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Where to Purchase a TENS Unit

iTENS wireless TENS device in small wings

Patients with chronic pain may ask their physician where to purchase a TENS unit. These portable devices are available at local pharmacies or drug stores nationwide. They are also accessible online through major outlets and direct from manufacturers. One of the recommended TENS providers is iTENS Australia. Nowadays, TENS machines are a convenient pain relief choice for many people because they are portable and easy to use. Within a few minutes, a person may feel less pain.

Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) is a therapy applying mild electrical currents to the body. It is a natural and non-invasive form of pain management. Hence, many individuals use a TENS machine to minimise their medications. It can also be used with other forms of pain relief, such as physical therapy and acupuncture. In this article, we will talk about the functions and uses of TENS, purchasing a device, and safety guidelines.

Where to Purchase a TENS Unit: How Does it Work?

When looking for where to purchase a TENS unit, learning how it works in pain alleviation is essential. The body emits small electrical currents, enabling us to function. In the same way, the nervous system also responds to external electrical stimulation. TENS therapy utilises this concept to reduce pain. It has two main purposes: activating the pain gate controllers and releasing natural opioids. Through these methods, a person may feel a significant reduction in pain.

Firstly, electrical nerve stimulation helps control the pain pathways in the spinal cord. This is based on the Pain Gate Control Theory of Pain, wherein nerve fibres act as gating channels. During a TENS treatment, it closes the “neural gates”, blocking the signals from reaching the brain. As a result, it prevents the brain from receiving and interpreting pain. It is effective using a high frequency of 90 to 130 Hz. 

Secondly, a TENS machine stimulates the release of more endorphins. They are hormones that help inhibit pain by binding with opioid receptors. In particular, they prevent the nerve cells from transmitting pain messages. Endorphin release works at a low frequency of 2 to 10 Hz. Additionally, the low constant impulses of TENS also boost circulation, promoting healing. These methods are what interest many people asking where to purchase a TENS unit.

Uses of TENS

TENS therapy is beneficial for a wide range of conditions, including the following:

Using a wireless TENS device for back pain

Where to Purchase a TENS Unit and What Are the Options

It is easy to avail of TENS therapy after knowing where to purchase a TENS unit. Thanks to modern technology, individuals can get and use a nerve stimulator device without going to a hospital or treatment facility. Portable TENS machines are available in pharmacies and drug stores. You may also check on-hand units in retail outlets. However, the choices may be limited. For optimal pain relief, a device with a specific treatment mode is vital. 

In some instances, people search online if there is no suitable device in their area. Buying online lets you check and compare each product. Therefore, you can get the ideal TENS machine for your needs. One of the trusted TENS providers by health professionals and thousands of users is iTENS from iTENS Australia. It offers the first FDA-cleared wireless TENS device for pain relief. For people with a busy or active lifestyle, a wire-free device is excellent.

Moreover, you may see vast choices when looking for where to purchase a TENS unit online. TENS machines come in traditional form or wireless electrodes, like the iTENS. A traditional device has lead cables connected to the adhesive pads. In contrast, a wireless TENS has Bluetooth-capable electrodes to connect with a smartphone remotely. In addition, each TENS unit contains distinct features that help enhance pain management routines.

Purchase Guide

The following are essential considerations when getting a TENS device:

  • Power level – a TENS machine should give adequate stimulation. A stronger intensity is needed for severe symptoms
  • Treatment modes – you may check if the TENS unit has a pre-set mode for your condition
  • Electrodes – wired or wireless.
  • Battery power
  • Reusability of TENS pads

Using a small wings for small pain area

Where to Purchase a TENS Unit: Safety Guidelines

TENS is a medical-grade device that requires correct usage and several precautions for safe treatment. Although it suits most types of pain, you may consult with a professional before asking where to purchase a TENS unit. TENS may not be suitable for some individuals, particularly with heart problems, epilepsy, and electrical implanted devices. Pregnant women must also avoid TENS, especially in the first trimester. However, it can be used in other areas with the advice of a doctor. 

It is also vital to position the electrodes to the body correctly. Proper pad placement will depend on the location of the pain. Generally, adhere the pads on either side of the pain. For joint pains, the pads must be around the joints and not over them. Likewise, do not place the electrode pads on the spinal column for back pain. You may alter the pads slightly if the electrical currents do not flow to the target area. 

Furthermore, using the right settings is critical for the efficacy of TENS. For instance, strong stimulation reduces intense pain, while lower frequencies help with mild pain and muscle relaxation. Moreover, always begin with the lowest level when starting therapy and increase gradually. Lastly, do not turn the intensity so high that it may cause discomfort. Knowing these safety precautions is important when searching for where to purchase a TENS unit. 

What to Avoid

There are several places and activities to avoid when using a TENS machine, including:

  • on the head, throat, chest, and spinal column
  • on open wounds, broken or infected skin, and numb areas
  • near a blood clot
  • near an implanted device like a pacemaker or defibrillator
  • while bathing, driving, or sleeping


Portable TENS devices make it easy for individuals to manage pain without using medicines. People may use it immediately and frequently at the onset of pain without worrying about adverse side effects. Therefore, many ask where to purchase a TENS unit for natural pain relief. Fortunately, TENS machines are available in pharmacies without needing a medical prescription. You may also look for a suitable device online. iTENS Australia offers wireless iTENS for more flexible and convenient pain management.

Checking for several factors is essential for choosing a device. High-quality performance, ease of use, and safety are the top priorities when getting a TENS unit. The wireless iTENS combines user-friendly features and benefits in one device. It is more compact and lightweight than most standard devices. Thus, it is discreet under clothes. Therefore, you may use iTENS without hindering your routines. You may get iTENS and accessories directly at iTENS Australia.

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