TENS Machine Price Ranges by iTENS

The iTENS pain relief machine is the most progressive, compact, state of the art and convenient wireless TENS system on the market and offers a very fair and worthwhile price compared to other TENS machine prices. The iTENS includes several advanced modes of operation and various treatment options to save and organize as presets for different kinds of pain relief. The iTENS device is the world’s first FDA-approved true wireless Bluetooth TENS therapy device that utilizes IOS or Android operating systems, such as smartphones and tablets. At an affordable TENS machine price, the iTENS is available for purchase online. 

What to look for in buying a TENS machine?

Before you consider a TENS machine price ranges, you should think about what you need from your device. Apart from treating the pain and discomfort, of course. Here are some details about iTENS you can consider when picking the ideal TENS machine for you:  

  1. The Intensity Level – is the most significant feature since it affects how effective a TENS machine can be. The main two factors from this feature to note are the intensity range and the maximum output strength. Users or patients may easily select the appropriate stimulation level for their specific use with many intensity levels to choose from.  
  1. Battery Life – iTENS offers a lithium battery that can last approximately 24-36 hours and comes with a USB charging cable that can be easily used.  
  1. Price and Brand – iTENS offers a very economical TENS machine price without sacrificing quality. And iTENS guarantees all products are Australian-certified medical devices.  
  1. Ease of Use – iTENS devices come with a quick start guide to help you set up and immediately start using your device. 

iTENS Products 

Here’s a list of our products, a brief description, and TENS machine prices for your convenience. 

For $119, you can get our iTENS Kits: 

-The Small Wings size iTENS can grip and move quickly on your ankle, knee, elbow, wrist, and other small treatment areas, while the flexible rotating wings give a full range of motion. 

-The Large Wings size iTENS give maximum coverage for your pain sites. The Large Wings are designed for larger areas of pain relief such as the back, thigh, and other large treatment areas, while the flexible rotating wings give a full range of motion. 

For $29.95, you can get various accessories; they are interchangeable and replacement wings are compatible with all iTENS devices: 

For $12.95, you can get replacement gel pads; These reusable and replaceable gel pads are suitable for 15 – 20 applications per set. 

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