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TENS Machine Labour Australia: How it Works and Operation Guidelines

A TENS machine kit with a pack of refillable gel pads and necessary information

Pregnancy is a unique and individual experience. Women have been exploring various methods to manage the pain for centuries. Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) has emerged as a popular alternative form of pain relief during labour. It utilises a small portable device to deliver electrical impulses through electrodes. This stimulates the nerves and helps to alleviate pain. A TENS machine for labour in Australia is safe and effective when used correctly.

Labour pains are intense and painful. While pain management options such as epidurals and nitrous oxide are available, some women prefer natural methods. In Australia, TENS is becoming widely used among expectant mothers who want a drug-free option for pain relief. However, it is important to understand the factors surrounding it. The article will explain the operation of TENS units during labour, provide guidelines for their use in Australia, and discuss whether buying or hiring is better.

TENS Machine for Labour in Australia: How it Works

TENS machine for labour in Australia is a popular choice among women. This innovative device works by sending mild electrical currents to the body. The impulses flood the nervous system, resulting in lesser pain. By placing electrode pads on specific areas of the body, like the lower back for pregnant women, the TENS unit provides relief during contractions.

Using electrical nerve stimulation, the TENS device helps combat the pain women go through during pregnancy. It targets muscular pain during regular contractions. By mimicking the pain signals of the body and providing a pulse of pain-fighting electricity, the unit offers a non-invasive relief option during labour. This method is particularly beneficial for those searching for natural pain relief with minimal side effects.

The TENS machine comes with an instruction manual and electrode pads to ensure proper usage. Health professionals recommend it for labour. However, it is important to follow the guidelines and instruction manual provided by the manufacturer and their doctors. Whether it is reducing lower back pains or managing pelvic girdle pains during pregnancy, a labour TENS machine has become a trustworthy tool for many.

Benefits of Using the Device

The following are several benefits of using the TENS device:

  • Drug-free pain relief: This reduces the need for medication and minimises potential adverse side effects associated with medications.
  • Non-invasive: They are easy to use and involve no needles or intrusive procedures.
  • Increased control: Expectant mothers can adjust the settings and intensity levels according to their preferences.
  • Compatible with other treatments: Women can use TENS alongside other pain relief methods, such as breathing techniques and massages, to complement overall pain management during labour.
  • Convenient: The machines are compact and portable, allowing women to move around and maintain comfort.

A pregnant woman in pain touching her abdomen

TENS Machine for Labour in Australia: Operation Guidelines

Many women are now using a TENS machine for labour in Australia. With the ability to modify the frequency, intensity, and duration, expectant mothers have more control over relief in labour. This allows them to find the most comfortable level of support during labour. Moreover, the device ensures a comfortable and hassle-free experience for women.

Medical professionals recommend following operation guidelines for maximum protection. Electrode pads are vital to the success of TENS. Expectant mothers or their support systems need to ensure that they place the electrodes at least 2 cm away from each other. Additionally, those with sensitive skin should be more careful with attaching and removing the pads to prevent irritation.

Furthermore, women who opt to do waterbirth can still use a TENS unit during labour. However, they should only operate the machine before or after getting into the pool or shower. Otherwise, it may damage the device. The electrodes should not be submerged. Also, they should set the unit to the lowest settings available. This is especially necessary at the beginning to avoid sudden shocks.

Areas to Avoid

When it comes to using TENS during different stages of labour, there are a few areas to avoid for the safety of pregnant women and the effectiveness of the device. It is recommended to avoid placing the pads directly on the abdomen or over the uterus, as this may interfere with the natural contractions of labour.

Other general areas to avoid include the eyes, top of the head, and private parts. Moreover, TENS is helpful for lower back pains. However, expectant mothers must not place the electrode pads on the spinal cord. Instead, they can attach them to either side of the spine.

A TENS machine kit with essential information about it

TENS Machine for Labour in Australia: Buy vs Hire

The TENS machine for labour in Australia uses electrical nerve stimulation to send low levels of electrical pulses to the body. This provides relief during contraction pains. With various modes and adjustable settings, a TENS device allows women in labour to have control over their pain relief. It is a non-invasive and 100% drug-free method of pain relief, making it an attractive option for many.

When considering a TENS unit, women have the option to either buy or hire the device. Purchasing one provides the convenience of owning it for future pregnancies or for other types of pain relief, such as period pain or pelvic girdle pains. Moreover, its portability makes it easy to take the device anywhere. Hence, they can have immediate access to a pain reliever for a long time.

Meanwhile, hiring a TENS machine is a cost-effective option for those who only need it during labour. Hire packages usually include instruction manuals, electrode pads, and birth electrodes. This ensures women have all they need for a positive birth experience. When deciding, consider factors like health insurance coverage, the hire period, and the hire fee.

Other Factors to Consider When Choosing Between Purchasing or Hiring a Device

There are other factors to consider when deciding between purchasing or hiring a TENS device. Women should consider the possibility of getting a unit through insurance to reduce costs. Health professionals may recommend or provide it as part of their services.

Another factor to consider is the time frame and availability. If there is plenty of time before the expected due date, hiring a TENS machine may be a popular choice as it allows for more flexibility. However, if labour is imminent or there is limited availability for hiring, purchasing the device may be a more suitable option.


A TENS machine for labour in Australia is effective and convenient. It is one of the methods of pain relief that is 100% drug-free. Thus, more women use it to manage their pain during labour. However, they must follow proper instructions for maximum safety and effectiveness. This includes electrode placement, proper settings, and water precautions. Additionally, women can buy or hire the device. Factors to consider include the level of cover, hire period and fee, availability, and time frame.

There are many kinds of TENS units available nowadays. Individuals, including pregnant women, should choose one with beneficial factors. For instance, iTENS from iTENS Australia provide various benefits. Aside from TENS therapy as one of the forms of pain relief, they can also get massage or muscle stimulation. Moreover, some devices have pregnancy-related features like a boost button, which can be highly beneficial. Ultimately, they can choose a machine by considering its price range, features, and comfortability.

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