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TENS for Hire in Melbourne or Get a Personal TENS Machine?

Woman using a TENS machine on the elbow

Pain affects many people and is one of the prevalent global health issues. Severe conditions can be debilitating, affecting the quality of life. Because of this, many people seek various methods to relieve pain. One of the options is to hire TENS in Melbourne or get a personal device. People may choose to hire a TENS machine to relieve temporary aches. On the other hand, buying a TENS machine is more cost-efficient for long-term pain management.

Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) is a therapy that uses low-voltage electrical currents. The electrodes deliver the currents through the skin to stimulate the nerves to relieve pain. Hence, it is a natural and drug-free pain relief method. Individuals may use a TENS machine as soon as the pain starts. The following sections will present the functions of TENS therapy. It will also cover the pros and cons of hiring and buying a device.

TENS for Hire in Melbourne: How Does TENS Work?

A doctor or physiotherapist may recommend TENS to treat various pain conditions. For new users, availing of TENS for hire in Melbourne may help them check if the therapy suits them. A professional may guide the use of the device. Treatment may vary depending on the type of pain, body location, and severity. A TENS machine operates on different frequency levels to elicit sensory feedback in the nervous system. 

TENS therapy helps relieve pain using sensory and motor stimulation. In high frequencies (50-130 Hz), the nerve pathways in the spinal cord close. These nerve bundles act as gate controllers for pain signals. Hence, closing the neural gates prevents pain signals from reaching the brain. In contrast, motor level stimulation at low frequencies (2-10 Hz) triggers endorphin release. These hormones help suppress pain and improve mood. It also gives lasting therapeutic effects, which may carry on for hours.

Individuals wanting to try TENS therapy may use a machine in physiotherapy clinics. However, some may prefer to treat pain in their homes. TENS is also common among pregnant women who want to use the machine for labour pain management. The device may vary depending on the purpose. For instance, companies that offer TENS for hire in Melbourne for childbirth use specialised labour TENS machines. Therefore, it is vital to consider the functions when hiring or buying a device.

What Can TENS Treat?

TENS therapy is useful for a wide array of body aches and health conditions. The common ailments it can help treat are the following:

iTENS wireless TENS machine in small size

Hire TENS in Melbourne: Advantages and Disadvantages

Many people consider getting TENS for hire in Melbourne first to see if the therapy works well for their pain condition. The cost of hiring a device is cheaper than buying a new one. For instance, most labour TENS units are available for a six to eight weeks term. It allows pregnant women to get the machine before their expected due date. Thus, they may use TENS in delivery and return the device after.

Another advantage of hiring a TENS machine is rehabilitation. Individuals coping with injury or post-surgery may use TENS to alleviate discomfort. TENS helps boost blood circulation, which relaxes the surrounding sore muscles. As a result, it eases the pain and accelerates healing. People may use a TENS machine for as long as the injury is causing pain. Then, they may return the device once they have fully recovered.

Conversely, getting TENS for hire in Melbourne has several disadvantages. Although it is more affordable, the cost may increase if you return the device past its due date. In some cases, there is a small difference in price between hiring and buying a TENS machine. It may also take some time before you receive the device. For people with chronic pain, you may not be able to use TENS anytime because of limited accessibility. 

Factors to Consider

When renting a TENS device, you may consider the following aspects:

  • cost of hiring plus delivery fees
  • possible late returns or penalty fees
  • special functions of the device
  • included accessories
  • ease of use
  • hire period or duration 
  • types of electrodes (most companies use traditional wired devices)

Wireless TENS machine is discreet

Advantages of Buying a Personal Device Over Looking to Hire TENS in Melbourne

Getting a personal TENS machine offers many advantages and benefits. Firstly, it may be more cost-efficient for long-term use than when you hire TENS in Melbourne. TENS machines are highly reusable. They last for several applications before the pads need replacement.  Secondly, refill TENS pads are low-cost. They are accessible over the counter or online. Thus, you may use TENS for a long time without spending more money.

Thirdly, a personal TENS machine enables you to manage pain anytime. For people with chronic conditions, pain may occur suddenly. Therefore, you may reach for a portable TENS unit and start treatment immediately. Additionally, TENS machines may vary in their features and functions. Therefore, you can choose a device with treatment modes for your specific needs. It also lets you try various settings or programs to help find the most effective results.

Lastly, individuals who want to hire TENS in Melbourne may have limited choices. Most companies offer conventional wired units. It requires extra care to avoid damage. Meanwhile, you may choose various device types in buying a personal TENS machine. Many TENS machines offer wireless electrode pads for convenient use. These devices utilise Bluetooth connection to access settings from a smartphone. Typically, they have more programs than traditional TENS. Many also consider intensity range and battery power in choosing a device.

Benefits of Wireless TENS Machines

You may consider a wireless TENS unit for the following reasons:

  • It eliminates the inconvenience of tangled wires.
  • Enables quick pad placement, especially in hard-to-reach areas.
  • It does not restrict the range of motion.
  • More discreet when worn under clothes.
  • No need for regular wire replacements.


People with acute or chronic pain have the option to hire TENS in Melbourne or get a personal device. Hiring a TENS machine lets you administer the therapy for a limited period. It is practical for people coping with injuries or post-surgery. Individuals may prefer this method to see if TENS is suitable for them. It is also common for pregnant women to use TENS for labour pain. It offers safe and non-invasive pain relief. 

A more cost-efficient approach is getting a personal device. It is beneficial for people with chronic pain to help manage the pain or discomfort whenever necessary. Moreover, there are several factors to choose from. You may select a device based on preferences, such as wired or wireless TENS, and the number of features. Furthermore, it is safe to use frequently without adverse side effects. You may get a wireless TENS device, like iTENS, at iTENS Australia online.

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