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iTENS: TENS Massage Machine

Various activities throughout the day can tire and sore muscles. For example, repetitive motions or sitting all day in front of a computer can cause tension or stiffness. Massage is one of the most effective ways to ease muscle tension and body ache. It involves pressing or rubbing the muscles, tendons, and ligaments. For instance, applying pressure on trigger points can help relieve pain and reduce stress. It can also be done through light stroking and deep pressure. Nowadays, you can attain the therapeutic effects of massage therapy through Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS). The iTENS is a modern TENS massage machine for pain relief and muscle relaxation. 

The iTENS from iTENS Australia uses mild electrical impulses to target the nerves to reduce pain. It is a portable device for treating acute and chronic pain. A TENS machine works by delivering small currents through the skin to stimulate the nerves. The stimulation induces the nerve pathways in the spinal column, impeding pain signals from reaching the brain. Likewise, the iTENS can also be a TENS massage machine that uses modulated frequency on body pain points. The frequency follows the same pattern as a physical massage, thereby soothing sore muscles instantly. Moreover, a TENS machine can trigger the release of endorphins, which are the body’s natural pain relievers. As a result, a TENS massage machine reduces overall body aches or pain perception. 

Benefits of TENS

A TENS machine consists of a set of electrode pads that is placed on the skin. Some TENS machines have lead cables, while some are wireless. The iTENS from iTENS Australia is a wireless device with Bluetooth capabilities allowing it to facilitate pain relief easily. People with acute pain from an injury can use a TENS unit to manage pain until full recovery. The iTENS can reduce pain and aid in the faster rehabilitation of sore muscles or damaged nerves. Additionally, TENS is a suitable device for managing chronic pain. Unlike oral painkillers, a TENS machine does not have adverse side effects. Therefore, it is a safe and risk-free method for relieving long-term pain symptoms. Furthermore, a TENS massage machine can also provide the following benefits:

  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Improve blood circulation
  • Reduce muscle soreness and tension
  • Lower heart rate and blood pressure 
  • Decrease painful contractions and spasms
  • Reduce nerve compressions
  • Restore range of motion
  • Improved sleep patterns

Uses of a TENS Massage Machine

A TENS massage machine can help boost blood circulation, thereby reducing pain perception. The increased circulation delivers nutrients to sore muscles or nerves, which helps in faster healing or recovery. Moreover, the massage functions of the iTENS can relax muscle tissue and reduce painful contractions. When the muscles are contracted, they can compress the surrounding nerves and cause pain. TENS massage therapy can loosen muscle knots, and decompress the nerves to provide more comfort. You can use a TENS massage machine to ease muscle pain and discomfort at the end of the day.

There are many types of massage therapies available. Different massage techniques use varying strokes or movements. Additionally, applying pressure can help with muscle, tendon, and ligament relaxation. However, a massage therapist cannot access some deeper tissues easily. The iTENS TENS massage machine can send mild electrical currents to target the sensory nerves allowing for deeper stimulation. For those new to electrotherapy, people should know that TENS therapy is a non-invasive way of relieving pain and relaxing the muscles through electrical stimulation. Aside from muscle relaxation, the TENS massage machine can also benefits several conditions. Period pain, for example, can be relieved with the help of abdominal electrical stimulation.

iTENS Massage Machine

The iTENS is a programmable TENS massage machine through the iTENS smartphone app. The wireless iTENS can pair to a mobile phone through a Bluetooth connection. Connections with a smartphone can allow the user access to the iTENS companion app .The iTENS app features several treatments for acute and chronic pain, muscle spasm relief, muscle relaxation, and muscle massage. These treatments have fixed programs allowing safer use. Likewise, the convenience of the iTENS pre-set modes and user-friendly features make it easy to facilitate TENS therapy. Furthermore, you may also personalise your treatment through manual operation. For instance, you can manually set the pulse rate, pulse width, waveforms, and duration to control the stimulation. By trying out different intensity levels, it enables you to find the most effective relief. 

Operating the iTENS TENS massage machine is simple in few easy steps. First, place the electrode pads near or around the painful area and turn on the device. For easing muscle pain, choose the treatment for muscle relaxation or massage. The device gives a tingling sensation as the therapy begins. It is best to start with the lowest frequency and gradually work your way up. Additionally, the TENS pads placement is vital to achieving effective pain relief. You can place the electrode pads on areas where ache or stiffness is common. The TENS massage machine is applicable to the following areas:

TENS Safety Guidelines

A TENS massage machine is generally safe and toxic-free. People with chronic pain use TENS devices to reduce the need for taking oral medications. Unfortunately, misusing the device may cause minimal harm. Therefore, ensure that you follow the TENS general guidelines to ensure safety. First, do not use TENS for long periods. A single session can last 15 to 30 minutes. If you need more time, allow a twenty-minute break in between sessions. Second, do not place the electrode pads on the temples, near the head, throat, or chest. Next, do not use TENS if you have cancer, heart conditions, blood clots, or epilepsy. Also, avoid using TENS if you have cardiac pacemakers or other electrical implants in your body. Moreover, do not use TENS during pregnancy except in the early stages of labour. Finally, do not turn the intensity too high that it causes discomfort or contractions. 

iTENS: TENS and Massager in one

Muscle soreness is unavoidable, especially with an active lifestyle. It is often a part of everyday life involving sports or manual work. A TENS massage machine is can drastically help release muscle tension and relieve pain after a long day’s work. However, pain relief may vary from person to person. Furthermore, you can also combine TENS therapy with other forms of therapies or treatments. For example, muscle pain relief can be more effective when combining TENS massage with light stretching. Choosing the right device can tremendously improve your overall quality of life. The wireless iTENS from iTENS Australia provides natural and sustainable pain alleviation and muscle stimulation

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