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Mobile TENS Unit – Definition and Benefits

A wireless TENS unit displaying its features.

Nowadays, technology is rapidly advancing. Even in the area of the health industry. Technologies are helpful to identify and study new and existing afflictions, for one, and help come up with new ways for treatment. Traditionally, people opt to drink herbal medicines or oral painkillers to help manage pain. However, there are devices that evolved to treat pain. A mobile TENS unit is used in a therapy called Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS). It uses electrical currents for pain relief.

The conventional type of TENS machine uses wires, cables and other accessories. Some wired TENS devices can be difficult to use as you need to be still while in use. Because of the inconvenience and disadvantages of the wired units, the wireless one was created. The wireless unit could deliver electrical currents through a Bluetooth connection. This article will cover the definition of a wireless TENS unit, its benefits and guidelines.

What is a Mobile TENS Unit

A mobile TENS unit is a wireless device used in TENS therapy to transmit electrical currents to the body to reduce or suppress pain perception. These electrical currents are delivered to the affected area through the electrode pads via Bluetooth connection. Using TENS has therapeutic benefits.

TENS help to treat acute and chronic conditions temporarily. It can be used especially when you are suffering from so much pain. Wireless TENS units are portable and discreet to use. You can wear it while you are at work or if you are doing your daily activities. The electrode pads also reach difficult areas to reach. Thus, they are flexible. They fit well in most body parts such as your arms, legs, shoulders and the like.

iTENS Australia has also eliminated wires so you can manage pain conveniently. They offer wireless units called iTENS. The iTENS wireless unit is FDA-approved to be a safe and effective method for relieving pain. It is non-invasive and drug-free.

Uses of a Mobile TENS Machine

A mobile TENS machine can be used for various purposes, including:

  • Helps treat migraines and headaches.
  • Reduces shoulder and back pain.
  • Improves mood or overall quality of life.
  • Helps with psychological disorders such as anxiety and depression.
  • Decreases the need for pain-relieving medication after surgery.
  • Helps recover stroke victims from impairments.
  • Reduces cramp-related pains during menstruation and pregnancy.
  • Increases the amount of air the lungs can hold.
  • Treats painful symptoms of arthritissciatica, bursitis and fibromyalgia.
  • Helps with spine conditions like herniated and bulging disc.
  • Decreases inflammatory cell production.
  • Improves blood flow by causing muscle contractions.

A woman using a TENS unit via smartphone.

Benefits of a Mobile TENS Unit

The benefits of using a mobile TENS unit are abundant. Their ease of use makes them an ideal pain management tool. TENS devices are very simple to set up. This means that as soon as you start feeling pain, you can quickly get ready and start a therapy session.

The mobility of these devices is also a major benefit. Handheld TENS units have many cables moving around that can get in the way. This makes them hard to use on the move. Wireless devices, on the other hand, are much more mobile. They consist of only the electrodes, which connect to the control unit (usually a smartphone app) via Bluetooth. You can use a wireless TENS throughout the day, on the move, and at work, whenever you need it.

TENS is also highly versatile. It does not specialise in treating specific illnesses or injuries but instead targets pain relief. Because of this, you can use TENS to relieve pain from almost any affliction. This is a great benefit as it makes the device a long-lasting investment that you can use throughout your life as different pains come and go.

Tips for Use

Remember to charge your device as needed before going out, if you plan to bring it with you. You can use TENS several times throughout the day, so having a full charge will ensure you have a reliable pain relief tool at your disposal whenever you need it.

TENS is not a treatment for the source of your pain. It helps manage pain during the healing process, but a separate treatment plan may be necessary to address the root of the issue. Do not neglect treatment just because you can manage the pain. Of course, always follow the basic safety guidelines when using TENS, too.

Smartphones displaying how to operate an app.

Guidelines for Using a Mobile TENS Unit

Once you understand how to use a mobile TENS unit, you will realize how easy and fast it is to treat pain. Firstly, identify where the pain is. You will want to place the pads as close to the most painful area as possible. Do not let the pads touch each other, and avoid placing them over sensitive areas (as discussed below).

Secondly, clean the area of the skin where the pads will go. If there is excess hair, remove that as well. This will help keep your pads clean, and will also provide a stronger connection. Once clean, attach the electrode pads. Only once the pads are all set up, turn the device on. You can select your therapy settings via the app and find the appropriate mode for you.

When finished, turn the device off. Remove the pads and wipe them down to make sure they are clean. Store them in a cool, dry space. The cleaner your pads are, the longer they will last. If you feel like you need to do another TENS session, wait at least 20 minutes before starting again.

Safety Tips

TENS is non-invasive and has no major side effects. However, there are still some basic precautions to ensure you use it safely. First, be careful where you place the pads. They should not go on sensitive areas like wounds, bones, and the spine. For back pain, the pads can go on either side of the spine. If you have a heart condition, do not place pads on your chest.

Second, do not overuse TENS. Using TENS too much in the same place can cause skin irritation. Be sure to follow the 20-minute break between sessions. If your skin starts to hurt, take a longer break.


If you are considering purchasing your own TENS unit, you should choose the wireless one. The mobile TENS unit is easier and more convenient to use. The former type of TENS unit has wires and cables which makes it more challenging to use. However, iTENS Australia offers iTENS units for more convenience of use. iTENS units are wireless and are more mobile. You can use it while you are doing your daily tasks or when you are at work.

Likewise, using wireless iTENS units have several benefits. TENS deliver electrical currents to your body to stop pain signals from reaching your brain. Aside from its main purpose, it helps manage acute and chronic pain conditions. It helps reduce inflammation and psychological disorders like anxiety. This means that it helps improve your mood. Furthermore, it improves your blood circulation and stimulates your nerves.

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