Using a TENS Device for Sciatica

Sciatica is nerve pain on the leg that originates in the lower back and radiates into the buttock. It is usually caused by excessive nerve compression or irritation of the sciatica nerve. Normally, it presents itself as a constant burning sensation or shooting-like type of pain that starts from the back and travels throughout the thigh’s back part. It usually affects one leg and would make it feel as though it was heavy. Despite being a very irritating medical issue, sciatica is seldom really treated, as patients typically recover by themselves. The best way of tackling sciatica is with effective strengthening and pain management for the recovery process. Strengthening should be done within physical therapy sessions by strengthening the lower back and abdominal muscles. Forms of pain management include icing, heating pads, or using a TENS device for sciatica.  

Traditional methods like icing and heating have always been reliable for pain management; but unfortunately, their effects tend to be short-lasting. Newer and more effective methods are now available, like quality TENS devices like the iTENS unit available online; which have been found to have a longer-lasting effect. TENS devices block neurological signals being sent from a body part towards the brain; which reduces or completely negates the pain felt. The iTENS wireless TENS devices are very portable with their compact nature, leading to much more efficient and frequent pain management sessions on the go. This has led people to believe that investing money in a TENS device for sciatica is a very reasonable and justifiable expense. 

iTENS as your TENS device for sciatica

Using a TENS machine has never been easier; with devices like the iTENS unit having both manual options and iOS or Android compatibility, almost anyone on the go can use it. It can be used on your way to work, during work, and while walking home from work. Its wireless capabilities allow a lot of leeway. Thus, making pain management more available throughout a busy day. Taking away issues like portability and complicated settings; it has become very reasonable for anyone to start using a TENS device for sciatica and other injuries.  

With simple-to-use settings, TENS devices no longer need the help of a well-trained medical professional like physical therapists to operate effectively. Little to no training is required with the TENS machines nowadays because of the pre-set settings present in devices like the iTENS unit. With that in mind, pain management sessions are now as cost-effective as ever, negating the need to go to expensive professional sessions. It can now also be done more frequently because of their portability, making it a very invaluable investment to have a TENS device for sciatica and other painful and irritable injuries. 

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