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Ovira TENS Machine vs iTENS: A Comparison Review

Wireless iTENS in small and large wings

Some menstrual periods can be painful and debilitating. Women prone to intense pain or dysmenorrhoea seek pain relief to alleviate their discomfort. Therapy devices like the iTENS and Ovira TENS machines have become in demand due to their effectiveness in treating period pain. They are compact devices that provide a drug-free solution to reduce symptoms. Ovira is a period cramp relief device, while iTENS suits several pain conditions. They offer different features to help enhance pain management. 

TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) is a therapy widely used to reduce acute and chronic pain. It uses a battery-operated device attached to adhesive electrode pads placed on the skin. In this article, we will examine the functions and features of Ovira and iTENS units and how they help with period pain. Therefore, if you are considering purchasing a TENS machine, this will help you make an informed decision.

Ovira TENS Machine vs iTENS: How Do They Work?

Menstrual pains can feel like throbbing or cramping sensations in the lower abdomen. It can be intense and may radiate to the lower back and thighs. The pain may begin a few days before the period and continue for several days. Hence, many women seek comfort through various methods. TENS machines offer instant pain relief through mild electrical pulses transmitted to the skin to reach the sensory nerves. 

The iTENS and Ovira TENS machines are portable devices worn in the pain area. They help relieve pain in two ways. The first method is flooding the nervous system with constant soothing pulses to block pain signals. In high frequency, it stimulates the “neural gates” in the spinal cord to close, preventing pain signals from reaching the brain.

The second method is using low frequency to release endorphins. The natural hormones help suppress pain and reduce stress and anxiety. It also improves mood and overall well-being. Hence, the soothing pulses of TENS help lessen intense cramping and relax tight muscles. 

Advantages of TENS Machine

A TENS machine offers the following advantages and benefits for pain management:

  • It is a non-medicated form of pain relief. It does not involve substances that may harm tissues and vital organs.
  • It does not have adverse side effects. Thus, it is safe for long-term use. 
  • TENS is non-invasive and targets the pain area directly. 
  • It can be used at home, providing convenience and flexibility for users.
  • It allows customisation of the stimulation settings to suit the person’s pain level or comfort.  
  • The machine is portable and ready to use anytime.
  • It does not limit movement. 
  • It can be used with other pain relief methods.

Woman holding her stomach because of period pain

Ovira TENS Machine vs iTENS: Features

The Ovira TENS machine and iTENS differ in several ways. Ovira has two wired electrode pads connected to a small controller. It has the power button in the centre and two buttons on each side to adjust the frequency. Additionally, it is small enough to be clipped onto the clothes or underwear. 

On the other hand, the iTENS is an entirely wireless TENS machine incorporating Bluetooth technology. The device remotely connects to a smartphone app to control the settings. Moreover, the iTENS has slim wing-shaped pads that flex with every movement. Since they are wire-free, they adhere to the skin without needing additional accessories.

Ovira and iTENS are both rechargeable TENS units. A fully charged Ovira device can last up to 12 hours on low settings. The pads are reusable for 8 to 10 uses. Conversely, iTENS can last up to 24 hours of total use. The electrode pads can last 15 to 20 applications. Lastly, iTENS offers three sizes (small, large, and long strip) for different body areas. 

iTENS Smartphone App

The wireless iTENS pairs with a smartphone app to access various programs. The device can be used in two ways – automatic and manual operation. The app provides multiple treatment modes for different conditions. It has pre-set settings so users can readily select the desired therapy based on a body part or health condition. 

The manual mode allows users to adjust their preferred settings to find the most optimal relief. In addition, the personalised settings can be stored in the app for subsequent use. You may set the timer, track total usage, and view the electrode pad placement guide. 

Adjusting the settings through the smartphone app

Ovira TENS Machine vs iTENS: How to Use a TENS Unit

Operating a TENS machine may differ with each unit. It is important to read the instruction manual or follow the recommendations of a health professional before use. Nevertheless, these basic guides can help you start a safe pain treatment. Firstly, stick the electrodes on the pain area like the lower abdomen or lower back. The pad placement will vary depending on where it hurts more.

Secondly, turn on the machine and start at the lowest setting. Slowly increase the intensity until you reach a stimulation level that relieves the pain best. You may increase the pulse strength as long as it does not add discomfort. Furthermore, the recommended duration of TENS for period pain is 20 to 30 minutes.

The Ovira TENS machine and iTENS can be used as long as necessary. However, ensure to allocate at least a 20-minute break in between. After the therapy, turn the unit off before removing the electrodes. Lastly, place the protective cover back on the adhesive pads and store the device in its pouch or case. 

Safety Guidelines

There are several precautions and safety measures to know before using a TENS machine. People with heart conditions, epilepsy, and pacemakers should consult their healthcare provider before using TENS. Additionally, avoid using TENS on broken or infected skin and on open wounds. Clean the area thoroughly before attaching the pads.

Due to the electrical currents, avoid placing the electrodes on sensitive areas. It includes the temples, across the head, front and sides of the neck, chest, and spine. Moreover, refrain from using TENS while sleeping, driving or showering. Finally, avoid prolonged use of the device to prevent irritating the skin.


Ovira TENS machine and iTENS are suitable therapy devices for period pain relief. It provides gentle electrical impulses to stimulate the nerves. These pulses interrupt the pain signals going to the brain, minimising the symptoms and discomfort. Moreover, these devices have adjustable settings to suit each pain severity. They can be used as often as necessary without the risks of adverse side effects. Therefore, they are cost-efficient aids in pain management. 

Menstrual cramps can be severe and debilitating. TENS therapy provides women with a safe and natural method to relieve the pain. They are also suitable for chronic pain like arthritis, sciatica, and fibromyalgia. In addition, the machines are portable and discreet, making them ideal for use at home or on the go. If you want more flexibility, you may opt for the wireless iTENS from iTENS Australia. Nevertheless, it is essential to know the safety precautions to avoid risks.

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