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Can You Buy the iTENS TENS Machine at Kmart Australia?

Different pain treatments make it easy for people to manage pain most efficiently. Some people take medicines, while others go through physical or electrotherapy. Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) is a form of electrotherapy that help relieve pain without medications. Additionally, TENS enables you to facilitate pain treatment without going to a physiotherapist regularly. With their effectiveness, more people with acute or chronic conditions use TENS every time pain strikes. Thus, pharmacies nationwide offer a TENS machine like the iTENS for personal use. In addition, many people also ask if you can buy a TENS machine at Kmart Australia?

A traditional TENS machine is a compact unit with electrodes attached to wires to deliver electrical stimulation. The mild electrical pulses pass through the skin and reach the sensory nerves. It works by stimulating the nerve pathways in the spinal cord to close and block the pain signals from reaching the brain. Additionally, TENS also induces the release of endorphins which act as the body’s natural painkillers. In varying frequencies, TENS helps reduce the overall pain perception. A wired TENS unit used to be accessible only by going to a clinic or therapy centre. Today, modern devices like the iTENS use wireless electrodes for more convenient pain management. You may check a TENS machine at Kmart Australia near you or go directly to iTENS Australia for fast delivery.

Kmart Australia: Who Avails a TENS Machine

Most people experience pain in various life stages for different reasons. It may develop due to injuries like burns, falls, or fractures. Other times, underlying health conditions cause discomfort, which may persist for a long time. In particular, chronic pain is pain that lasts for over three months. The symptoms may recur at varying times without warning. Moreover, some health conditions tend to worsen over time. Therefore, effective pain management is crucial to overcoming the discomfort. People look for a TENS machine at Kmart Australia or other retail outlets to help ease soreness, tenderness, or throbbing sensations. TENS therapy is beneficial in reducing symptoms from the following conditions:


Features of the iTENS

When looking to buy a TENS machine at Kmart Australia or other retail stores, checking the device’s features is important. The top consideration that most people have is safety. The iTENS is the first wireless TENS with FDA clearance. It ensures that the device is safe for use even without supervision. Additionally, the wireless electrodes provide fast and efficient pain relief. Traditional TENS have lead cables that tend to tangle easily after storage. Thus, many people spend an amount of time with the wires before they can use a TENS unit. Instead, the iTENS uses Bluetooth-capable electrodes to pair with a smartphone app seamlessly.

The iTENS comes with adhesive gel pads for more convenient use. The gel pads stick firmly to the skin, allowing you to move flexibly without restricting movements. Likewise, the wireless electrode pads are lightweight and discreet to use. You may wear the iTENS under the clothes without being noticeable. Thus, you can manage pain while working, exercising, or doing other physical activities. Furthermore, the iTENS gel pads are reusable and easy to maintain. The TENS pads will accumulate some gel residue on the silver area of the wings. Wipe them with a damp cloth to clean the pads. Keeping the pads clean allows you to use the TENS longer before needing replacement. You may avail efficient pain treatment by purchasing a TENS machine at Kmart Australia or directly at iTENS Australia online. 

Getting a TENS Machine in Australia

You may check for a TENS machine at Kmart Australia to get a pain relief device. However, if you cannot find the right device like the wireless iTENS, you can purchase one at iTENS Australia. iTENS Australia offers complete iTENS kits in multiple wing sizes such as small, large, and long strips. You may also get a spare wing accessory and gel pads refill. Moreover, the different pad sizes enable you to use them on different body parts. For example, large wings are suitable to cover broad areas like the shoulders or lower back. On the other hand, the small wings are appropriate for joint pains or tricky areas. Lastly, the long strip is for pain that radiates downward, such as sciatic nerve pain. 


Guide to the iTENS App

To operate the wireless iTENS, place the electrode pads on the pain site and switch on the device. Then, connect the device with the iTENS companion app to access the menu. The app comes with pre-set modes for easier use. You can start treatment by selecting the specific program from the menu. For example, choose the therapy for osteoarthritis to begin the stimulation immediately. iTENS Australia offers more pre-set treatments than most TENS machines in the market. Therefore, when getting a TENS machine at Kmart Australia or pharmacies, it is essential to check if the unit has the treatment ready for your condition. Furthermore, the iTENS app has several user-friendly features, including:

  • Pre-set modes – Built-in programs according to body parts and health conditions. 
  • Manual operation – Customise TENS treatment by setting your parameters. In manual mode, you can adjust the pulse rate, pulse width, waveforms, and duration. Moreover, it is best to start with the lowest intensity and gradually increase it to find optimal relief when using TENS.
  • Pad placement guide – You may view the electrode pad placement as a guide on positioning the TENS pad. As a general rule, place the pads over or around the area of pain. However, avoid placing the electrode pads directly over the spinal column, joints, or varicose veins. Likewise, TENS is not advisable on the head, front of the neck, and chest. 

TENS Machine at Kmart Australia: How Safe is TENS Therapy?

TENS is generally a safe and toxic-free pain relief. Unlike oral painkillers, using the iTENS does not lead to adverse side effects. Therefore, you may use a TENS machine many times a day as needed. Additionally, ensure that you give at least a twenty-minute break between sessions. Also, the device produces mild tingling sensations as you begin the therapy. The tingling sensation is firm but not uncomfortable. You may increase the intensity according to the level that you can accommodate. However, avoid turning the settings too high that it may cause contractions or make you feel uncomfortable. As a general precaution, avoid using TENS if you have cancer, epilepsy, heart conditions, or bleeding. TENS is also not advisable for people with cardiac pacemakers or other electrical implants to avoid interference. Lastly, you can buy a TENS machine at Kmart Australia, pharmacies, and iTENS Australia without a prescription. 

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