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TENS for Tennis Elbow: Does it Work?

Electrotherapy such as Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation or TENS sets high standards for pain relief tools. TENS for Tennis Elbow treatment can be a highly effective pain relief option. And TENS therapy can also be used to treat various acute and chronic pain disorders. TENS therapy is 100% safe, risk-free, non-invasive, drug-free, versatile, and highly effective pain relief. Nowadays, more and more people are using TENS therapy for pain relief. The iTENS Wireless TENS device is the perfect example of an effective personal device. The iTENS is compact and highly discreet; you can access instant pain relief whenever you need it. You can use iTENS in your home, or even when you’re out. Users can use and wear the iTENS discreetly underneath their clothing.

iTENS Wireless TENS Therapy Device for Elbow injuries

If you are suffering from injuries, acute or chronic pain, your pain management routine should include physical therapy and TENS therapy treatment as much as possible. iTENS for Tennis Elbow is the TENS machine we highly suggest to help repair and rehabilitate an arm or elbow injury. iTENS Wireless TENS device can be used multiple times a day, every day. You do not need a prescription to get a TENS device, although we highly recommend you consult your doctor or medical specialists about using TENS for pain relief. TENS therapy devices are designed and programmed to help improve blood and oxygen circulation, reduce swelling, improve rehabilitation and help with muscle strengthening.

TENS For Tennis Elbow

In tennis elbow, inflammation can be seen on the outside of the elbow. The tendons are the most affected and where the swelling occurs. People affected by Tennis Elbow may have difficulty fully extending the elbow joint. And a feeling of numbness or weakness typically occurs in the wrist. Hand strength may be reduced, and lifting things or grasping causes pain. You can use TENS and EMS therapy to help strengthen the muscles. TENS for tennis elbow can help you effectively relieve the pain. The iTENS Wireless TENS works by sending tiny electrical impulses that help block pain signals, reducing pain. 

iTENS is has FDA approval to be a safe and effective pain relief device. Making the iTENS a highly safe to use medical device. iTENS provides users with quick and easy access to instant pain relief; being wireless removes the hassle of dealing with tangled wires. You can directly adjust the program intensity on the device. Moreover, you can also pair it to your smartphone using the Bluetooth feature. iTENS has its exclusive free App that offers users various beneficial features. You can use the iTENS app and your smartphone to control and activate the iTENS when performing TENS for tennis elbow treatments.


Guide to using the iTENS App

The iTENS wireless TENS device utilizes Bluetooth features to provide wireless connectivity. Using the iTENS Wireless TENS device is highly effective for pain relief and easy to operate. Firstly, you should ensure that you place the pads directly on top of the pain point and connect the iTENS device to your iOS or Android-based smartphone via Bluetooth. From the free iTENS smartphone companion app, you can access various pre-set programs according to pain conditions or specific body parts. As an example, you can perform TENS for tennis elbow treatments by selecting the “tennis elbow” option from the iTENS app.

Aside from TENS for tennis elbow treatments, you can also treat specific conditions like osteoarthritis or sciatica. Go to the Conditions mode and simply choose the therapy you need for treatment. Lastly, the free iTENS app lets you create and customise your own program setting and treatment. For example, you can set the pulse rate, pulse width, frequency, waveform, and duration for the most beneficial results. Conveniently, you can check the TENS machine recommended pads placement to help guide you with the best pads placement for treating various conditions. 

iTENS Australia – Benefits

The iTENS wireless TENS provides pain relief for acute and chronic pain disorders. Particularly, TENS therapy sessions help relieve symptoms of various pain conditions. In addition, you may also apply the iTENS to different body parts like the:

TENS therapy is a typically safe and drug-free option for pain relief. People suffering from chronic pain use TENS therapy as a drug-free alternative to taking oral pain relief medications. TENS therapy does not have any adverse side effects and has little to no risks. Therefore, you can use a TENS therapy device whenever you require pain relief. In addition, the iTENS wireless TENS is a worthy investment for your pain management. You may get the iTENS wireless TENS for tennis elbow treatment at iTENS Australia. Ensure that you consult your doctor or medical professionals before starting TENS therapy. 

You won’t need to manually connect the iTENS device with the iTENS app with each use. The iTENS can automatically connect to your smartphone once paired properly. Ensure that you use the in-app screen once the device is synced to control the program settings during TENS for tennis elbow treatments. This includes when trying to turn the device on and off. The Center button acts as a hard reset/pairing button. Do not use the button on the device to turn it off, or it will reset your pairing settings.


Using TENS therapy for pain relief

If you are new to using TENS, we at iTENS Australia recommend that you start with the lowest program settings and intensity. The program settings should be set to start feeling a slight tingling sensation, and TENS therapy should not hurt. The duration of the TENS therapy session should be approximately 30 minutes to achieve long-lasting pain relief. You may also want to try various program settings and pad placements to ensure that you get the most benefit from using TENS. Furthermore, TENS therapy devices help improve blood and oxygen circulation. The increased blood and oxygen flow help relax and rehabilitate sore muscles and improve healing to damaged nerves. Therefore, TENS therapy is highly beneficial for people recovering from injuries or post-surgery injuries. TENS for tennis elbow treatments can drastically help improve healing and decrease discomfort.

Other Complementary Pain Relief Solutions

You can improve the pain-relieving effect of your TENS for tennis elbow therapy treatment with heat therapy. Using heat therapy provides better blood circulation and helps relax the muscles. The use of heat therapy is perfect for relieving muscular tension. Hot water bottles are commonly used in heat therapy due to their easy preparation and use.

The iTENS Wireless TENS can help relieve pain if you have the following pain conditions:

To achieve the best results with your TENS for tennis elbow therapy device, start by placing the device directly over or around the painful area. For best results, you may need to vary the electrodes’ placement with alternate placement patterns. Such as above, below or around the pain point. When using the TENS to treat the wrist or ankle, make sure the device is placed lengthwise because a wrap-around may be too sharp of a contour.

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