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Advantages of a TENS Pro (Professional) Machine Over Others

iTENS wireless TENS pro machines for pain relief

Health experts use various means to help patients manage their pain conditions. One of the cost-efficient solutions is Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation or TENS. The therapy utilises a medical device, a professional TENS machine. It delivers mild electrical currents through the skin to help reduce pain. It offers many advantages, such as natural pain relief and non-invasive treatment. In addition, it is drug-free and does not cause adverse side effects.

People with acute or chronic pain may now use a TENS machine without going to a clinic. It is ideal for people with busy or active lifestyles. Individuals may use TENS therapy alone or combined with other treatment methods. Moreover, getting a reliable device is crucial towards safe and effective pain management. The following sections will present how TENS machines work and the advantages of a professional-grade machine. Knowing the functions of TENS may help maximise its benefits.

What is a TENS Pro Machine and How Does It Work?

A TENS pro machine is a battery-operated unit connected to adhesive electrode pads. The pads are placed on the body near the pain area. Once turned on, it transmits electrical impulses through the skin to stimulate the nerves. This results in exciting the nervous system to reduce pain by blocking pain signals and releasing endogenous opioids. The device attains these effects using different frequency levels. Professionals help determine the proper settings for each case.

TENS uses low and high frequencies to help relieve various types of pain. High pulse rates are suitable for acute pain, like injury, to help mask intense symptoms. At these levels, the currents induce the pain pathways to close. These are nerve bundles in the spinal cord that acts as gating mechanisms. Consequently, they hinder the pain signals from reaching the brain. On the other hand, low pulse rates stimulate the production of endorphins, the body’s natural painkillers.

A doctor or therapist may prescribe a professional TENS machine to a patient with a severe condition. A prescription unit usually provides higher intensity. Likewise, it may require the supervision of a licensed practitioner to ensure safety. Alternatively, individuals may obtain a TENS device over the counter. These machines have modulated settings to help prevent unintended harm. They also have easy controls and pre-set modes. Therefore, they are safe for personal use. 

Benefits of TENS Therapy

  • Pain relief (from 6 to 12 hours after treatment, this effect is different in every person)
  • Muscle relaxation (reduced muscle tension results in less pain and discomfort)
  • Improved range of motion (enables patients to be active)
  • Increased blood circulation
  • Reduced stress
  • Improved overall relaxation
  • Improved sleeping patterns

Use hypoallergenic gel pads to minimise skin irritations

TENS Pro Machine – Natural Pain Relief

TENS pro machines do not involve substances that may harm nearby organs or develop side effects. Instead, they utilise painless electrical currents. These stimulate the nervous system to deal with pain through pain gating and endorphins. Therefore, it helps reduce pain symptoms naturally. Individuals who want an alternative to oral medications may use TENS therapy. The machine may give immediate therapeutic effects while in use or lasting hours after the session.

An advantage of TENS therapy is it is low-risk. As mentioned above, it does not have permanent side effects. Hence, it is safe to use as frequently as needed. People with chronic pain may use a TENS machine multiple times a day. Taking 20-minute breaks between sessions is advisable to prevent overstimulation and let the skin rest. However, some may react to the electrode pads. They may cause redness or skin irritation for some people with sensitive skin.

Furthermore, TENS is non-invasive. The pads are applied externally near the pain area. It does not penetrate the skin layer nor leave permanent marks. In addition, it is easy to put the electrodes on and off. You may place them in the most accessible body parts, except in sensitive areas. Therefore, TENS pro machines are adaptable to many kinds of body aches or health conditions.

Safety Measures

  • Use hypoallergenic gel pads to prevent harsh skin reactions.
  • Avoid putting the electrodes on the head, throat and spine.
  • Do not use TENS on the chest and back simultaneously.
  • Do not place the pads on open wounds, numb areas, or infected skin.
  • Consult a doctor if you have cancer, heart problems, or epilepsy.

Adjusting the TENS settings through a smartphone app

TENS Pro Machine – Ease of Use

Many people opt for TENS pro machines because it is convenient and easy to use. It involves a few settings to help modulate the stimulation. Most devices have pre-set modes for quick access. These are built-in programs with fixed settings designed according to a specific body part or ailment. Thus, it is ideal for new users to administer treatment. It also helps save time. Alternatively, others may prefer to customise their therapy by manually adjusting the settings. 

The adjustable programs of TENS machines allow users to have control over their pain relief. Individuals may set the intensity to match their pain level. However, professionals advise keeping the strength within a reasonable range that is strong but comfortable. Avoid setting it so high that it feels more unpleasant than relief. Moreover, TENS should not cause vigorous muscle contractions. Reduce the intensity to lessen the contractions and prevent muscle fatigue.

Professional TENS units vary in features. The machines come in conventional wired and wireless electrodes. Wireless TENS are more compact and discreet. It also offers more flexibility. In addition, some may include advanced functions to improve efficiency or pain management routines. For instance, wireless TENS devices use Bluetooth technology instead of lead cables. Devices like the iTENS connect to a smartphone app to access multiple pain programs. 

Features to Consider

The following are essential aspects to look at when choosing a TENS device:

  • Power levels – the range of intensity and frequency
  • Number of pain modes – available treatments, including massage functions
  • Pad sizes – availability of interchangeable pads for various treatment areas
  • Battery life – how long can a device last


TENS pro machines offer many advantages over other pain relief methods. It is all-natural and non-toxic. It does not have adverse side effects or develop an addiction due to long-term use. Therefore, it is a suitable alternative to medications. TENS is also non-invasive. It is easy and gentle to put the electrode pads on and off without leaving lasting marks on the skin. Its effectiveness in reducing pain symptoms minimises the need for intrusive procedures like surgery

The device is simple to operate. Users may administer TENS therapy in two options: pre-set modes and customisation. The pre-set settings enable quick and convenient use. On the other hand, customising the therapy allows users to find a stimulation level that relieves their pain best. Additionally, TENS machines may vary in features. It is vital to choose a device with specific treatment modes, versatile settings, durable pads, and a long-lasting battery.

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