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Comparison Guide: iTENS vs TensCare Machine

TENS therapy is a safe and drug-free pain management method for people suffering from acute or chronic pain conditions and even in the early stages of labour. A TensCare machine and other traditional TENS therapy devices use wires. Additionally, TENS therapy devices work by producing tiny electrical impulses that stimulate the nerves to help reduce pain and discomfort. If the primary goal is to reduce the intake of oral medications, TENS devices are an ideal pain management method. TENS therapy is risk-free and does not have any adverse side effects compared to prescription drugs.

TensCare Machine compared to iTENS Wireless TENS device.

A TensCare machine and other TENS devices are compact and typically battery-powered (these machines have varying energy consumption). Most TENS therapy devices offer multiple intensity settings, so users can try out varying programs and find the proper treatment that suits their needs. Nowadays, wireless TENS therapy devices are available like the iTENS from iTENS Australia that do not need batteries. Furthermore, the wireless iTENS utilises rechargeable batteries. The device is USB-powered. A fully charged iTENS device can last up to 24 hours.

Some TENS devices do have additional accessories. For example, TENS devices like the TensCare machine have various accompanying accessories that help improve TENS therapy sessions. Moreover, iTENS Australia also offers several accessories made explicitly for iTENS devices. The iTENS devices and accessories are available for purchase without the need for medical prescriptions. Furthermore, there are three different pad sizes available that are perfect for treating specific pain conditions and body parts.


iTENS Devices and Accessories

iTENS Kits – Compared to a TensCare machine, the iTENS wireless TENS device offers accessories that are more specific to certain treatments and body parts. These accessories can benefit users by allowing them to choose and change wing sizes. Interchangeable wing sizes help make the device more versatile with what it can treat.

  • Small Wing Kit – the Small Wings size iTENS grip and move smoothly on the ankles, knees, elbows, wrists, and other small treatment areas while the flexible rotating wings provide a full range of motion.
  • Large Wings – the Large Wings size iTENS gives maximum pain area coverage. This pad size is perfect for larger pain areas such as the back and thigh.

Advantages of the iTENS Accessories

Interchangeable and Replacement Wings

Small, Large and Long Strip Wings: The long strip provides TENS therapy for extended length coverage for pain that radiates downward. Users can use multiple iTENS devices simultaneously for the most beneficial results. The Long Wing can benefit and provide pain relief to the sciatic nerve, IT band, tendons, and other long or flexible treatment areas. Compared to TensCare machines, iTENS provides users with different pad choices to help treat any pain condition.

Reusable and Replaceable Gel Pads

These Peel ‘n Stick gel pads are suitable for the iTENS devices. These reusable and replaceable gel pads are ideal for 15 – 20 uses per set. Each pack contains three sets of gel pads, meaning each box can have at least 45 to 60 applications. Compared to TensCare machines, iTENS gel pads can provide more long-term usage.

Are the TensCare machine and other TENS devices safe to use?

When considering trying TENS therapy to treat certain pain conditions, ensure that you get an FDA cleared device. iTENS Australia supplies the world’s first FDA cleared wireless medical device, the iTENS wireless TENS therapy unit. Before using a medical device like a TensCare machine and other TENS devices, make sure they meet all the safety requirements. This process guarantees that each device has undergone the appropriate testing and cleared all certifications. Furthermore, the iTENS is the perfect device for trying out TENS therapy as it is safe, risk-free and a non-invasive pain management tool. Keep in mind that TENS therapy should not hurt. When the device is on, users typically feel a slight tingling sensation. We recommend trying out various pad placements and program settings to find the most suitable TENS treatment for your condition. This method can help users discover what parameters suit their bodies and conditions best.


iTENS Beneficial Features

The iTENS Wireless TENS therapy device from iTENS Australia offers users various benefits. The iTENS offers users several key features, like being entirely wireless, having Bluetooth connectivity and FDA clearance, making it the ideal device for TENS therapy compared to a TensCare machine.

Key Features:

  • Programmable – a feature to look for when comparing TENS devices is the availability of pre-programmed therapy sessions. A traditional TensCare machine offers only one or two settings. In comparison, iTENS wireless TENS offer multiple pre-set programs that specifically treat body areas or pain conditions. Moreover, the iTENS allows users to manually create and adjust the program settings to provide the most beneficial TENS treatment.
  • Battery run time – many TENS devices use AA or AAA batteries, but fortunately, the iTENS is USB-powered. Having rechargeable batteries removes the hassle of replacing batteries and helps reduce the costs of maintaining the device.
  • Compact and Discreet – besides being entirely wireless, the iTENS device is compact, portable and highly discreet. Being discreet allows users to wear the device underneath clothing and easily access pain relief without anyone noticing.
  • Bluetooth – users can pair their iTENS device with an iOS or Android smartphone through the iTENS companion app. Additionally, the free app provides users with various pre-set programs and lets users track their previous TENS sessions.
  • Wireless – unlike traditional TENS therapy devices, iTENS is entirely wireless, removing the hassle of dealing with tangled wires.

How to choose between a TensCare machine and iTENS Devices

  • Set a budget – it is vital to know how much you are willing to spend on a TensCare machine, iTENS device, or other TENS therapy devices.
  • The goal for using TENS – it is advisable to understand why you are seeking TENS therapy devices. TENS therapy is an excellent choice if the primary aim is to have an alternative pain relief method other than oral medications. Suppose you are looking for a TENS therapy device to provide pain relief and treat different pain conditions. In that case, the iTENS wireless TENS is readily available for purchase at the iTENS Australia website.
  • Brand Research- though websites like Amazon offer different TENS therapy devices, it may be best to buy directly from the company. By doing this, you may get better service to understand how the specific TENS devices work and how they will benefit you, especially if the product is safe to use and offers warranties. 
  • Consult your doctor – it is always best to consult a medical professional about using TENS devices for pain management. You should consider asking your doctor for TENS recommendations and, importantly, if TENS therapy is suitable for your needs. However, some groups of people should not use TENS like people with pacemakers, pregnant women and people with epilepsy.

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