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The iTENS TENS Machine Australia Review

A portable TENS machine has recently become extremely popular in Australia, as muscle overuse, inactivity, and health issues have contributed to body pains in the past few years. In addition, these pain conditions can last for a short or long period of time, thus requiring regular medication, intensive physical therapy, or even surgery. Furthermore, these excruciating pains can immobilise and incapacitate. Hence, many look towards convenient and effective devices like the iTENS from iTENS Australia. The iTENS is at the cutting edge of electrotherapy, but how does it fare with TENS machines Australia reviews? 

The iTENS has many advantages and features that give it an edge over older and wired TENS machine models. Many users praise the device for its effectiveness and convenience of use and treatment. Read on to find out why many TENS machines Australia reviews recommend iTENS from iTENS Australia.

TENS Machine Australia Review – What is TENS?

During Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS), low-voltage electrical currents are applied to electrode pads on the skin to stimulate the nerves directly. This electrical stimulation comes across as mild, comfortable tingling sensations on the skin. The electrical currents also improve blood circulation and release endorphins, thereby preventing the body from experiencing pain. Furthermore, TENS therapy helps the body heal and relieve pain naturally. Moreover, the iTENS use any of these methods depending on the pre-set frequency on which it is set. An effective TENS machine, such as the iTENS, lessens pain perception, relaxes the body, improves blood circulation and can even help muscle regeneration and recovery. This innovative versatility is one of the reasons why TENS machine Australia reviews highly recommend iTENS. 


TENS Machine Australia Review – The Types of Pain

Many TENS Machines Australia reviews assess a device’s capability to treat various types of pain. Therefore, it is worthwhile to understand the types of pain that TENS can help with. The following classifications are not mutually exclusive; some of these terms may overlap. However, these classifications are suitable for a general understanding of pain: 

  • Acute pain – these last for a short duration before the body naturally heals them, and they go away. In addition, injuries and illnesses usually cause this pain type. However, if left untreated, some acute pain conditions turn chronic. 
  • Chronic pain – as we age, chronic pains become inevitable. These pains last for extended periods of six months or over—many health conditions, such as arthritis, cause chronic pain. In addition, if left untreated, these chronic pains may cause debilitation or impairment.
  • Radicular pain – this type of pain radiates from one part of the body onto the extremities, such as sciatica. These pains may radiate from the back or hip into the legs via the spine or down the arm from the neck.
  • Nociceptive pain – Tissue damage, external trauma and injuries cause this type of pain. Furthermore, many describe nociceptive pain as throbbing and pulsing.
  • Neuropathic pain – damage to the central nervous system generally causes this pain. Neuropathic or nerve pains cause numbness and impede movement in severe cases. Additionally, many describe nerve pains as sharp and stabbing sensations. 

TENS Machine Australia Review – the Wireless iTENS

The iTENS is one of a kind, the first wireless TENS unit with FDA clearance. This certification means the iTENS passes extensive medical device effectiveness tests for safety. As a result, anyone can enjoy effective pain management through the iTENS without requiring supervision and assistance from a medical practitioner. Thus, people with pain conditions can use the iTENS in the safety and comfort of home, during a work shift, on the go or even while exercising. The iTENS from iTENS Australia is the most innovative electrotherapy device incorporating wearable technology with effective TENS treatment. This innovation is why TENS machine Australia reviews highly recommend the iTENS. 

Moreover, the iTENS uses a set of wireless gel pads that you can pair via Bluetooth. This feature allows users to access the iTENS companion app. This app contains various pre-set options for easy access to multiple treatments for specific pain conditions. In addition, the iTENS uses energy-efficient and rechargeable lithium-ion batteries for consistent and uninterrupted therapy. Moreover, these high-power batteries allow the iTENS to last 24 to 36 hours on a single full charge. These are among the many features that make the iTENS highly rated among TENS machine Australia reviews. 

iTENS Advantages

Apart from the many features, the iTENS has over older TENS machine models, it also has seven distinct advantages. Many TENS machine Australia reviews praise the iTENS for the following advantages:

  • Non-invasive – the iTENS is safe to use and apply. The device uses electrical currents through electrode pads placed on the skin. Therefore there is no need to worry about pain, unlike surgeries and injections. 
  • Drug-free – unlike some oral medications, the iTENS has very few usage risks. In addition, the iTENS frees the user from worrying about digestive system damage or risking dependency.
  • Immediate results – the iTENS is fast-acting, and many users report feeling extensive pain relief in the first ten minutes of a 30-minute session. 
  • Adjustability – the iTENS allow users complete control over their pain management therapy. As a result, users can adjust the pulse rate, frequencies and intensity to suit their specific pain management needs. 
  • Easy to use – people can use the iTENS with a single button press if they opt not to pair the device to their smartphone via Bluetooth.  
  • Versatility – users can switch between various iTENS pads for more exacting pain relief. These include small and large wings and a long strip to treat multiple pain areas with just one device.
  • Portable – The iTENS is slim, lightweight and compact. This design allows the iTENS to be worn discreetly under everyday clothes. 


iTENS Pad Placement

The iTENS is very easy to apply and use. This accessibility and the device’s ergonomic design make it highly recommended by TENS machine Australia reviews. However, when purchasing and using a device such as the iTENS, users should remember a vital element in the treatment, pad placement. Pad placement is essential for effective and long-lasting pain relief in TENS therapy. Furthermore, the adequate arrangement helps ensure that the electric pulses reach the right nerves during treatment. The iTENS uses adhesive, hypoallergenic gel pads for effective pain relief. There is a convenient step-by-step guide for pad placement:

  1. Identify the precise pain location in the body.
  2. Define the most painful spots within that area, as some pain conditions spread wide.
  3. Alter the flow and frequency of the current to suit the current therapy.
  4. Doctors recommend a 30-minute interval between 30-minute therapy sessions to avoid overstimulation.


Pain conditions such as nerve pains and body aches are unfortunately prevalent among seniors and working adults in Australia. Many now look to the iTENS, which is heavily recommended by TENS machine Australia reviews for its effectiveness and convenience. The innovative and flexible iTENS is ideal for treating and managing multiple pain conditions. You may purchase your iTENS directly from iTENS Australia’s website for a healthier life and better-managed pain. 

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