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Where to Get a TENS Unit?

The iTENS Wireless TENS Machine

If you consider purchasing your personal TENS machine and are wondering where to get a TENS unit, our iTENS wireless TENS machine is available for purchase now. The iTENS wireless device is an excellent tool for managing your pain relief. It works well with conditions like musculoskeletal (including joint pain), nerve and period pain as well as tendonitis and muscle tension. The electrodes or pads of the unit used with the iTENS wireless TENS machines have replaceable gel pads suitable for approximately ten applications. Additionally, we recommend keeping the device in a sealed plastic bag to preserve the gel pad’s stickiness. 

Where to get a TENS unit? You can buy a TENS device without having a prescription. However, professionals recommend that you consult a doctor or a medical specialist (like physiotherapists) first to know what best suits your condition. iTENS is an in-demand TENS device for managing pain relief in Australia and is one of the world’s first wireless TENS therapy machines with FDA approval. iTENS users can download the completely free iTENS app, and it is compatible with most iOS, Android, and Google devices. iTENS provides users with various pre-programmed settings appropriate for your unique condition, or you can choose to adjust the device’s settings manually.

When and where to get a TENS unit? 

Suppose you are suffering from acute or chronic pain and considering getting a TENS unit. The iTENS wireless machines are readily available and always in stock for online purchase. The iTENS wireless device is a useful, highly effective, beneficial and 100% risk-free pain relief option. Moreover, the iTENS wireless TENS machine has excellent usability and functionality features. It is also compact, comfortable to use, and relatively discreet, allowing users to use it whenever and wherever they require pain relief. Knowing where to get a TENS unit could drastically affect one’s daily routine when dealing with pain. 

How Do TENS Machines Work?

TENS therapy works by producing tiny electrical impulses through the electrodes or gel pads attached to the skin typically placed over the pain point. These electrical impulses help to reduce pain. Why and where to get a TENS unit? TENS therapy may also help to stimulate the body’s natural painkillers, called endorphins. Without a doubt, using TENS therapy to help reduce pain from acute and chronic pain disorders is an excellent option. This method also has little to no adverse side effects even when done 2-3 times a day. 

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