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Why Going TENS Unit Cordless is the Way to Go

Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) therapy devices are commonly used to help with pain reduction. TENS therapy using a TENS device stimulates the nerves with gentle electrical pulses to help manage pain. Furthermore, medical authorities strongly advise utilising effective and high-grade TENS units to improve quality of life. Going TENS unit cordless is the way to go because it can use anytime and anywhere, even when working or outside. Wireless TENS machines perform the same functions as wired TENS machines but with more portability and comfortability. Similarly, the iTENS wireless units from iTENS Australia are an excellent example of a highly effective device with numerous functions and benefits.

A TENS machine is a battery-operated portable device with electrode pads. Most clinics and therapy centres utilise a typical wired TENS. However, people dealing with pain can get a hassle-free treatment using a personal TENS unit cordless device such as iTENS. iTENS Australia offers a revolutionary way to manage pain by combining the effectiveness of TENS and wearable technology. TENS also helps release endorphins, which are the body’s natural painkillers that result in the alleviation of pain sensation. Without a doubt, the wireless iTENS unit is an excellent example of an effective TENS machine.

TENS Unit Cordless vs Wired TENS Machines: Differences

Suffering from acute or chronic pain is undeniably uncomfortable. It would have a significant impact on an individual everyday routine. Fortunately, TENS therapy sessions utilising effective devices can help relieve pain and discomfort. TENS therapy devices should be simple and easy to use to provide immediate pain relief to people. The standard TENS machine is wired and fastened to the adhesive electrode pads. They are also larger than TENS unit cordless devices. However, wireless TENS devices, such as the iTENS from iTENS Australia, are small and easy to carry and use than wired TENS machines.

A wireless TENS unit is slightly more expensive than a wired TENS unit, but it can be cost-effective for long-term use. Furthermore, TENS wired machines are prone to cable damage and breakage after a short time. The use of wireless TENS machines may reduce the costs of maintaining wires and electrode pads. As a result, users may no longer need to buy new cables and pads regularly. Additionally, skin irritations may be caused by cable deterioration from wired devices. Fortunately, with TENS unit cordless devices like iTENS from iTENS Australia, users will no longer have to deal with the inconvenience of tangled cords.


What can TENS Unit Cordless Machine Treat?

TENS unit cordless devices like iTENS machines can help alleviate various types of pain. The iTENS helps eliminate or reduce pain perception, providing rapid relief and lowering discomfort caused by illness and conditions. Using iTENS devices will allow you to get more out of life. Additionally, iTENS machines can treat a variety of pain symptoms and conditions, including:

TENS Machines Guidelines

TENS unit cordless machines are generally safe to use. The small electrical pulses help relieve discomfort and relax the muscles. TENS therapy is a completely risk-free pain management solution used at home. As a result, TENS therapy is not painful; users may experience a mild tingling sensation when the TENS device is turned on. Users of iTENS can adjust the unit’s frequency from lowest to highest to make the electrical pulses more comfortable. They can also perform pain alleviation using wireless devices such as the iTENS anytime, even when they are out. iTENS Australia offers iTENS wireless devices to help individuals minimise pain and discomfort without hassle. Furthermore, people that use TENS electrotherapy must adhere to specific safety measures. These guidelines can help you when to perform TENS therapy for pain management treatments, regardless of whether your TENS machine is wired or wireless:

  • Do not use a TENS machine when driving, showering, or sleeping.
  • Avoid placing the TENS machine’s electrodes on the front of the throat, any part of your head, over the eyes, mouth, broken and irritated skin, and directly on the spine and joints.
  • It is best not to undertake TENS therapy when you are at the early stage of pregnancy, have any heart conditions, suffer from epilepsy or have a metal or electrical implant (like pacemakers).

Benefits of TENS Unit Cordless

Almost everyone experiences pain differently, regardless of the circumstances. Most wireless TENS units like iTENS perform the same functions as wired TENS devices but without the hassle of tangled cables. The wireless iTENS has numerous advantages in a small package. The wireless electrode pads, in particular, are non-intrusive. Therefore, surgery is not necessary. Unlike oral medications, going with a TENS unit cordless device like iTENS is straightforward, non-invasive, and drug-free without adverse side effects. In addition, this device is lightweight, portable, and simple for users’ convenience. iTENS is also very discreet; anyone can use it underneath clothing while helping ease users’ pain.

This device is ideal for relieving physical discomfort, particularly in the shoulder and lower back. It can effectively treat various ailments, including arthritis, sciatica, and menstrual cramps. Furthermore, this innovative device connects to any smartphone via Bluetooth. Users can control the iTENS device with the TENS app, which provides a wide range of pain-relieving settings. iTENS has flexible wing electrode pads that can be easy to apply in difficult-to-reach areas of the body. In addition, iTENS can last up to 24 hours on a single full charge because of the lithium-ion rechargeable battery. Luckily, if you are going with a TENS unit cordless device, the iTENS units are readily available on the iTENS Australia website.

The iTENS Wireless Device at iTENS Australia

The best TENS unit cordless device should be effective, convenient, easy to use, affordable, and portable. The iTENS is one device that could provide all of those features. The iTENS unit is a revolutionary wireless TENS device that combines digital technology with TENS therapy’s therapeutic benefits. This device can easily pair with most smartphones using the iTENS app. The app wirelessly controls the device, allowing electrical impulses to be transmitted from the electrode pads to the body. The electrical stimulation targets the nerves to prevent pain signals from reaching the brain. Furthermore, activated nerves promote the development and release of endorphins, which help alleviate pain. As a result, the body experiences less discomfort.

Many healthcare professionals use TENS devices to relieve pain, most of which will also instruct you how to do it yourself. With the wireless iTENS device, you can do so with the added ease of going through your daily routine without any difficulties. The iTENS from iTENS Australia is the world’s first FDA-cleared genuine wireless TENS device. The FDA clearance ensures that the iTENS wireless unit has proper testing and certification as a personal medical device. Therefore, a TENS unit cordless device, such as the iTENS, is a practical, reliable and way-to-go TENS therapy device.

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