENS machines generally treat pain, but pain itself can be derived from several underlying causes. This further helps with the argument on why one should have a personal TENS machine. Labor pain, sciatica pain, neck, back, and joint pain can all be reduced with the help of a TENS machine. With several TENS therapy benefits matched with little to no disadvantages, it is proven to be an invaluable investment for anyone suffering from long or short-term pain. 

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