What is the Best TENS Unit Available in the Market?

Managing pain is already stressful as it is. Looking for the best tens unit should not add up to that. People with chronic pain might already be familiar with Transcutaneous Electrical Stimulation (TENS). The market offers a variety of electrical stimulation machines, including TENS. With the hundreds of options available, many ask: what is the best TENS unit to get?

TENS therapy is a popular treatment for acute and chronic pain. It sends tiny electrical impulses to stimulate the nerves to block pain and release endorphins. In today’s digital age, what is the best TENS unit available in the market? The wireless iTENS is a revolutionary portable and wearable TENS device for pain relief. Its wireless capabilities set iTENS apart from the traditional TENS machines. The unit comes with electrodes and gel pads that are attached to the skin and operatable from a smartphone via Bluetooth connection. The iTENS app, compatible with most iOS and Android users, makes pain treatment easier and convenient. Unlike the traditional TENS, which are battery-operated, iTENS is rechargeable and has a 24-hour run time.

What is the Best TENS Unit: Why the iTENS?

What is the best TENS unit to get if you are suffering from an injury? The iTENS is an all-in-one pain relief system that relieves pain brought by injuries or post-surgical procedures. The iTENS has pre-set mode for muscle stimulation or relaxation. The TENS unit can boost blood circulation in the affected area with a low-frequency setting. TENS can also help relieve pain from other conditions like arthritis, sciatica, tendonitis, fibromyalgia, and period pain. The iTENS relieves pain symptoms and, at the same time, facilitates a faster and more comfortable recovery.

TENS therapy is a safe and non-invasive method of pain treatment. Long-term use of electrical stimulation does not have adverse side effects, so it is safe to use it as frequently as needed. Furthermore, mixing TENS with physical activity (like exercise) has proven to be effective. You can attach the TENS gel pads while you are at work or out of the house. In particular cases, TENS is not advisable for women during pregnancy or people with heart disease, cancer, epilepsy, and cardiac pacemakers. Refrain from using TENS while driving or near water. Fortunately, you need not look far when asking around for what is the best TENS unit. The iTENS is within reach at your local pharmacy or online through iTENS Australia. Consult with a physician or physiotherapist for proper recommendations on the use of the TENS device.

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