TENS Unit Placement for Cluster Headache

Bouts of frequent headache attacks are incredibly uncomfortable. Regular headaches or migraines disrupt your day-to-day activities. When headaches strike more frequently, the condition may be more than just common migraines, but a more severe type called cluster headaches. Cluster headaches occur in cyclical patterns with intense pain on one side of the head. Several forms of electrotherapy, including Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) therapy, can treat headaches. Undoubtedly, TENS machines can drastically relieve the symptoms of almost any headache. The appropriate TENS unit placement for cluster headache is crucial for reducing intense pain and improving comfort. High-quality products like the iTENS unit can be an effective form of pain management.

Cluster headache is a less common type of headache than a migraine or tension headache but is excruciatingly painful. This type of headache affects the forehead, temple, and behind the eye. They occur in recurring patterns that last from a few weeks to one year, followed by remission. Using TENS machines as a form of treatment for cluster headaches is not just favourable but also life-altering. People should follow the proper TENS unit placement for cluster headaches for it to be safe and effective.

Appropriate TENS unit placement for cluster headache

A TENS device sends low voltage electrical impulses to the nervous system through the electrode pads attached to the skin. They work best by placing the pads near or around the region of pain. However, for headache treatment, it is not advisable to place the machine on the temple or anywhere around the head. TENS unit placement for cluster headache is right above the upper neck and one high on the shoulder beside the neck on either right or left side where the pain occurs. The current provides sensory stimulation, which increases the blood circulation and adds to the relaxation of the target area. It also helps with the release of endorphins, which are known to be a pain-inhibiting substance, thus reducing a significant amount of pain and minimizing the need for drug medications.

Looking for the best TENS in Australia need not be far. iTENS, the wireless pain relief machine, is widely available in the country. Getting rid of wires that limit movement, iTENS gives more flexibility and mobility. iTENS is a highly reliable non-invasive, Bluetooth device that provides a great solution to pain relief. Get the correct diagnosis from your doctor first for proper guidance before using TENS or any form of electrotherapy.

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