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TENS Hire Renting Guidelines

A large wing iTENS electrode and some information about iTENS

Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) is an increasingly popular choice as an effective pain relief option. However, buying a TENS machine can be a significant investment. This is why some offer the option of hiring TENS machines. To do so, the person must select a reputable source to rent from and follow their instructions on booking a device to rent. When doing this, they must know the device they want and the exact hire duration.

TENS machines are medical devices that use electrical pulses to trigger mechanisms to prevent the transmission of pain signals and induce endorphin production. It can be used for labour pain management and to provide instant relief for chronic pain conditions. Furthermore, it uses a drug-free and non-invasive method, making it ideal for people seeking a decrease in pain. This article will present information on why people may hire a TENS unit, how to do so, and compare hiring and buying.

Why Hire TENS Machines?

There are many benefits to hiring TENS machines. Firstly, it enables people to experience the benefits of effective pain management with TENS without taking on significant costs. In doing so, they can test if TENS is effective for them before purchasing a personal device. They may also be able to try out different TENS units to check the difference between machines and their suitability.

Secondly, some people only need to use a TENS machine for a short period. Hence, it can be more cost-effective to rent one for hire instead of buying one. They may hire the unit for the weeks they need it and return it afterwards. This is often done in the cases of labour TENS machines if the pregnant woman wants to use TENS during the stages of labour.

Lastly, hiring a unit removes the need to buy accessories and maintain a device for long periods. The lack of long-term commitment may be ideal for those who do not have chronic pain conditions. Altogether, hiring a TENS device can be a convenient option.

Importance of Effective Pain Relief

  • Effective pain relief from TENS can eliminate physical discomfort and improve the overall quality of life.
  • It can enable individuals to return to some daily activities and achieve a sense of normalcy.
  • This can encourage patients to continue with other treatment plans with a more positive outlook.
  • Some may experience improvement in their mental health due to the reduction in pain.
  • By using TENS for natural pain relief, individuals can address different conditions, such as fibromyalgia, migraines, and arthritis.
  • People may experience lessened occurrences of migraine episodes and muscle spasms from regularly using TENS as their pain relief method.

A person placing an iTENS electrode on a woman's wrist

How to Hire TENS Machines

When hiring TENS machines, it can be beneficial to follow certain steps. To start, the individual seeking to rent should determine their needs, such as the type of treatment and hire period. They can also research to see what device type and features they want to use. In particular, pregnant women may search for obstetrics TENS machines and hire them a few weeks before their estimated labour date.

Then, the person should do some research and find a reputable source. They should look for a rental company with the specific unit they prefer. Once they have, they can compare prices and reviews to ensure the reliability of the company. After selecting one, they may follow the guidelines regarding specific details of hiring the unit. They may provide an expected arrival date and instructions on returning it.

Upon receiving the unit, the person must check to see if all the inclusions are complete. They must also test the unit to see if it is properly working. They can easily do this by following the simple instructions of the product. When the rental period is over, they must return the unit.

Rental Periods

The rental period is a significant factor that can affect the price of hiring the unit. Hence, it is important to consider the actual length of time the user will need it before they hire machines. The duration may depend on factors such as the duration of the recovery process.

When using it for labour pain, the pregnant woman should have a few weeks to test and familiarise themselves with using the unit. This is why health professionals recommend hiring it for a minimum of six weeks, starting at the 37th week of gestation. Some may opt for a longer 12-week period.

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TENS Hire vs Buy

Individuals must consider some factors when deciding whether to hire or buy a TENS unit. Hiring TENS machines is more convenient for those who do not need them for long-term needs. However, those with chronic pain conditions may find that buying is the more cost-effective option.

Moreover, hiring can be ideal for those who wish to try out different units. Meanwhile, buying can allow individuals to thoroughly familiarise themselves with operating one model for their needs. In addition, buying a unit removes the hassle of needing to book it for specific dates, requesting hire extensions when necessary, and returning the unit.

Furthermore, buying can remove the worry over possible late return fees or other charges due to possible damage to the unit. However, buying does introduce costs for replacing batteries and other accessories needed to operate the unit. Ultimately, the decision will depend on the needs and individual preferences of the user. It is crucial to carefully consider which can be more beneficial overall.

Advantages of Owning the Device

There are many advantages to owning a personal TENS unit. Firstly, it allows convenient treatment whenever needed. Since TENS machines are portable, individuals may use them at various locations instead of taking pain medications. This can be beneficial, especially for those who wish to avoid the adverse effects of medicines.

Secondly, owning the unit allows the person to fully explore the adjustable settings and the program modes that may come with the unit. Thirdly, having a personal device can reduce trips to the healthcare provider for treatment. Lastly, owning a TENS unit can provide long-term cost savings compared to continuously renting one.


Hiring TENS machines can be a cost-effective option for those who only need to use them for specific periods. This is useful for pregnant women who wish to use it for pain relief during labour. It also works for those who are recovering from an injury. Moreover, the process of renting a unit is easy. They must simply select a rental company and follow their instructions when booking the device.

When they receive the device, they must check if the inclusions are complete. However, they must be careful and adhere to the rental period, or they may need to pay penalty fees. Moreover, damaging the unit can also lead to extra costs. Hence, some may prefer buying a personal device to remove this hassle. This is particularly beneficial for those with chronic pain conditions. Those interested in buying may consider the iTENS from iTENS Australia.

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