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TENS Machine For Labour Australia – General Guidelines

Pregnant woman standing

Pregnancy is difficult as women can go through intense pain. Thus, it is necessary to find relief for them. One method that is increasingly growing in popularity is Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS). A TENS machine for labour in Australia is a safe and cost-effective way of alleviating back pain. They are to use electrode pads on the upper or lower back. However, it is crucial to never place the pads on the stomach area. 

TENS is generally safe. However, pregnant women who are planning to manage pain with TENS for the first time must consult their doctors beforehand. It is to ensure that everything will work well during the process. Nevertheless, the demand for TENS is growing because it is drug-free, which is suitable for people who want to go through pregnancy with natural approaches. The article will detail more about what TENS is, how it works, and where to get one.

TENS Machine for Labour in Australia: What is It?

TENS machine for labour in Australia is a battery-operated handheld device. It stimulates the nerves using electrical currents. The currents pass through the electrode pads that stick to the body. People commonly use it to reduce backaches, leg pain, and migraines. It helps produce endorphins, which are natural painkillers. When the body generates endorphins, they make people feel more at ease.

Another way it works is through the Gate Control Theory of Pain. The spinal cord serves as the neural gates where pain signals pass. Through TENS, the gates are blocked, prohibiting the pain signals from reaching the brain. Thus, pregnant women have reduced pain perception.

Furthermore, TENS devices can be standard (wired) or wireless. People who want to use TENS long-term can opt for wireless TENS. The iTENS, from iTENS Australia, is one of the convenient wireless devices that healthcare providers recommend. People can use it for other types of acute or chronic pain conditions, other than pregnancy-related ones.


Using a TENS machine can bring many benefits to women in labour. Here are some of them:

  • Immediate pain relief – They can get relief within 15 minutes with proper pad placement and a high-quality device.
  • Control – Pregnant women can feel in control of their pain as they use TENS. It allows them to set the unit based on their preferences.
  • Drug-free – One of the main reasons why people utilize TENS. The unit itself is natural. Also, it reduces the need to purchase other drugs.
  • Safety – Research shows that women who used TENS did not experience any side effects, the same goes for their babies.

Pregnant woman in pain sitting down

TENS Machine for Labour in Australia: How to Operate TENS?

It is necessary to know how to properly operate a TENS machine for labour in Australia if women are planning to buy or hire one. Doing it correctly both ensures their safety and makes it more effective. For labour, it is common to experience back pain. Thus, it is where they need to place the pads. They can stick the pads on either side of the spine in the lower or upper back. 

Afterwards, they will switch on the device. Professionals recommend starting from a low frequency at around 2-10 Hz. They can increase it once they feel comfortable. In addition, pain in the back increases when they have contractions. Hence, setting it to a higher frequency is recommended. There are devices that cater to pregnant women as they have an option for a boost mode to relieve heavy contractions.

Women can ask for the help of their partners to attach the pads and operate the machine correctly. Moreover, they can hire TENS from companies specializing in childbirth and pregnancy. Midwives who are familiar with the device can also support the process. 

Safety Precautions

Some women may opt for water birth. Unfortunately, they cannot use TENS while in the water because of the electrical components of the device. They can still operate it before going in the water during their labour. Furthermore, they may manage their postpartum pain with TENS.

Women can do other techniques like breath exercises with TENS. However, it is better to avoid using it when anesthesia or epidural is in place, as it may cause side effects. All in all, it is mostly low-risk, but it is important to consult their doctors before undergoing anything for a smooth-sailing pregnancy journey.

Pregnant woman sitting down

TENS Machine for Labour in Australia: Where to Get It?

There are now many TENS machines for labour in Australia. Women who want to make it a part of their pregnancy kits can acquire it in several ways. Firstly, they can contact their hospital or the ones near their home. Some hospitals can provide a TENS machine for their pregnancy. Additionally, their obstetrician may have one available or can recommend where to get it best.

Secondly, they can buy in physical or online stores. Pharmacies typically have stocks on hand. It is also a good way to purchase pharmaceutical-grade units. Women can also talk with pharmacists to gain more knowledge about TENS, like how to handle it properly. Online shops are suitable for those who cannot go to stores. There are websites that sell TENS machines. Some even have Bluetooth connectivity for convenience, such as the wireless iTENS.

Lastly, they can hire a TENS machine. It is the cheaper way of using one. Typically, companies recommend women start 3-5 weeks prior to the birth of the baby. They can rent a TENS unit for 4-8 weeks, depending on where they choose. 

Other Considerations

Not everyone may get the same effect from TENS. There are plenty of reviews from women who benefited and enjoyed TENS during their labour. Nevertheless, each person has her circumstances. Therefore, they should manage their expectations and not rely solely on TENS to relieve pain.

Additionally, TENS is safe the majority of the time. The risks are low, and the potential side effects are minimal. However, there are still not enough studies surrounding it. Thus, pregnant women must speak to professionals, do more research, and weigh their options. This way, they can have a stress-free pregnancy journey.


Women who are looking for a TENS machine for labour in Australia can get it either at a physical or online store. It is convenient and safe to use. They do not have to worry about side effects. The machine allows them to control and manage the pain they feel. It can work effectively as long as they properly attach the pads and use approved TENS machines. Moreover, they must remember the other guidelines and precautions.

Whether or not it is their first time to use TENS, they must speak to their doctors first. Consulting them can give them the peace of mind. They know what to expect and how to operate the device. In addition, support is important during pregnancy. Hence, they must ask for the support of their partners. They can do things to make the process much easier by helping expectant mothers.

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