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Renting TENS Machines: Factors To Consider

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Renting TENS machines offer individuals an efficient way to manage pain in the short term. It is common for people with injuries and pregnant women to hire a device as a pain relief tool. However, there are several factors to consider when renting one. The main considerations are cost, ease of use, programs, and safety. With the option to rent a machine, individuals can try them out before making a long-term investment.

Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) is a therapy that uses low-voltage electrical currents to stimulate the affected nerves. Whether for labour pain or chronic conditions, many prefer TENS to avoid health and safety risks. As such, TENS machines are convenient devices to provide relief without being risky or invasive. If you are considering using TENS, this article will guide you on the various factors to consider when renting a device.

Renting TENS Machines: Device Type and Features

In renting a TENS machine, you may choose what type of device you would need. TENS comes in standard wired devices and wireless units. A standard device has a handheld controller to adjust the levels of stimulation. It also includes two to four electrode pads that attach to the skin.

Meanwhile, a wireless TENS machine has a remote controller and electrodes. Instead of cables, the device connects to a smartphone app or tablet via Bluetooth. The app allows access to pre-set modes and customisation of the settings. The pre-set modes enable quick treatment by selecting a specific program for the desired type of pain. Therefore, you have more flexibility and control over the device.

Aside from the type, other features to consider are portability, number of programs, battery life, and accessories. For example, a labour TENS machine has a boost button and contraction timer to help manage pain during contractions. The boost mode sends extra power for maximum pain relief. Moreover, the machine should be lightweight to make it easy to carry the device anywhere.

Advantages of Wireless Machines

  • Wireless TENS devices offer more convenience and freedom of movement compared to traditional units.
  • They are more compact and discreet and can be easily used at home, work, or travelling.
  • The absence of cumbersome wires makes them more comfortable to use.
  • Wireless TENS machines enable quick pad placement at the start of the pain. There is no need to assemble the device before use.
  • There is no risk of shocks or burns due to broken wires.
  • They eliminate the need for constant wire replacements due to wear and tear.
  • Digital TENS machines have more pain programs through the app.

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Renting TENS Machines: Cost And Time

Renting TENS machines can be a practical option for pain management, especially for first-time users of the therapy. It gives you a chance to try its stimulation effects to see if it suits you. In addition, renting a device is usually cheaper than buying one. For instance, renting a TENS unit ranges from a 5 to 8-week hire period.

TENS machine hire also comes with terms and conditions. Before getting a device, it is necessary to review them to avoid incurring penalties. It includes checking for late returns and damage. For example, once the hire period has lapsed, the provider may charge you late fees. Therefore, it is important to return the TENS machine on time.

Other costs to consider are the delivery fees and accessories. Some may get extra sets of electrodes which are optional. If you are renting an obstetric TENS machine, check the booking time period so you can ensure to receive the device before your expected date of delivery. Overall, ensure there are no damages and return the unit on time to avoid late fees and penalties.

Checking The Hired Device

Examining the hired TENS device upon receipt is crucial to ensure its proper functioning and effectiveness. Firstly, check if the parts and accessories are complete, such as new electrode pads, fresh batteries, and neck cords for mobility. Secondly, try the unit on if it is in good working condition.

In trying out the TENS machine, the pads must be adhesive enough and not loosen up with movement. Additionally, test the frequency and intensity range. Familiarising with the device is essential for optimal pain relief. Lastly, ensure there are no broken wires. Inform the provider if there are any issues.

Operating a TENS machine through a smartphone app

Renting A TENS Machine: Ease Of Use

Many people consider renting a TENS machine because they are safe and easy to operate. It involves a few steps and does not require medical supervision. To use TENS for pain relief, place the electrodes on the pain area and turn on the device. Then, set the frequency and pulse duration according to preference.

It is recommended to start the intensity at the lowest setting and increase gradually. You may adjust the stimulation levels until you feel most comfortable. For birth pains, TENS therapy allows women to control the level of pain relief. For instance, you may use the boost button for extra pulse power during peak contractions.

After the therapy, turn off the device and remove the pads carefully. For quicker pad placement and use, a wireless TENS machine, like the iTENS, is more convenient. At the start of the pain, you can effortlessly adhere the pads on the pain area and start treatment. Thus, it provides a hassle-free pain management routine.

Safety Guidelines

Following safety guidelines for using a TENS machine is essential to prevent risks and ensure effectiveness. Firstly, ensure that TENS therapy is a suitable treatment for you. It may not be advisable for people with heart conditions, epilepsy, and implanted devices like pacemakers. Secondly, avoid turning the intensity to extremely high levels to prevent shocks.

Additionally, do not place the electrodes on open wounds, broken or infected skin. It also includes sensitive areas, such as the head, throat, chest, and spine. For labour pain, do not apply the pads over the abdomen. Lastly, do not use TENS near water or while taking a bath.


Overall, renting a TENS machine is an affordable and convenient way to try therapy for pain relief. There are various types of devices available, and you can get one based on your preferences or treatment needs. The common reason people may hire one is to use it during labour and relieve an injury or post-surgical pain. In addition, there are key factors to consider when getting a device. It includes the cost of hire, duration, and available features.

Although the device is easy to use, it is important to follow safety guidelines. To prevent risks or side effects, use the recommended intensity and frequency settings. Also, avoid electrode placement on sensitive areas and skin with wounds or infections. Lastly, return the device in good working condition to avoid extra charges. Once you have decided to try out TENS, you may consider purchasing a personal device, like the wireless iTENS, for long-term use.

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