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TENS Electrotherapy Devices for Home Use

Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) is one of the most common forms of pain management in this day and age. TENS devices use electrode pads to induce electrical impulses onto the nerves through the skin. This form of pain management falls under the Gate Control Theory. TENS uses low-voltage electrical currents to stimulate nerves. The constant […]

How Long Can I Use a TENS Machine For?

Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) is a form of pain management that uses electrical currents to reduce pain. The Gate Control Theory of pain management supports this method. A TENS device employs electrode pads to transfer low-voltage electrical currents through the skin and into nerves. The constant electrical nerve stimulation on a painful site then […]

What is E Stim Therapy?

E Stim therapy is a form of pain management that uses transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS). A TENS machine is capable of reducing or negating pain via the Gate Control Theory. It employs low-voltage electrical impulses to stimulate nerves and block pain signals from reaching the brain. This stimulation, in turn, helps with the comfort of […]

iTENS: Electrical Nerve Stimulation Machine

A transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation machine, otherwise known as TENS, is a device people use to treat pain. A TENS device functions under the Gate Control Theory of pain management. It employs low-voltage electric currents to stimulate nerves and block pain signals from reaching the brain. With this method, there could be a reduction of pain, […]

iTENS as a Foot Stimulation Machine

Tiredness and swollenness of feet often result from running errands all day long. Sometimes, it can’t be helped to be on our feet all day due to the nature of work. The feet are one of the most hardworking parts of the body because it supports the weight of our entire body. A simple foot […]

What is the Best TENS for Back Pain?

As we grow older, we are more prone to back pain and other physical health issues. Back pain can result from injuries, strenuous activities like physical sports, heavy lifting, and occupational or sedentary lifestyle. Back pain usually resolves on its own with proper rest or with home remedies. The issues with back pain can be […]

A Portable EStim Machine: Why to Get One

If you have fibromyalgia or another condition, it may benefit you to undergo a physical therapy procedure called electrical stimulation or estim. Estim emits electrical pulses to copy the signals from neurons. These mild electrical pulses signal targeted muscles to stimulate muscle contraction. Carrying them with you all time is now possible with a portable estim.   The iTENS Portable […]

Advantages of a Wireless TENS Massager

A Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) machine uses electrotherapy that sends low voltage electrical pulses to deliver instant, long-lasting and medical-grade pain relief. A battery-operated TENS device emits an electrical current that tricks your nerves into sending fewer pain signals to your brain through electrodes attached to the specific body part where the pain is […]

Does TENS Machine Help Period Pain?

Period pains are normal in the menstrual cycle. Sometimes the pain is mild enough to ignore, and other times it is so intense that it causes extreme discomfort. Many women seek to ease the pain in various ways. Basic at-home remedies like heating pads, ibuprofen, or aspirin work, but when the pain is too much, […]

Can You Use a TENS Machine on Your Neck?

Millions of people suffer daily from body pains and soreness brought about by work and other physical activities. Athletes typically incur sports injuries during training or play. People doing heavy physical jobs inevitably feel intense body strain at the end of each day. Even people who sit in an office often complain of neck, back, […]