TENS Machine for Sale by iTENS

Do you currently have injuries and need quick pain relief solutions? Or are you dealing with long-term pain issues and want safe and effective pain management methods? Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) is ideal for managing acute and chronic pain symptoms. There are various TENS machines for sale in the market, most of which can provide effective pain relief. Choose the iTENS, the leading wireless TENS therapy device, if you want highly effective devices.

The TENS machines for sale can either be wired or wireless devices. The iTENS is the first FDA-cleared wireless TENS device for managing pain. Unlike a standard wired TENS machine, the iTENS combines the therapeutic power of electrical stimulation and Bluetooth technology. So, how can a TENS machine help with relieving pain? The iTENS unit uses electrodes with sticky gel pads to deliver mild electrical currents to the nerves. The electrical currents pass through the skin to provide nerve stimulation. TENS therapy can also stimulate the nerves to help release endorphins, our body’s natural pain reliever. Additionally, TENS temporarily disallows the transmission of pain signals to the brain by closing the “neural gate”. The Blocked pain signals result in reduced pain sensation.

The TENS Machine for Sale by iTENS and its Advantages

Electrotherapy is one of the most effective forms of pain treatment. The wireless TENS machine for sale can provide several advantages compared to standard devices. Wireless TENS devices can offer more flexibility and freedom for movement. A wired TENS unit may easily tangle, which could limit your range of motion and disrupt fluid movement. Furthermore, lead wires are prone to wear and tear and may cause shocks and burns. The wireless iTENS activates its electrodes via Bluetooth connection. You can position the electrode pads on the pain area and operate them from your smartphone. The iTENS pads are slim and light, making them discreet when worn under clothes. You may also conveniently use them while at work or during physical activities (like exercise).

Where can you get the best TENS machine for sale in Australia? iTENS is available at pharmacies nationwide. You can purchase TENS machines over the counter without a medical prescription. Additionally, you may also order your wireless TENS device directly through the iTENS website. As a general caution, avoid using TENS devices while driving or near water. Also, do not place the electrode pads near the head or throat to prevent further damage. Check with a physician or physiotherapist for the best use of your TENS device. TENS devices make for a safe and effective alternative, whether it is a sudden injury, post-surgery, or chronic pain.

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