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What is a Remote Control TENS Machine

For millions of individuals, Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) has provided relief from crippling acute and chronic pain. TENS therapy uses electrical currents to the damaged body regions to help bring immediate relief. To help with pain management, a typical TENS device has electrodes with lead wires placed on the skin. Thanks to technological advancements, people can utilise a wireless remote control TENS machine. Additionally, you can combine smartphone technology with the therapeutic advantages of TENS. The iTENS unit is a safe wireless TENS device for pain relief with FDA clearance. 

A wireless remote control TENS unit can considerably enhance pain management. You no longer have to spend time untangling wires before using them because there are no cables. Furthermore, it does not impede or hinder movement. Therefore, you won’t experience any restrictions when receiving treatment. The iTENS turns your smartphone into a remote control for pain alleviation via Bluetooth connectivity. The wireless iTENS is also simple to use. Just link the smartphone with the device after attaching the electrode pads. Thus, you can control the device using the iTENS app by choosing the therapy from the pre-set programs. There are several options in the iTENS app for various ailments and body parts. Additionally, you have the opportunity to change your frequency manually, pulse rate, waveform, duration and intensity according to your specifications and comfort. 

Benefits of Using TENS 

A wireless remote control TENS unit can help with acute and chronic pain. An unexpected sensation of pain called acute pain results from tissue injury. Acute pain also starts as a minor discomfort or due to injuries. Furthermore, effective pain management aids in resolving acute pain quickly. TENS therapy can also benefit several acute pain problems, such as: 

  • Damaged bones  
  • Post-surgery injuries  
  • Early stages of labour  
  • Muscle soreness and stiffness 

Moreover, chronic pain is a long-lasting ailment. It could still exist even if the underlying cause, such as an injury, is treated. There are occasions when problems with chronic pain arise for no apparent reason. A person may suffer significantly if chronic pain is not appropriately treated. Remote control TENS machines are very efficient pain management therapy and can also aid managing symptoms from the following: 


iTENS: A Wireless Remote Control TENS Machine 

The ideal remote control TENS device should balance portability, affordability, ease of use, and efficacy. The iTENS offers all the functions listed. Also, the iTENS device combines digital technology with the therapeutic advantages of TENS therapy to create a breakthrough wireless TENS device. The iTENS software on most smartphones allows for smooth Bluetooth pairing to the electrode pads. The smartphone wirelessly controls the device, enabling the delivery of electrical impulses from the electrode pads to the body. Electrical stimulation is directed towards the nerves to prevent pain signals from reaching the brain. To combat pain, stimulated nerves also allow endorphins to be produced and released. As a result, the body experiences less discomfort. 

The best portable TENS device should also be safe to use. The iTENS is the first wireless remote control TENS device to acquire FDA clearance. Therefore, the iTENS wireless unit has been tested and certified as a personal medical device. Users can be confident that the iTENS wireless unit from iTENS Australia is a trustworthy, safe, and effective TENS therapy device. 

Advantages of a Remote Control TENS Machine 

Typically, a remote control TENS unit is compact, around the size of a phone. It is also portable and lightweight. The TENS unit, known as the iTENS, has many benefits. The iTENS device’s wireless feature is one of its best qualities. Users can instantly connect these devices to their smartphones through Bluetooth by using the iTENS app. 

  • Bluetooth Connection and Smartphone Applications – connects to smartphones easily using Bluetooth 
  • Flexible Wing Electrode Pads – easy to apply in difficult-to-reach areas of the body 
  • Time Efficient – no need to waste time and energy connecting wires to electrodes 
  • Pre-set Settings – the iTENS app includes a variety of settings to accommodate various amounts of pain in major and minor regions of the body 
  • Discreet – wearing the iTENS device underneath clothes is possible. It is unnoticeable under clothing. 
  • Safe To Use – the iTENS wireless unit is a non-invasive, safe and drug-free form of electrotherapy for pain relief; there are no adverse side effects present, unlike oral medications such as opioids 

Safety Guidelines in Using TENS 

To have a safe treatment, it is also crucial to understand its safety regulations. Safety measures are still required even when remote control TENS devices like the iTENS unit have no adverse effects. As a result, medical authorities advise you to have at least a 20-minute break between sessions. This is due to the possibility of skin irritations from continuous TENS treatment. Additionally, avoid using TENS: 

  • While in contact with water 
  • If skin irritations or open wound is present 
  • While sleeping or driving 
  • People with heart conditions, epilepsy and cancer 
  • People with pacemakers 

Electrode Pads Placement 

The iTENS is a remote control TENS device that is non-toxic but highly effective. iTENS has safety measures in place, just like other medical devices. The adhesive electrode pads shouldn’t come into contact with the following areas: 

  • Across the eyes  
  • The front of the neck  
  • Directly in front of the chest  
  • On an open wound or broken skin  
  • In areas where there at tumours  
  • Directly over the spine  
  • Internally  
  • Numb skin and damaged nerves  
  • Infected area 

Before utilising a wireless remote control TENS device for pain management, speak with your physician or physical therapist. If you had a diagnosis, the therapy would be more effective at relieving your symptoms. Ask your doctor if a TENS machine is a safe alternative for you. 

The Best Remote Control TENS from iTENS Australia 

A wireless remote control TENS device like iTENS works the same as a traditional TENS unit, but without the wires. The electrode pads are instead attached to a little central disc. Most iOS, Android, and Google devices can operate the disc through Bluetooth. The phone’s settings can also be changed, making it convenient and straightforward. Last but not least, the iTENS app also provides a ready-to-use, customisable treatment. 

After learning how a remote control TENS machine operates, choosing which TENS machine to purchase is a crucial choice. When selecting a TENS machine for pain management, the features are essential. FDA clearance indicates that the iTENS unit has undergone the necessary product testing for certification. As a result, iTENS from iTENS Australia offers results that will benefit you in the long run. The reusable and replaceable electrode pads on the iTENS Wireless TENS machine do not require wire repairs or replacement. Consequently, it becomes simple for the user to walk around while enjoying pain treatment

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