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Buy Estim Machines at iTENS Australia

Electrical stimulation, often known as estim, employs mild electrical impulses to target muscles or nerves. Electrical stimulation or electrotherapy is an effective pain management therapy in relieving acute and chronic pain in millions of patients for decades. Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) is a type of estim that physiotherapists utilise to treat injured athletes or persons with health issues that produce pain. A traditional TENS device is made up of wired electrode pads that are attached to the device. On the other hand, more advanced and current technologies are wireless and have more functionality, like the iTENS wireless TENS unit. Physical therapists recommend using a TENS unit such as the iTENS device to treat soft tissue injuries or neuromuscular diseases that produce discomfort or have decreased muscular movement capabilities. However, many ask, where to buy estim machines?

Having prolonged bodily discomfort is also a significant annoyance. People recovering from injuries, strokes, fibromyalgia, sciatica and arthritis frequently seek temporary comfort. If you are seeking to buy estim machines to help you treat your pain, the iTENS device is now available to the general public, which you can get from the iTENS Australia website. The wireless iTENS machine now has simple, ready-to-use pre-set configurations that may be used manually or through Bluetooth on an iOS or Android device. The iTENS is a wireless TENS device that people can use for their TENS therapy to manage their pain effectively. 

Buy Estim Machines: How Does a TENS Machine Work?

Where to buy estim machines, and how does it work? TENS uses an estim machine that relieves pain instantly by stimulating adjacent nerves with low electrical currents. In line with this, the iTENS wireless device is the most excellent estim machine on the market today. The multiple functionalities of the iTENS wireless device increase portability while providing users with effective pain management therapy. Furthermore, using a TENS machine like the iTENS device from iTENS Australia works based on two working theories:

  • Firstly, the Gate Control Theory of Pain suggests that the spinal cord has a “neural gate” that controls pain impulse transmission. Once electrical stimulation begins, the neural gate blocks pain signals from reaching the brain. Furthermore, this theory applies when the TENS unit is used at a pulse rate of 90 to 130 Hz.
  • Secondly, using a TENS machine can help produce endorphins, our bodies natural painkillers. As a result, the body experiences less discomfort. This theory will work using a TENS machine at a low pulse rate of 2 to 5 Hz.

Buy Estim Machines: Guidelines for Using the iTENS

Most people buy estim machines from iTENS Australia due to the iTENS device’s ease of use. The iTENS wireless TENS therapy device allows users to control and modify the intensity according to their needs. Unlike the traditional TENS machines, iTENS can be directly controlled from a smartphone via the iTENS app that anyone can download from the Apple iPhone Store or Google Play. People with hectic schedules can significantly benefit from using a wireless TENS device for their TENS therapy. They can perform TENS therapy using the wireless iTENS device without the hassle of tangled wires. Furthermore, the iTENS device has easy-to-follow instructions:

  1. Start by peeling off the plastic gel on the electrode pad. 
  2. Then, place the pads over or around the painful area.  
  3. Lastly, turn on the device and adjust the frequency in the control settings. 

Buy Estim Machines: Treating Different Kinds of Pain

The iTENS estim machine can help people reduce acute and chronic pain. The iTENS has been reported to be an effective medical device that can relieve pain within 10 minutes of application. Therefore, people experiencing pain can benefit from using the iTENS device as their estim machine. Additionally, the iTENS sticky electrode pads are hypoallergenic, eliminating the chance of skin irritations for those who have sensitive skin. As a result, conducting TENS treatments with the iTENS wireless device is a more pleasurable and easy experience. Furthermore, people experiencing the following pain can buy estim machines from iTENS Australia to help them manage their pain effectively:


Advantages of using the Wireless iTENS Device

The iTENS estim machine is the world’s first FDA-cleared completely wireless TENS therapy device on the market. It combines digital technology with the therapeutic benefits of TENS therapy. Additionally, people experiencing pain can buy estim machines to perform TENS therapy using a non-invasive and safe device. Furthermore, unlike oral medications such as opioids, estim therapy using the iTENS device has no adverse side effects. Users can also administer treatment from the comfort of their homes using the wireless iTENS device. The iTENS device is discreet and portable, allowing users to perform TENS therapy, even underneath clothing, while performing daily duties such as work, exercise, or chores. Furthermore, people with epilepsy, cancer, and cardiac pacemakers should avoid using TENS devices. Generally, the iTENS device offers a non-toxic, safe, and all-natural pain relief solution, which is now accessible on the iTENS Australia website.

The iTENS Wireless Device at iTENS Australia

Why do people buy estim machines like the iTENS device from iTENS Australia? The iTENS is a wireless device that offers multiple benefits to users. TENS therapy with the iTENS estim machine is a cost-efficient alternative to pain relief medicines. The iTENS device has small wing and large wing kits to help treat pain in different body parts. The small wing kit is suitable for treating small body areas, like the wrist, ankle, knee and elbow. Meanwhile, the large wing kit is ideal for vast body areas such as the back and thigh. The iTENS wing kits are also interchangeable, allowing users to alleviate various body discomforts. Additionally, the iTENS pads are reusable, and users can use each gel pad for up to 15 to 20 applications.

A single session of TENS therapy using the iTENS can last up to thirty minutes. The fully charged iTENS device can last up to 24 hours. Therefore, users can use the iTENS anytime pain strikes throughout the day. However, it is advisable to have regular 20-minute breaks between sessions. The TENS device produces a slight tingling yet painless sensation during a TENS therapy session. When performing TENS therapy, begin with the lowest frequency and gradually raise it to attain the best pain relief. Chronic pain is a persistent annoyance that is difficult to ignore. For this reason, people buy estim machines from iTENS Australia to avoid nuisance due to pain and live as normally as possible.


The iTENS is an excellent device when you want to buy estim machines for pain relief. The iTENS is available from the iTENS Australia website that you can use as your estim machine anytime and anywhere. With all the advantages of the wireless iTENS, people can effectively manage their pains and conditions with increased comfort.

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