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iTENS: Wireless EMS Unit

There will always be a time in our lives when we experience pain. It can come from several causes spanning from muscle overuse, fatigue, sports injuries or specific health conditions. Pain is sharp, throbbing, or burning sensation that can typically present itself at any time. There is also no way to predict when it will happen, so it is essential for you always to be ready. Fortunately, several pain management methods can effectively help people experiencing pain. Oral medication, physical therapy and electrotherapy are the most common methods for pain management. We can perform electrotherapy with TENS devices. The iTENS is an excellent example of a highly reliable device. It is also versatile because it can either be a wireless TENS unit or a wireless EMS unit. 

TENS Device

A TENS device is a machine that delivers low-voltage electric currents with the help of electrode pads. These currents stimulate our nerves, which closes our gating channels and pathways for pain. These pathways are where pain signals pass through to reach the brain. Stimulating the right pathways could help improve your overall comfort when dealing with a painful condition. The closing of the gating channels during pain treatments falls under the “Gate Control” theory for pain management. Additionally, constant electrical impulses can help improve endorphin release, a chemical that acts as our body’s natural pain killer. Moreover, these effects could drastically help improve quality of life, especially for those with chronic pain. The iTENS wireless EMS unit from iTENS Australia can induce these sensory effects.

Wireless EMS Unit Effects

Besides the sensory aspect of pain relief, a wireless EMS unit like the iTENS can also target and stimulate muscles. Muscle stimulation could help with muscle knots, soreness, overuse pain, and muscle strains. An EMS machine works by assisting the muscles in contracting and relaxing, which improves blood flow. Improved blood circulation could then help with inflammation and provide a faster recovery period. Since an EMS unit provides muscle contraction, it can also effectively help prevent muscle atrophy and improve muscle strength. Furthermore, athletes commonly use EMS units when recovering from an injury. 

The iTENS wireless EMS unit from iTENS Australia can effectively provide muscle stimulation along with nerve stimulation. It integrates wireless technology innovation with electrotherapy, allowing for more effective and convenient treatments. Since you can use an EMS machine during exercise, most professionals recommend using wireless devices for safety and efficiency. 


iTENS: Advantages

There are plenty of good reasons as to why you should consider the iTENS wireless EMS unit as your go-to pain-relieving device. Firstly, iTENS devices have different sized electrode pads that allow optimal pad placement. These wing pad sizes include large, small, and long. When treating areas like the back and shoulder, you can use the large electrode wing pads. The small wing pads are flexible and fit in the ankle and wrist. Furthermore, the long electrode wing pads can cover areas from the back towards the tights for conditions like sciatica. Pad placement in electrotherapy is vital because it is crucial to have your electrodes near the area that needs treatment. Pad placement allows for more efficient nerve or muscle stimulation. 

Another advantage of using the iTENS wireless EMS unit from iTENS Australia is its ease of use. The iTENS comes with various pre-set treatments for specific body areas and conditions. You can immediately start your pain management session at a push of a button from your smartphone. These pre-set settings allow users to treat themselves even with a limited electrotherapy experience. Furthermore, you may also use the device in “manual mode”, enabling you to manually change the intensity and frequency during treatment. Having personalized settings can further help improve overall comfort and pain relief during treatments. 

Using the iTENS wireless EMS unit

When using the iTENS, make sure you first attach the device and its electrodes onto the area you are treating. Once attached, pair the device with your smartphone to access the iTENS app. The iTENS App is compatible with more iOS, Android, and Google devices. You can select the specific treatment parameters for your condition or body area from its pre-set settings. If you prefer manual settings, pain specialists recommend starting from the lowest possible intensity and frequency and gradually increasing it from there. Slowly increasing the parameters allows enough time for your body to determine if it is comfortable with the electric currents. 

The iTENS wireless EMS unit from iTENS Australia can be used even while you’re working or on the go. Its flexible electrode pads allow for movement even during treatment. Its wireless feature enables users to perform more pain management treatments quickly and conveniently. The compact device also enables users to discreetly use the iTENS under their clothes. Your day-to-day routine no longer gets affected even when you’ve added pain management treatments. You can still do your chores and office work during sessions. 


What can you treat with the iTENS?

TENS devices like the iTENS wireless EMS unit can treat the pain symptoms of several health conditions. It can effectively help with sciatica, arthritis, fibromyalgia, tendonitis and many more. However, it is important to understand that TENS devices do not cure these health conditions. TENS devices may only provide temporary relief when treating these issues. Moreover, these devices can make adequate substitutes for pain-relieving oral medications. Unlike some oral medicines, electrotherapy with a TENS device does not have adverse side effects. Having no side effects can allow you to perform treatments many times a day. However, it is essential to remember that you should take 20-minute breaks between sessions. 

You can safely attach the iTENS wireless EMS unit to almost anywhere in the body. TENS devices can effectively treat back, neck, shoulder, knee, and ankle pains. You may even treat muscular and period aches with a TENS device. If you plan on treating several areas, make sure you purchase the additional electrode pads from ITENS Australia. Furthermore, make sure to avoid placing electrodes on your temple (head) and across the spine.

Safe and Effective Treatment with the iTENS wireless EMS Unit

You can purchase the iTENS device without needing a prescription. However, pain specialists highly recommend talking to a doctor or physiotherapist before using a TENS device for the first time. Talking to a professional could help you know if your condition or injury can benefit from TENS treatments. Pregnant women, epileptic patients, cancer patients and those with cardiac pacemakers should not use TENS devices. The versatility of TENS Devices like the iTENS makes electrotherapy a highly sought out form of pain management. 

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