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The iTENS Wireless TENS Unit for Neck Pain

Most people seek medical advice to identify the best pain management options. One of the most prevalent types of pain people suffer is neck pain. Additionally, neck pain is widespread among people whose jobs demand them to spend all day in front of computers. The discomfort can range from persistent, dull, scorching, or even pain that paralyses the affected area. Moreover, the pain may radiate to the arms and shoulders. An effective pain management regimen can dramatically improve neck issues. There are many advantages to using a wireless TENS unit for neck pain relief. 

One of the body’s most delicate areas is the neck. Small bones and ligaments make up its structure, which supports the head. Any neck injury can result in stiffness and pain, interfering with everyday activities. Electrode pads attachable to TENS devices, like the iTENS, can send electrical pulses through the skin to the nerve fibres. When nerve fibres are stimulated, more endorphins are released, and pain signals are prevented from reaching the brain and spinal cord. Also, small and big wings are included with the iTENS to fit various body parts. To provide the most coverage, the iTENS large wings work best when placed in the back or shoulder. The most refined wireless TENS unit for neck pain is the iTENS, which has small wings. The iTENS is the perfect TENS for covering the neck for the best pain relief due to the wing-shaped pads. 

Neck Pain Causes 

It is essential to understand the causes so that you can treat it appropriately with a wireless TENS unit for neck pain. Acute and persistent neck discomfort, in particular, can result from: 

  • Poor posture  
  • Muscle strain or sprain 
  • Repetitive motion 
  • Worn joints 
  • Pinched nerves 
  • Whiplash 
  • Bad sleeping habits 
  • Nerve compression 
  • Arthritis 
  • Fibromyalgia 
  • Herniated disc 
  • Neck spasm 

There are some home remedies aside from using a wireless TENS unit for neck pain you can do to try and relieve neck pain, such as: 

  • Proper Diet 
  • Regular Exercise 
  • Maintaining Proper Posture  
  • Stretch Frequently while at Work 
  • Adjust Chair/Desk 
  • Avoid or Quit Smoking 
  • Limit Carrying Heavy Loads 
  • Practice Good Sleep Positions 

Wireless TENS Unit for Neck Pain 

Medical professionals strongly advise TENS therapy for persons with neck discomfort. The pain-relieving technique, known as TENS, or Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation, involves passing small electrical currents via the skin. An electrode pad is used in a TENS device, such as the iTENS, to provide impulses to stimulate surrounding nerves. The impulses stimulate the nerves to prevent the brain from receiving pain signals. The stimulation also triggers the body’s natural analgesics, endorphins, to be released. They essentially lessen the overall feeling of pain. Additionally, a wireless TENS unit for neck pain can relieve tight neck muscles. This is because the TENS machine’s modulated frequency enhances blood circulation. 

Advantages of a Wireless TENS Unit for Neck Pain 

The features of the iTENS make it simple and practical to use as a wireless TENS unit for neck pain. The iTENS is a valuable tool thanks to the features listed below: 

  • Wireless Features: The Bluetooth-capable iTENS from iTENS Australia is an entirely cordless device. Users can conveniently activate and manage the iTENS using their phones. Furthermore, customers who may be attempting to treat difficult-to-reach places like the lower back might greatly benefit from this wireless capability. It is also important to note that most iOS, Android, and Google devices are compatible with iTENS and the iTENS app. 
  • Free to move: Even during treatment, users of completely wireless devices have more mobility. Because there are no longer any wires to impede movement, users may move more freely. Additionally, this capability enables users to work or engage in other activities while receiving TENS therapy. Users who may have hectic schedules may benefit from this functionality. 
  • Different sized pads: The iTENS comes in three different pad sizes. Because of its adjustable pad sizes, the iTENS is more adaptive. The device’s various pad sizes also allow it to be used to treat a wide range of conditions. Each iTENS pad size is intended to focus on a specific area. For example, the small electrode wing pads on the iTENS can be utilised to treat areas like the neck successfully. 

Proper Electrode Pad Placement 

The iTENS is a non-toxic yet highly efficient wireless TENS unit for neck pain. Like other medical devices, iTENS also has some safety precautions in place. The following body parts should not be exposed to the adhesive electrode pads: 

  • Across the eyes  
  • The front of the neck  
  • Directly in front of the chest  
  • On an open wound or broken skin  
  • In areas where there at tumours  
  • Directly over the spine  
  • Internally  
  • Numb skin and damaged nerves  
  • Infected area  

You may consult your doctor or physical therapist before using a wireless TENS unit for neck pain. If you had a diagnosis, the therapy would be more effective at relieving your discomfort. Ask your doctor if a TENS machine is a safe alternative for you. 


Is Using a Wireless TENS Unit for Neck Pain Safe? 

A non-invasive, drug-free therapy method for nerve pain management is the use of wireless TENS unit for neck pain. But you may take steps to make the most of its usefulness. To begin with, using the device does not require a high intensity. The user should not experience any pain during the treatment. Also, the person can adjust the unit’s power to make the electrical pulses more comfortable. Direct adjustments can be made to the device’s pulse pattern, speed, and intensity. If you choose this option, your pain management program will be as relaxing as possible. Secondly, some users may experience allergic reactions to the sticky electrode pads utilised in these devices. The iTENS wireless device from iTENS Australia is an excellent example of a machine with hypoallergenic gel pads that you should look for. 

Furthermore, Users of TENS electrotherapy must adhere to specified safety measures. Avoid using a wireless TENS unit for neck pain if you have any of the following conditions:  

  • Has an implanted pacemaker, or other electronic or metal implants   
  • Heart conditions/problems   
  • Epilepsy   
  • Early stages of pregnancy    

Additionally, avoid using a wireless TENS unit for neck pain when:  

  • Sleeping  
  • Doing activities involving water or if near wet areas  
  • Driving  
  • Operating heavy machinery  

iTENS Availability 

It is helpful to use a wireless TENS unit for neck pain. Additionally, users can perform TENS therapy repeatedly each day without risk. However, it is best to have a 20-minute rest period between TENS therapy sessions. Checking the skin for redness and irritations is also essential. In addition, depending on the severity of the pain, a single TENS therapy session may last up to 30 minutes. 

Furthermore, iTENS Australia offers the iTENS wireless TENS unit for neck pain, one of the most effective pain management solutions. The iTENS is small and discreet. As a result, users are not restricted in their movements when using the iTENS while performing their usual tasks. Additionally, iTENS is easily accessible on the iTENS Australia website and can be purchased without a prescription.

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