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What TENS Machine To Buy for Effective Pain Relief?

TENS machine with spare wings and refill pads

Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) offers a non-invasive relief from pain. It can help alleviate symptoms from acute and chronic conditions without posing significant risks or side effects. For these reasons, many people want to know what TENS machine to buy. There are many types available, including traditional and wireless TENS. For effective pain relief, choose a device with adjustable settings and preset modes. The wireless iTENS from iTENS Australia offers customisable and automatic features.

Living with pain can be debilitating and affect the quality of life. Many people turn to TENS machines as a drug-free method of pain relief. However, finding a suitable device can be a challenging task with the vast choices in the market. Nevertheless, it is crucial towards achieving effective results. In this article, we will explore the key factors to consider when looking for a TENS machine and how to use it.

What TENS Machine to Buy – Key Features to Consider

TENS therapy uses electrical pulses to stimulate the nerves to relieve pain. It helps block pain signals from reaching the brain and release more endorphins. In searching for what TENS machine to buy, it is important to consider the features and functions. Firstly, they are available in traditional or standard devices and wireless electrodes.

Traditional TENS machines use wires to connect the device to the adhesive pads. It can have a different number of channels for various stimulation settings. On the other hand, a wireless TENS unit incorporates Bluetooth to connect to a smartphone app. This main difference can impact the efficiency of pain management.

TENS may also vary with their programs and settings. The device allows you to adjust the intensity and duration of the electrical pulses. The wider the range, the better it is to find a treatment setting that works for you. Moreover, a device with preset modes is designed according to specific body areas and health conditions. Thus, it enables quick use and no additional set-up.

Other Considerations

  • Portability: TENS sizes and weights may vary. Wireless units are more compact and discreet.
  • Battery: the device may either utilise single-use or rechargeable batteries. Single-use types require regular replacements, while rechargeable units are more cost-effective for long-term use.
  • Durability: the device should be able to last a long time with regular use.
  • TENS pads: electrodes come in various sizes and materials for treatment in different areas.
  • Timer: allows users to set the treatment duration to prevent overuse.
  • Price: TENS machines are available at various prices and come with different features. Thus, it is important to consider your budget and ensure quality as well.

Holding the hand because of pain

What TENS Machine to Buy – How to Use

When deciding what TENS machine to buy, it is also essential to look at how easy to operate it. Being able to use the device immediately when the pain starts is crucial. To start treatment, place the electrodes on the pain area and turn on the machine. Start at the lowest intensity and gradually increase as you see fit. It should give you a comfortable tingling sensation without increasing the pain.

You may also select from the preset programs for a specific body area or condition. The most common settings are massagearthritissciatica, and fibromyalgia treatments. Each mode provides various intensity levels and duration. In addition, limit the time between 30 to 60 minutes. Prolonged use may cause dizziness and skin irritation.

After the session, turn off the device and detach the pads. Remove any residue from the electrodes by wiping them with a damp cloth. Then, place the protective cover back on the pads to prevent them from drying out. You may use TENS multiple times daily, provided you allow a 20-minute break in between sessions.

Understanding TENS Settings

A TENS machine has adjustable programs to help find effective pain relief. The intensity is the strength of the pulses. High levels are suitable for intense or severe pain. Moreover, the frequency is the number of pulses per second. Many treatments use high-frequency stimulation to block pain signals.

TENS also has three standard stimulation modes, which are normal, burst, and modulated. They differ in strength, number, and patterns in a sequence. Overall, it is recommended to start at the low levels and gradually increase as you become familiar with the device. You may also consult a medical professional when using TENS for the first time.

Placing TENS pads on the hands and legs

What TENS Machine to Buy – Are They Safe?

Many people also ask about safety when considering what TENS machines to buy. TENS is a medical device that individuals can use on their own. However, with many options in the market, you may risk getting a unit that is below the standard quality. Therefore, it is vital to look for a device with FDA approval or clearance to ensure safe use.

Furthermore, the correct use and applications of the TENS unit are crucial for optimal results. When using the device, avoid turning the settings inappropriately high, which may cause burns or discomfort. It may cause minimal side effects for some people, such as redness or rashes. If you experience any adverse reactions, stop the treatment and consult a doctor.

Due to the electrical stimulation, TENS machines are not suitable for sensitive areas. In general, avoid applying the electrodes on the head or near the eyes and mouth. Likewise, do not place the pads on the throat, spine, chest and back simultaneously. Lastly, avoid placing them on numb areas, infected skin, and broken wounds.

When Not to Use TENS

TENS is beneficial for most types of pain. However, it is not advisable for certain individuals without medical advice. In general, people with heart-related conditions, epilepsy, and cognitive impairments must avoid this pain relief method. Similarly, do not use a TENS machine near a pacemaker or other electrical implants to prevent interference.

Pregnant women should also refrain from using TENS except in labour. People with blood clots should not use TENS as it can cause further complications. Lastly, do not use the device if the pads no longer stick well. The electrodes require replacement after several uses.


TENS therapy is a great way to manage acute and chronic pain without adverse side effects. It is a drug-free and non-invasive pain management method. Nevertheless, it is vital to look at the key features and functions when deciding what TENS machine to buy. Devices vary in terms of electrodes, connections, battery type, and range of intensity. Some may also have advanced features, such as the wireless iTENS from iTENS Australia.

Operating the device is simple and does not need professional supervision. The first is to identify the area of pain and position the electrodes accordingly. Next is to start at the lowest setting and slowly increase until reaching a strong but comfortable level. The right use of TENS machines can provide fast relief from pain. In conclusion, safety, effectiveness, and durability are always the priority when considering purchasing a TENS machine.

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