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Where Can You Buy a TENS Machine?

Using a TENS machine on the wrist

Chronic and acute pain can significantly limit activities and negatively affect people’s lives. Many seek various methods to relieve pain without relying on oral medicines. One of the safe and efficient techniques is Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation. People learning about TENS often ask, where can you buy a TENS machine? Fortunately, they are available in many pharmacies or health stores. You may get the device over the counter and immediately conduct a drug-free pain relief.

TENS therapy has been around since the 1960s. However, its use is limited to pain clinics and rehabilitation centres. Thanks to modern technology, portable devices are accessible to the general public. Individuals may get a TENS machine for personal use whenever necessary. It has modulated currents and easy features for safe operation. In the following sections, we will talk about buying a device, how the machine works, and factors to consider when choosing a unit.

Where Can You Buy a TENS Machine and Reasons for Buying

Individuals who want to manage their pain symptoms through TENS may ask where can you buy TENS machines. It is a small battery-operated unit that delivers low-voltage electrical currents through electrodes placed on the skin. Like other pain relief methods, you may get an electrotherapy device in drug or health stores. You may ask your pharmacist about the unit’s specifications, such as frequency and intensity ranges. A TENS device may differ in its power, control, and other functions.

Alternatively, you may purchase a TENS machine in online stores like iTENS Australia. Searching for TENS online enables you to compare each unit and choose the most suitable device. In particular, iTENS is a wireless machine that lets you manage pain with just a few steps. Moreover, there are many reasons why people may need a TENS device. The main reason to use TENS is to help reduce the severity of the pain and lengthen the duration between flare-ups.

Another use of TENS therapy is to aid in faster rehabilitation of injuries. TENS is also known to boost circulation and reduce inflammation. Thus, apart from reducing pain and discomfort, it helps accelerate the healing of damaged tissues and nerves. Furthermore, a person may also ask where you can buy a TENS machine to help cope with post-surgical pain. This makes TENS a versatile and efficient pain management method.

Conditions TENS Can Treat

A TENS machine is an excellent treatment option for the following conditions:

Nerve and joint disorders

Degenerative back disorders

  • slipped or herniated disc
  • spinal stenosis
  • bulging disc
  • ‎spondylolisthesis
  • spinal deformity

Acute pain

Setting a TENS program through a smartphone app

Where Can You Buy a TENS Machine: How it Relieves Pain

Before deciding where you can buy a TENS machine, a health professional may discuss the functions and benefits of electrotherapy. Understanding how it works is essential to attaining effective results. It also helps to operate a device easier. TENS utilises low-voltage electrical currents to stimulate the targeted nerves. At different levels, it elicits various responses from the nervous system. The main effects of TENS are activating the pain gate controllers and releasing endorphins.

Under the Pain Gate Control Theory, specific nerves in the spinal cord act as a gating mechanism for pain. They control the passage of pain signals by closing or opening on various occasions. One of the factors that close the “neural gates” is electricity. Thus, a TENS machine sends electrical impulses to induce the nerves to close. Consequently, pain signals do not reach the brain, resulting in pain reduction. TENS uses high frequencies (50-120 Hz) for this effect.

The second function of TENS is to prompt the release of endorphins. They are natural chemicals that help alleviate pain by inhibiting the nerve cells that release them. Additionally, they help reduce stress and improve mood. A TENS machine uses low frequencies (2-10 Hz) to trigger endorphin production. Using this frequency level has a lasting therapeutic relief, suitable for chronic pains. Thus, many people ask where you can buy a TENS machine to aid with long-term pain management.


More people use a TENS machine for pain relief because of the following advantages:

  • No adverse side effects – TENS is entirely natural and drug-free
  • Non-invasive – it does not penetrate the skin and does not leave permanent marks
  • Portable and discreet – enable movement while in use
  • Controllable – settings are adjustable according to a person’s level

iTENS long wing for pain that radiates downward

Where Can You Buy a TENS Machine: Factors for Considerations

There are many places where you can buy a TENS machine. However, knowing the essential aspects of TENS can help you determine where to get the most appropriate device. Firstly, you may choose based on the device or electrode type. TENS machines may be traditional or wireless. A traditional device has wires connected to the electrode pads. On the other hand, a wireless TENS utilises Bluetooth electrodes instead of cables. Therefore, the controls will depend on the machine type.

Secondly, check the device’s settings or stimulation levels. A good TENS machine should be able to give strong pulsing sensations to help with intense pain. Some devices, especially the lower-priced units, may not have enough power. In addition, modern TENS includes pre-set modes for faster and more convenient treatment. These are built-in programs with fixed parameters based on body pains or health conditions. 

Lastly, a crucial aspect of TENS treatment is the quality of the electrode pads. They are reusable, enabling multiple applications before needing replacement. TENS pads with good adhesion provide safe transmission of electrical currents for effective pain relief. Moreover, you may replace them with other sizes to help with pain in different locations. Thus, you may check the pad options when asking where you can buy a TENS machine. With this, iTENS Australia offers wireless electrodes in three sizes.

Wireless TENS Devices and Pad Options at iTENS Australia

iTENS features wing-shaped gel pads for more comfortable and flexible use. You may choose the following wing kits at iTENS Australia:

  • Small kit – for small or joint pain areas
  • Large kit – ideal for broader pain coverage like the shoulders and back
  • Long strip wing – elongated wing for pain that radiates downwards


Individuals with acute or chronic pain may easily manage their symptoms through the convenience of TENS therapy. Seeking where can you buy a TENS machine is straightforward. You may purchase a TENS unit in pharmacies or health stores. For more choices, you may look for a suitable and reliable device online. iTENS Australia offers the world’s first FDA-cleared wireless TENS. iTENS connects to a smartphone via Bluetooth to access multiple pain programs and programmable settings.

More people buy a TENS machine to help reduce pain without the need for medicines. Additionally, it aids in faster tissue repair, reduces inflammation, and restores mobility for people with injuries or post-surgery pain. Furthermore, there are key areas to look at when choosing a TENS device. This includes electrode types, intensity levels, and TENS pad quality. Lastly, it is best to consult with a healthcare provider before using TENS to see if it is right for you.

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