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TENS Unit Shoulder Placement Guide

TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) treatment is a popular pain management method used by people suffering from chronic and acute body pains. Its ease of use and virtually risk-free nature make it an excellent choice for pain relief. Nowadays, using personal TENS machines, like the iTENS device, is simple and easy to administer alone at home. You can attach the TENS unit electrode pads over or near the painful muscle area on the neck, shoulder, arms, back, and legs. TENS unit shoulder placement may differ from other treatment types mainly because of how the shoulder muscle and joints are situated.

Correct TENS unit shoulder placement is crucial in optimizing the effectiveness of proper shoulder pain relief. Importantly, that the general guide for using TENS machines are as follows:

  • On clean and dry skin, firmly place the electrode pads on both sides of the shoulder. In addition, the pads should be near or over the pain point. Don’t place the electrodes directly over the spine.
  • Turn on the machine and slowly adjust to the proper settings. Set the TENS pulse length and intensity from low to high frequency as tolerated.
  • Continue treatment for thirty minutes or as instructed. 

The TENS unit shoulder placement will vary slightly if a physical injury causes the affliction. Similarly, If you’re suffering from specific shoulder muscle injuries or strain, you can place the TENS electrodes pads directly over the area of pain. Shoulders with rotator cuff or joint injuries hurt more deeply. Therefore, you must attach one TENS electrode on the front of the shoulder and one on the back over the joint. The electrical impulses need to be more powerful to penetrate the tissues of the shoulder deeper to disrupt the pain. 

TENS therapy is a revolutionary way to treat your body pain issues if you have persisting back or shoulder pain problems. It is non-invasive and an excellent substitute for oral pain medication. In addition, there are also no proven side effects for TENS therapy done throughout the day. Although some suggest consulting with a medical professional first, it does not require a doctor’s prescription to buy and use it. You can use it two to three times a day or as needed. When looking for an effective TENS therapy device, one should consider the iTENS machine. The iTENS is a wireless, rechargeable TENS machine that can operate straight from the smartphone connected via Bluetooth. TENS unit shoulder placement is considerably more manageable by using devices with wireless capabilities. 

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