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Comparison Guide: iTENS vs Wellness Plus TENS Machine

Effective pain management is crucial in attaining lasting therapeutic effects. Unfortunately, some health conditions cause discomfort that may last for several months. Therefore, people with long-standing pain seek various techniques. For example, many people use medications, physical therapy, massage, and exercises to reduce discomfort. Another pain relief method that people with chronic pain use is Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS). TENS is a type of electrotherapy that uses mild electrical currents to stimulate the nerves. Devices like the iTENS from iTENS Australia and the Wellness Plus TENS machine effectively reduce the symptoms upon their application. Most importantly, TENS therapy helps people deal with pain safely without affecting their normal activities. 

iTENS vs Wellness Plus TENS Machine: How TENS Ease Pain

The Wellness Plus TENS machine is a device that sends electrical currents through the wired electrode pads placed on the skin. Meanwhile, modern e-stim devices like the iTENS deliver efficient pain relief through wireless electrodes. The electrical stimulation floods the nervous system causing it to perform several functions. Particularly, TENS relieves pain based on the following theories:

  • Gate Control Theory of Pain – The theory suggests that the spinal cord has a neurological “gate” that controls the transmission of pain signals. During the stimulation, it causes the nerve pathways to close, blocking the pain signals from reaching the brain
  • Natural Opioid System – The constant pulses from TENS trigger the release of natural hormones called endorphins. The body release endorphins to cope with pain and stress. They create an overall “feel-good” feeling and have natural pain-relieving properties. 

A TENS machine enables you to modulate the level of pain relief by setting the frequencies. By applying different frequencies, TENS stimulates the nervous system to activate the pain gating mechanism or the release of endorphins. Additionally, TENS also boost blood circulation, soothing sore muscles or damaged nerves. As a result, the increased blood flow aids in the faster recovery of injuries or post-operative pain. The iTENS and the Wellness Plus TENS machine are effective devices for relieving pain naturally. However, with their similar functions, which TENS machine should you get?


iTENS vs Wellness Plus TENS Machine: Pain Modes

A TENS machine is a compact device that you can get for personal use and carry anywhere to treat pain. However, the TENS efficiency depends on several factors, such as pain modes, intensity, electrodes, and extra features. An essential function of a TENS machine is the range of conditions it can help treat. The Wellness Plus TENS machine is a three-in-one device with the following benefits:

  • Pain relief – TENS for acute and chronic conditions. It has quick start keys for three body zones (neck, back, knee) and twelve custom programs.
  • Massage – The massage mode for soothing body soreness, stiffness, or aches.
  • EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulator) – The EMS function targets the muscles to contract for strengthening. 

Meanwhile, the iTENS features eleven treatments for body areas and thirteen pre-set modes for health conditions. TENS caters to multiple body parts, namely the wrist, elbow, shoulder, thigh, back, abdominal cramps or period pain, hips, knees, and hands and feet. Additionally, the built-in modes of the iTENS include treatment for sciatica, tennis elbow, bursitis, arthritis, carpal tunnel, fibromyalgia and tendonitis. The pre-set settings have fixed parameters designed for each condition to reduce symptoms optimally. Therefore, it enables you to manage pain more efficiently by selecting the therapy from the menu in the iTENS app. Additionally, the iTENS and the Wellness Plus TENS machine provide pain relief through the effective application of the electrodes. 

Comparison Guide: TENS Electrode Pads

A vital part of a TENS machine is the electrode pads. Different TENS comes in various pad shapes and sizes. However, the most notable difference between the Wellness Plus TENS machine and the iTENS is the electrode pads. The Wellness Plus TENS uses lead cables to connect to the electrode pads. In particular, it has two channels with adjustable intensity to attain various pain relief. Likewise, you may get it in small or large pad sizes. For example, large pads are suitable to cover broad areas, such as the shoulders and back. Meanwhile, the small pads are ideal for tricky areas, such as the joints. 

iTENS Australia offers effective pain relief through wireless iTENS. The wireless electrode pads have Bluetooth connectivity to pair with a smartphone app. Unlike the Wellness Plus TENS machine, the absence of lead cable from the iTENS provides more flexibility. Mainly, there are no wires to restrict motion or hinder activities. Therefore, you can continue working, exercising, or doing chores using the wireless iTENS. Furthermore, the iTENS use adhesive gel pads that adhere firmly to the skin. The TENS pads do not leave permanent marks, and you may clean the skin after the session with mild soap or water. Moreover, the iTENS wing-shaped pads are lightweight, flexible, and discreet. They are reusable, interchangeable, and come in three sizes:

  • Large wings
  • Small wings
  • Long strips

Using a TENS Machine

Personal devices like the iTENS and Wellness Plus TENS machines have user-friendly functions for easy use. Therefore, you may facilitate TENS therapy without going to a physiotherapist or treatment facility. To use TENS, first, identify the most painful area. Then, place the TENS pads over or around the affected area, directing the currents to the centre. Next, switch on the device and select the treatment mode. With the wireless iTENS, you may access the therapy from the iTENS companion app. Additionally, the pre-set modes enable you to manage pain safely even if you are new to TENS therapy or unfamiliar with TENS settings. On the other hand, the iTENS lets you personalise treatment through manual operation. To find optimal relief, you can set the intensity, frequency, and duration in manual mode. 

Are There Risks to TENS therapy?

TENS is one of the safest methods of pain management. Clinical studies show that the correct application of a TENS machine does not cause further harm. It is also a non-invasive and drug-free alternative to oral painkillers. The use of devices like the iTENS and Wellness Plus TENS machines do not produce adverse side effects that most analgesics have. Therefore, you may apply a TENS unit frequently as needed. Some people with chronic pain use TENS 3-4 times a day with at least 20-minute intervals between sessions. However, like any medical device, TENS comes with general precautions. In particular, TENS is not advisable for people with heart ailments, cancer, and epilepsy. Similarly, avoid using TENS if you have cardiac pacemakers or other electrical implants. 

Finally, TENS therapy is not advisable for women during pregnancy. However, you may use a TENS unit like the iTENS to relieve pain during the early stages of labour. When the regular contractions start, place the electrode pads on the lower back to help reduce discomfort. You may consult your physician for the guidance and correct use of TENS for your situation. In conclusion, in choosing a TENS machine like the iTENS or Wellness Plus TENS machine, consider the range of available pain modes, ease of use, and effectiveness. 

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