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Comparison Review: iTENS vs Pro TENS Machine Australia

Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) is a quick, non-invasive, and drug-free alternative for pain alleviation. People with acute or chronic pain seek all-natural pain management techniques to minimise oral medications’ adverse side effects or risks. TENS therapy has become more popular over time as a way to ease pain or treat symptoms of numerous medical illnesses. Likewise, individuals healing from injuries or recent surgery can benefit from devices like the iTENS or Pro TENS Machine Australia. These machines pass electrical currents through the skin from the electrodes to the pain location. The proper use of TENS can aid in reducing the symptoms of multiple body conditions. 

A TENS device like the Pro TENS Machine Australia or the iTENS from iTENS Australia stimulates the nerves to alleviate pain. According to the Gate Control Theory and Endorphins Release Theory, TENS relieve pain and provides pain-relieving effects. According to the theory of pain known as “Gate Control,” a group of nerve fibres in the spinal cord function as a gating mechanism to regulate the flow of pain impulses. The “neural gates” close due to the stimulation, preventing the brain from receiving pain signals. As a result, the body experiences fewer pain sensations. Additionally, the low frequency and continuous TENS pulses stimulate the body to produce more endorphins, which have analgesic properties. Endorphins, commonly referred to as “feel-good” hormones, have effects comparable to morphine. 

What Does a TENS Machine Do? 

A variety of physical or medical conditions can be treated with portable equipment like the Pro TENS Machine Australia and iTENS. A TENS unit can aid with generalised muscular discomfort brought on by stress, tension, inactivity, or misuse. TENS also helps those who have just had surgery or suffered an unexpected injury. This is so that damaged nerves or muscles can heal more quickly. TENS works by increasing blood circulation in the affected area. Those with chronic or long-lasting pain also use TENS to lessen throbbing, shooting, or acute distress. The following conditions and symptoms can therefore be relieved thanks to TENS:


iTENS vs Pro TENS Machine Australia: Differences 

An electrode pad with self-adhesive properties is applied to the painful area using a battery-operated, portable TENS machine. Not all TENS units are created equal, even though TENS machines employ electrical currents to reduce pain. The Pro TENS Machine Australia and the iTENS differ significantly, much like any other device. Think about the following characteristics while choosing a TENS unit: 

  • Electrodes – Conventional TENS units like the Pro TENS Machine Australia use lead wires to deliver the electrical pulses. For more practical pain management. Meanwhile, the iTENS incorporates Bluetooth-enabled wireless electrodes. 
  • Portability – TENS units are portable and simple to use whenever pain arises. However, wired TENS machines are larger. By utilising wireless electrodes and an app-controlled TENS device, the iTENS Australia maximises portability. 
  • Settings – different TENS units have different pain modes or levels of intensity. The Pro TENS Machine Australia includes a timer that runs for 15, 30, or 60 minutes, and its pulse width, pulse rate, and intensity can all be adjusted. The wireless iTENS offers pre-set settings for various aches and pains or medical issues. The iTENS app on a smartphone can be used to access the treatment. Additionally, you can adjust the TENS settings from the iTENS in manual mode.
  • Accessories – Pro TENS Machine Australia provides a durable carry case to store the TENS unit when travelling. The device also works with electrode pads that are easily accessible. On the other hand, iTENS utilise reusable gel pads for extended use.

Choosing Between iTENS vs Pro TENS Machine Australia 

In selecting between the iTENS and Pro TENS Machine Australia, there are vital factors to consider.  

  • Budget – knowing your budget for a Pro TENS Machine Australia, an iTENS device, or other TENS therapy equipment is crucial in getting the best value for money. 
  • Your Goal for Using TENS – it is a good idea to know why you’re looking for a TENS therapy equipment. TENS therapy is an excellent choice if your goal is to have an alternative pain management option other than oral drugs. Also, consider that you are looking for a TENS machine to treat various pain disorders and offer pain relief. In that situation, you may quickly get the iTENS wireless TENS from iTENS Australia’s website.
  • Brand Research– although numerous TENS therapy devices are available on websites like Amazon, it might be best to avail from the company directly. It may help you obtain better service to learn how the individual TENS devices function and how they will help you.
  • Consult Your Doctor – when using TENS for pain relief, it is advisable to speak with a medical expert. You should consider contacting your doctor for advice on TENS and, more importantly, if TENS therapy is appropriate for your needs.

Advantages of iTENS 

Though all TENS machines including the Pro TENS Machine Australia are effective for pain relief, here are some key advantages of choosing iTENS. Besides being cleared by the FDA, it is also: 

  • Programmable – The availability of pre-programmed therapy sessions is a characteristic to consider when comparing TENS devices. Only one or two settings are available on a typical TENS unit. iTENS Wireless, meanwhile, provide a variety of pre-set programs that target particular body parts or pain conditions. Additionally, the iTENS allows consumers to manually build and modify the program settings to deliver the most promising TENS therapy. 
  • Battery Life – Thankfully, the iTENS is USB-powered, unlike many TENS devices that rely on AA or AAA batteries. Rechargeable batteries make it easier and less expensive to maintain by removing the need for battery replacement.
  • Compact and Discreet – The iTENS device is wireless, small, portable, and discreet. Users can readily receive pain treatment while wearing the device under their clothing.
  • Bluetooth – Through the iTENS app, customers can connect their iTENS device to an iOS or Android smartphone. The free software also helps users keep track of their prior TENS sessions and offers them a variety of pre-set routines. 
  • Wireless – The bother of dealing with tangled cables is gone thanks to the iTENS complete wireless design, which differs from conventional TENS therapy devices. 

Is it Safe? 

Electrotherapy is a non-toxic, safe, and all-natural pain treatment technique using the iTENS or Pro TENS Machine Australia. Unlike oral painkillers, TENS therapy devices do not have adverse side effects. Additionally, there is no risk from the low electrical currents generated during TENS therapy. Therefore, using a personal TENS machine is entirely safe. When pain sensations start to appear during the day, you can also use them. But you must always remember to take 20-minute pauses in between sessions.

Additionally, consumers of iTENS from iTENS Australia can use it confidently because it has FDA clearance as an efficient and secure pain management device. Therefore, users of the wireless iTENS and Pro TENS Machine Australia can be confident that these gadgets have undergone testing before distribution. TENS devices are safe to use; however, anyone with cancer, epilepsy, a history of seizures, heart issues, or cardiac pacemakers should avoid using the device.

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