TENS Massager Placement Guide

A good massage has many therapeutic benefits. You would always want one after a long tiring day. Massage is the process of pressing and rubbing the skin and muscles to release muscle knots. Nowadays, you can get a deeply satisfying massage not just at spas and health clubs but also right at home. Many people already familiar with Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) also use this to help ease muscle tension and relieve stress. The iTENS is not just a wireless device for pain relief but also serves as a ready-to-use electrotherapy massager. Check the TENS massager placement guide to maximize the effectiveness of a good iTENS massage.

TENS therapy relieves body pain by using low-voltage electrical impulses to flood the nerves with stimulation to release endorphins and block pain signals. The electrical impulses stimulate the nerves and affect a reaction that closes the neural gate. Closure of the gate prevents pain signals from reaching the brain, resulting in less sensitivity to pain and relaxation of the body’s nerves and muscle fibres. The iTENS has a set of electrode gel pads that can fit comfortably in any body area that has pain or tension. The correct TENS massager placement could help you acquire optimal results and relaxation from TENS therapy.

TENS Massager Placement: Choosing an Area

  • Identify the Area of Pain: You may feel soreness all over your body, but you need not cover your body with the TENS pads. You only need to locate the most painful area, and the placement of the pads should be around that sore spot. This method allows the TENS unit to direct the flow of the electrical stimulation on the nerves.
  • Placement of the Electrode Pads: You need to consider where you’re putting the TENS pad to avoid irritation. If you’re aiming for a back or shoulder massage, you can place the iTENS Large Wings around or on either side of the pain over the muscles (deltoids or back muscles). Avoid placing the pads on the spinal column or the bones. If you want a foot massage, place the iTENS Wings on the muscles around the pain and avoid the joints.

The key to successful a TENS massager placement is to aim at a painful point or the area with tension. Since pain will vary from person to person, the arrangement will also be different. The iTENS is a non-invasive way to reduce pain, relax the muscles, boost blood circulation, and improve your overall condition. With the wireless iTENS, you can achieve the same benefits that you would get from a conventional massage.

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