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Different Kinds of TENS Machine Electrode Pads at iTENS

Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) therapy is a widely known and performed form of pain management. It uses low voltage electrical impulses to stimulate nerves which then block and prevent pain signals from reaching the brain. Moreover, this reduces or completely negates the pain an individual could feel. TENS therapy can treat period, knee, neck, lower back, and labour pain issues. Additionally, it can even treat pain conditions like arthritis and tendonitis. However, the effectiveness of one’s machine relies heavily on its adaptive features like the settings and intensity of currents it can produce. Furthermore, a practical machine should have suitable TENS machine electrode pads for certain extremities or areas of the body. Devices like iTENS Australia’s wireless iTENS unit with a versatile shape and paddings can be an excellent apparatus for TENS therapy and pain management treatments. 

The iTENS Wireless Unit

The iTENS wireless unit is a modern-day electrotherapy device that merges wearable technology with a TENS machine’s effective and long-lasting pain relief. iTENS Australia aims to combine convenience and technology to improve the quality of life for customers. The days of wired and bulky TENS machines are in the past. Furthermore, the iTENS unit is the world’s first FDA-cleared, true wireless TENS therapy device. Hence, no prescription is required for this approved over-the-counter, drug-free pain management device. Additionally, the iTENS wireless unit also comes with various replaceable TENS machine electrode pads. Each pad has its specialty for combating pain. The electrode pads available at iTENS Australia are:

  • Small wing electrode pads
  • Large wing electrode pads
  • Long strip electrode pads

iTENS’ TENS Machine Electrode Pads at iTENS Australia

The iTENS device’s versatility mainly comes from the wings (pads) and accessories you can attach to it. The iTENS wireless unit, for example, does not fall short on the types of TENS machine electrode pads available with it. The “small wings” (pads) accessory of the iTENS device allows it to provide pain relief on smaller and more flexible parts of the body. It can grip and move effortlessly on your ankles, knees, elbows, wrists, and other small treatment areas. The flexible small wing design makes it possible to get a full range of motion even while conducting TENS therapy.

On the other hand, people can use the “large wings” (pads) accessory of the iTENS device to help them provide maximum coverage on broader pain sites. The large TENS machine electrode pads can mainly treat pain in the back, thigh, shoulder, and other large treatment areas. Users can still get the full range of motion they desire through the flexible rotating wing design despite the larger wing size.

With the interchangeable small and large wing accessories, iTENS devices can also attach the “long strip” accessory. This option allows the TENS machine electrode pads to treat pain with extended coverage areas that radiates downwards. Pain conditions like sciatica, iliotibial band, tendon pain, and other long or flexible treatment areas are optimal for the long strip accessory.

iTENS Peel’ n Stick Gel Pads

Other than having highly adaptable shapes, the TENS machine electrode pads at iTENS Australia also have reusable Peel’ n Stick gel pads that accommodate their shape. Thus, allowing for a more efficient way of treatment. These gel pads could help enhance pain management sessions by effectively allowing the iTENS pads to be attached to the area effortlessly. Moreover, the iTENS gel pads are hypoallergenic, making them less likely to cause skin irritation. Furthermore, these gel pads are also reusable for up to 15 – 20 treatments, which also helps cut costs.

Pre-gelled pads for TENS machine electrode pads are very convenient and practical. They stick to the body firmly. However, they are also expendable. Eventually, the gel pads will lose their stickiness from the wear and tear of prolonged usage. Furthermore, the electrical pulses will not feel as strong as before when this happens. At this point, one should consider replacing the gel pads altogether. iTENS Australia provides customers replacement gel pads in sets of threes.

TENS Machine Electrode Pads: Maintenance

The TENS machine electrode pads can typically last around 2-3 months based on a person’s skin condition as well as the frequency you use. Proper cleaning by preparing the skin before using the TENS machine can extend its longevity significantly. Follow these guidelines on skin care when using TENS machines:

  • Clean the area of the skin where the TENS machine electrodes pads are to be placed. Use gentle soaps and rinse with water before and after each TENS therapy session. 
  • Trim any excess hair on the area of pain where you will place the electrode pads.
  • Upon finishing a TENS therapy session, remove the pads by pulling in the direction of hair growth. It is to avoid any skin irritation from happening.
  • It is crucial not to place the pads over any irritated, infected, or broken skin. And areas where there are tumours.

A good indication on when to replace your TENS machine electrode pads is if you detect a change in the efficacy of your TENS treatment; or a shift in the performance of your electrical stimulation on your skin. Continued use may weaken the efficiency of your machine. Additionally, you should not keep the pads in a refrigerator. The pads must be kept in storage temperatures between 5°C to 27°C.


Quick Guide of How to Make Your TENS Machine Electrode Pads Sticky Again

Frequent use of TENS machine electrode pads can cause them to lose their stickiness after a period of time. Fortunately, there are a few easy ways to make the pads sticky again. Thus, it can prolong the longevity of your TENS machine. 

Cleaning the pads can extend the life of your TENS machine electrode pads and maintain them for more extended usage. For cleaning the pads and restoring their stickiness, it is best to use a damp microfiber cloth. Using a damp microfiber cloth is the most efficient way to wipe all dirt and residue from the pads. Moreover, you should avoid damaging the pads. Therefore, you should not exert heavy force while cleaning them. After wiping them off with the damp microfiber cloth, you can now use a toothbrush to brush the pads. The toothbrush will gently expose the pad’s sticky surface. Thus, allowing them to reattach to the skin.


Considering what a highly versatile TENS machine the iTENS wireless unit is, it may seem to be a reasonable investment to many. They are fully wireless compact and come with various adaptable TENS machine electrode pads to choose from. Therefore, it could easily benefit those with multiple areas that require pain management treatment.

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