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What is the Best TENS Unit to Buy?

Man with back pain

Living with pain, whether acute or chronic, can be stressful and disabling. Fortunately, various options can help manage pain without adverse risks. One of these methods is Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) through a portable device. Hence, people with pain conditions ask what is the best TENS unit to buy. Many health professionals in Australia and users consider the iTENS as one of the best TENS machines for relieving various kinds of pain.

Portable TENS units enable pain treatment in the comfort of homes and at any time. More people prefer using therapy devices as an alternative to oral painkillers, which may have adverse side effects. Moreover, there are various types of TENS machines with different features to choose from. Knowing the function of each device is essential towards attaining effective pain relief. You can learn more about the vital aspects of TENS, how it works and what to look when buying below.

What is the Best TENS Unit to Buy: Vital Aspects of a TENS Machine

All TENS devices work fundamentally the same, and that is to send electrical impulses to the body to reduce pain. However, not all can give an equal level of stimulation or therapeutic effect. Therefore, many people would want to know what is the best TENS unit to buy for their condition. You may check a TENS unit based on the main components, which are electrodes, treatment settings, and other advanced features.

Firstly, the TENS electrodes are the adhesive patches placed on the skin. Through them, the electrical currents pass through the skin to reach the nerves. A TENS machine can have wired or wireless electrodes. Standard devices have lead cables connecting the pads to a push-button remote control. On the other hand, a wireless machine only consists of adhesive pads. It can be connected to a smartphone via Bluetooth. Users can control the device through a mobile app. 

Secondly, the range of treatment parameters is vital in considering what is the best TENS unit to buy. TENS machines are highly customisable. It includes adjustable frequencies (pulse rates), amplitude (intensity), and pulse duration. Essentially, the more extensive the parameters, the more pain types or severity they can help treat. Lastly, some TENS devices may include more beneficial features than others that help enhance pain management routines.

What Can TENS Treat

TENS machines help reduce pain symptoms of the following conditions:

Nerve pains and soft tissue injuries

Joint discomforts

  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Gout
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome (hand pain)
  • Elbow pain
  • Shoulder pain
  • Knee pain

Muscle pain

The iTENS wireless TENS device in large wings

What is the Best TENS Unit to Buy: How TENS Works

TENS is a therapy that uses low-voltage electrical currents to reduce pain symptoms. These currents are generally painless but provide adequate stimulation to excite the sensory nerves. Moreover, it works based on two main functions: Pain Gating and Endorphin Release. The Pain Gate Control theory suggests that the nerves in the spinal cord can control pain signals through its gating mechanism. Electrical stimulation is one factor that can close the “neural gate”, hereby blocking the signals from reaching the brain.

The second function is endorphin release. The gentle impulses from TENS stimulate the nerves to send signals to the body to release endorphins. They are hormones that help reduce pain by preventing the nerve cells from sending messages. Hence, they are known as natural painkillers. The effects of these two functions may result in a significant reduction of pain. Additionally, it also aids in boosting circulation, which helps lessen inflammation.

A TENS machine uses a high frequency (50-120 Hz) to activate the pain gate controllers, while a low frequency (2-10 Hz) prompts endorphin production. Moreover, you may adjust the settings depending on pain severity. For instance, high intensity gives strong impulses that help combat sharp pains or severe symptoms. Therefore, understanding how the device works can be a factor in knowing what is the best TENS unit to buy.


TENS therapy provides the following benefits for pain relief:

  • Drug-free – no toxic substances that may harm vital organs or develop adverse side effects.
  • Non-invasive – does not penetrate the skin, and no intrusive procedures are involved.
  • Customisable settings – enables control of stimulation.
  • Portable device – lightweight and convenient to carry around.

A person wearing a wireless TENS device

What is the Best TENS Unit to Buy: Wireless TENS

In selecting what is the best TENS unit to buy, the type of device will play an important role in pain treatment. As stated above, TENS machines can be traditional or wired and wireless. In traditional TENS units, users can modify the settings from the controller connected to the electrode pads. In contrast, a wireless device, like the iTENS from iTENS Australia, incorporates Bluetooth technology to manage pain directly from a smartphone. 

A wireless TENS device offers various advantages. Firstly, it can be used independently or via a smartphone app. Secondly, it maximises portability and convenience by going entirely wire-free. In particular, it eliminates the hassle of untangling the wires before starting the therapy. Additionally, since there are no wires or cables, it enables unrestricted movement. Thus, it is suitable for managing pain while exercising or being active. It is also less likely to interfere with work or other routines.

Lastly, operating a wireless TENS device, like iTENS, is simple. At the onset of pain, adhere the electrodes to the pain site and switch on the device. It will automatically connect to a smartphone app via Bluetooth. From the app, you may select a pre-set treatment to start the therapy immediately or manually adjust the settings. Therefore, when searching for what is the best TENS unit to buy, many people choose a wireless TENS unit.

Wireless TENS from iTENS Australia

You may purchase the following devices at iTENS Australia online:

  • Small wing kit – small wings are ideal for tight treatment areas
  • Large wing kit – large wings cover broad areas like the back and thighs
  • Spare wings – interchangeable wing pads in three sizes (small, large, long strip)
  • Refill gel pads – replacement pads in three sizes


The combination of a variety of programs, electrode types, and ease of use are all vital aspects in checking what is the best TENS unit to buy. People may choose a device based on their pain type or specific treatment needs. For example, individuals with sharp or severe pains may get a device with a high-frequency range. You may set the intensity to a high but tolerable level. Likewise, using TENS should not cause more pain.

Similarly, people with busy or active lifestyles may choose wireless TENS to enable them to continue with daily routines without disruptions. Furthermore, wireless TENS devices provide many advantages over traditional units. They are more portable and convenient to use. In addition, the wireless electrodes enable quick pad placement, especially in hard-to-reach areas like the back. Overall, TENS is safe, non-invasive, and drug-free. Therefore, there is no risk of adverse side effects or complications.

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