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Introducing the Innovative iTENS Wireless TENS Device

Living with chronic pain is difficult and uncomfortable. If the pain is severe enough to interfere with everyday activities, a frequent appointment with the doctor or therapist may be required. Fortunately, there are numerous all-natural methods for alleviating pain. One of which is Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation, or TENS. To manage pain easier, TENS therapy uses a TENS device to stimulate the nerves with electrical pulses gently. iTENS Australia provides innovative pain treatment technology through iTENS, a wireless TENS device that has received FDA clearance

The wireless TENS device from iTENS Australia combines digital technology with the well-known benefits of TENS therapy. The device may pair with a smartphone using Bluetooth to support effective pain management. The device also includes gel patches that firmly adhere to the skin and Bluetooth-powered electrodes. Standard wired TENS devices do not offer the benefits of the wireless approach, ease of use and user-friendliness. A smartphone app can also be used to control the iTENS wireless device. Therefore , the iTENS can provide low or high intensity electrical currents, depending on the body’s need. Additionally, the electrical currents pass through the skin and nerve pathways to prevent the brain from receiving pain signals. 

How Do TENS Work? 

A TENS machine blocks pain signals by stimulating the nerves with low-voltage electrical impulses. A wireless TENS device transmits electrical impulses through the skin via its electrode pads. Electrical stimulation, in particular, causes the spinal cord’s pain gating mechanism to close, slowing down pain reception. The brain detects and transmits fewer pain signals as a result. TENS also promotes the body’s endorphins, which act as natural analgesics, to be released more. Endorphins provide a euphoric effect and help to numb pain. As a result, the body’s overall well-being improves. Moreover, TENS machines operates in the following frequences:

  • High-frequency electrical impulses (90–130 Hz) stimulate the nerves to prevent pain signals from reaching the brain. A gate mechanism in the spinal cord controls the flow of pain impulses. Therefore, when the gate is closed, we feel less pain since the pain signals are reduced. 
  • Low frequencies (2–5 Hz) induce endorphin production, a hormone that blocks pain. Endorphins are also called as the body’s natural painkillers.

iTENS: The Innovative Wireless TENS Device 

The iTENS from iTENS Australia is a wireless TENS device that makes it simple to manage your pain. This device is a safe and dependable personal pain management solution. It is also a portable device that you may use to support your pain therapy sessions while you are on the go. The iTENS also has rechargeable batteries that enable ongoing treatments for 24 to 36 hours during a single charging cycle. Additionally, having rechargeable batteries will make you more cost-efficient because you would not need to continually buy new batteries, especially if you frequently carry out self-treatments. 

iTENS is small enough to fit in your pocket or carry-on luggage. The wireless TENS device is also ideal for people with chronic pain because you can use it for various activities. Additionally, employing electrotherapy while you are out and about could significantly improve your comfort as you heal from a condition or injury. 

Advantages of iTENS  

You can arrange the different sizes of electrode pads on iTENS devices for optimum results. Finding large, small, and long wing pads for various applications is possible. The back and shoulder can be treated with big electrode wing pads. Meanwhile, the wrist and ankle can be covered with small, flexible wing pads. In electrotherapy, pad placement is crucial because it can improve pain alleviation when electrode pads are placed close to the area that needs to be treated. The iTENS wireless TENS device also offers the following benefits and features: 

  • Flexibility – Even when the user engages in activities, iTENS functions well. The wireless iTENS provides more versatility because it does not hinder movement. 
  • Reusable Gel Pads – Gel pads adhere to the skin firmly but delicately. It is small and barely noticeable when worn. You can use the wireless TENS device for various pain conditions. 
  • Innovative App – Several pre-set therapy parameters are available in the iTENS app. As a result, you could choose your therapy needs based on the situation. You can also manually change the settings for your treatments. 
  • Drug-free – iTENS is a drug-free procedure that uses calming electrical pulses to block pain via the skin. It does not have the adverse side effects oral medicines have, even when used for a long time. 
  • Non-invasive – A safe, non-invasive method of pain management is iTENS. The effects of electrical stimulation are short-lived and do not cause further harm. 

Benefits of Using a Wireless TENS Device 

One of the main advantages of a wireless TENS device is its non-invasive approach to controlling or preventing bodily discomfort. This device can also lessen and relieve pain. Additionally, it helps enhance a person’s blood flow and recovery. TENS machine users may experience better sleep patterns too. It decreases the need for analgesics or other painkillers because this way of pain management does not call for medication. Users can also improve the effectiveness of their movements. The TENS unit successfully treats the following types of pain:    

Is A Wireless TENS Device Safe? 

A wireless TENS device such as the iTENS is generally safe and effective. However, there are still safety guidelines to follow in using the device. Avoid using a TENS unit if you: 

  • Has an implanted pacemaker, or other electronic or metal implants   
  • Heart conditions/problems   
  • Epilepsy   
  • Early stages of pregnancy    
  • Sleeping 
  • Near wet areas 
  • Driving 
  • Operating heavy machinery 

Additionally, consider the placement of electrode pads when using a wireless TENS device. Generally, you want to avoid attaching it: 

  • Across the eyes  
  • The front of the neck  
  • Directly in front of the chest  
  • On an open wound or broken skin  
  • In areas where there at tumours  
  • Directly over the spine  
  • Internally  
  • Numb skin and damaged nerves  
  • Infected area 

iTENS Australia 

The innovative iTENS device is available from iTENS Australia, with free shipping available throughout the country. You will also receive the following items when you purchase this wireless TENS device: 

  • 1 x Interchangeable Gen 2 iTENS Device (the white round part), which is the rechargeable battery and the Bluetooth receiver  
  • Small or Large (depending on the kit selected) G2 Wings with a laser-printed silver conductive surface (14.0cm x 4.4cm)  
  • One set of reusable and replaceable gel pads (15–20 applications)  
  • A charging dock with a USB charging cable  
  • The iTENS Quick start guide manual  
  • A sealable bag to store the electrode wings and gel pads when not in use 

A safe, non-toxic, and all-natural painkiller is the iTENS from iTENS Australia. It does not have the adverse side effects as oral medications produce. With a 20-minute break between sessions, you can use your wireless TENS device more frequently throughout the day. The best drug-free pain treatment program is iTENS from iTENS Australia. 

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