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Are there TENS Machines at Australia Chemist Warehouse?

Many people take oral medication as treatment for pain. However, prolonged use of oral painkillers can develop adverse side effects. Therefore, those suffering from acute and chronic conditions seek drug-free alternatives to manage pain safely and effectively. A safe and efficient remedy that people can take is electrotherapy treatments. Specifically, Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) has been essential for acute and chronic pain management. TENS therapy works by producing tiny electrical impulses that stimulate nerves to help reduce pain and discomfort. Many people look for a TENS machine at Australia Chemist Warehouse to manage pain and reduce intake of oral medications. Alternatively, iTENS Australia provides innovative pain relief through wireless TENS machines, the iTENS Wireless TENS therapy device. 

TENS Machine at Australia Chemist Warehouse: What can the iTENS Treat?

Why do people consider purchasing a TENS machine at Australia Chemist Warehouse? TENS therapy treatment has been around significantly helping people suffering from acute and chronic conditions and those with injuries. A TENS machine is a small battery-operated device that utilises electrodes to provide stimulation. The tiny electrical pulses produced by the device travel through the skin and stimulates the nerves. As a result, the stimulation helps reduce the feeling of pain. Additionally, TENS therapy also induces the release of endorphins. They are the body’s natural painkillers. Moreover, endorphins significantly improve comfort during TENS therapy, improve moods, reduce anxiety, and induce relaxation.

When looking for a TENS machine at Australia Chemist Warehouse, purchasing a suitable TENS device is essential. Furthermore, this ensures you can use the device to treat several pain conditions, making the device a worthy investment. This type of treatment is highly effective for treating the following conditions:


TENS Machine at Australia Chemist Warehouse

Effective pain management options are essential for people suffering from chronic pain conditions. Treatments like taking pain medications, physiotherapy, and electrotherapy can significantly help your pain management routine. These treatments have been proven and tested to reduce pain and discomfort. However, treatment effects may vary from person to person. TENS therapy sessions can prove to be the most efficient pain management option. TENS devices allow users easy access to instant pain relief whenever they need it. Nowadays, professional-grade personal TENS therapy machines are available for purchase online. These pain management tools are highly effective alternatives for traditional home treatments like a cold or hot compress. If you want to buy a TENS machine at Australia Chemist Warehouse, you should consider looking for iTENS devices.

Purchasing a TENS machine at Australia Chemist Warehouse or any other retail store does not require a prescription. However, their device selection may be limited. When looking for efficient and cost-effective TENS therapy machines like the iTENS, you can easily purchase them directly from the iTENS Australia website. iTENS Australia offers same-day shipping nationwide, and all products are readily available. You can ensure that your TENS products are safe to use as iTENS is one of the world’s first FDA cleared wireless medical devices. TENS therapy devices like the iTENS Wireless machine are convenient and efficient because of their innovative features.

TENS Machine at Australia Chemist Warehouse: Why the iTENS?

When buying a TENS machine at Australia Chemist Warehouse or other suppliers, it is vital to know what device features you need for treatment. Some of the beneficial and advantageous features of the iTENS device are:

  • Wireless: The iTENS Wireless TENS is a versatile device due to its wireless feature. It provides users with Bluetooth connectivity features. A Bluetooth feature allows users to pair the iTENS with any iOS or Android smartphone seamlessly. The iTENS can be controllable through your smartphone. Moreover, this feature can significantly help users treat hard-to-reach pain areas like the lower back. The device is entirely wireless, removing the hassle of dealing with tangled wires and manually adjusting program settings.
  • Cost-effective: The iTENS device can provide electrical stimulation with the same frequency and intensity as a professional TENS device. This beneficial feature allows users to have efficient TENS treatments in the comfort of their homes. Additionally, the iTENS is compact, portable and highly discreet. This feature allows users to use the device outside and wear it underneath clothing. Providing users access to pain relief whenever they need it.
  • iTENS Apps: Users can use the free iTENS app through any iOS or Android smartphone. The free app offers users various pre-set program settings ready for use. These pre-set programs specifically treat certain pain conditions and body parts. Furthermore, this feature significantly helps new TENS therapy users treat themselves efficiently without needing professional supervision.  

iTENS Accessories

iTENS Australia offers various accessories for the iTENS device. The iTENS indeed has several advantages over other TENS therapy machines. A key feature the iTENS provides is that the electrodes and pads are interchangeable. iTENS provides users with reusable and replaceable gel pads to ensure efficient nerve stimulation during TENS therapy sessions. Additionally, pad placement and pad sizing are critical for a beneficial TENS treatment. For example, using a device with small electrodes may not provide enough stimulation for treatment areas like the back. When looking to buy a TENS machine at Australia Chemist Warehouse or other stores, you should also check the available accessories for specific devices. You can easily purchase the iTENS and its accessories from iTENS Australia like the following:

  • Small Wings: These pads have the most beneficial effects for small flexible areas like the joints. These pads can efficiently treat areas like the wrist and ankle.
  • Large Wings: These pads are best for broad treatment areas like the back.
  • Long Pads: These pads are specifically for treating areas like the back towards the leg.
  • Small, Large and Long Gel Pads: These reusable and replaceable gel pads are suitable for 15 – 20 applications per set. Each packet contains three sets of gel pads, meaning 45 – 60 applications.

Benefits of using iTENS

Untreated injuries and pain conditions can negatively affect life and limit movements. Therefore, people suffering from acute or chronic pain conditions seek medical advice and suitable pain management options. Nowadays, TENS therapy devices are the most cost-effective and safest pain relief. People would typically look for a TENS machine at Australia Chemist Warehouse and other stores because of the various benefits TENS therapy offers. In particular, the main reason for using TENS devices is because TENS is a safe, non-invasive, and drug-free pain relief method. Most people suffering from pain would need to go to therapy centres to use a TENS device. Nowadays, an innovative wireless device like the iTENS is readily available. It is ideal for users that require easy access to pain relief.  

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