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TENS Machine Hire Brisbane: Factors To Consider

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There are various reasons why people opt to get a TENS machine for hire in Brisbane. TENS or Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation, is a type of therapy that uses low-voltage currents to treat pain. One common use is to provide relief during labour. Several clinics offer TENS machines for short-term use. However, before hiring a device, it is essential to know the important factors to consider. Choosing a device will depend on the type, features, cost, and rental periods.

TENS therapy provides individuals with a drug-free alternative to manage pain. The electrical pulses stimulate the nerves to block pain signals and release endorphins. Thus, it reduces pain severity without the aid of medicines. This is beneficial for those who want to avoid the common side effects of drugs. This article will cover the device types and features of TENS machines, cost considerations, and hire terms and duration.

TENS Machine for Hire in Brisbane – Device Type and Features

A TENS unit is a portable, battery-powered device with electrode pads. The pads are placed on the skin of the target area to deliver electrical stimulation. Moreover, the TENS machines for hire in Brisbane come in different types. It is important to choose one that best suits individual needs. The common types are traditional and wireless machines.

A traditional TENS unit utilises wires or cables to connect to the electrode pads. This enables a stable flow of currents from the control unit to the pads and the skin. On the other hand, a wireless TENS is a cord-free device. It incorporates Bluetooth technology to control the stimulation of the pads from a smartphone. Therefore, it provides users with a more comfortable experience.

Furthermore, TENS machines feature adjustable settings and pre-set modes for ease of use. The device allows users to modify the frequency and intensity based on their level of pain relief. Thus, it can help with mild to severe pain. In addition, the pre-set modes enable convenient pain management. It is designed for specific treatments, such as body aches and chronic conditions like osteoarthritissciatica, and muscle pain.

Commonly Available Modes for Pain Relief

  • Burst mode – delivers short, intermittent bursts of electrical power. The frequency can be set at one to two Hertz (Hz), and the pulse width at 100 to 200 microseconds.
  • Constant mode – delivers a continuous stream of electrical pulses. It uses low frequencies of up to two Hz and a pulse width of up to 200 microseconds. Additionally, the duration of the session is usually 30 minutes or less.
  • Modulation mode – uses rapidly changing frequencies and pulse widths. It utilises frequencies between 2 to 150 Hz and a pulse width of 100 to 200 microseconds. This keeps the body from developing a tolerance.

iTENS refill pack with three sets of gel pads

TENS Machine for Hire in Brisbane – Cost and Potential Contributing Factors

One of the essential considerations of getting a TENS machine for hire in Brisbane is the cost. It can vary depending on several factors, such as the type of device and hire period. Typically, the cost of renting a unit may range from $50 to $75. The longer the duration, the higher the price is likely to be.

Various factors can contribute to the rental costs. Aside from the duration, specific features and capabilities can impact the price. Machines with more advanced settings or additional accessories can increase their price. Individuals should also take into account the shipping and return fees.

Some companies may require a bond payment as a security deposit. The cost is approximately between $50 to $100. However, this is refundable upon the return of the unit in good condition. Additionally, providers may charge penalties for late returns or damaged devices. Therefore, it is essential to check with the provider if there are additional charges before renting a unit.

What is Included in the Package

The hire package typically includes the TENS device itself, reusable electrode pads, an operating manual, cables, AA batteries, and a prepaid satchel. The electrodes are for single-person use, and it does not require to be returned. In addition, individuals may get extra electrode pads for additional costs.

For labour TENS machines, it may include a neck cord for mobility. Lastly, the prepaid satchel is the return package for the unit. Hence, individuals should include the necessary items in the packet and send it back to the provider. Upon receiving the package, check the inclusions to make sure they are complete.

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TENS Machine for Hire in Brisbane – Rental Periods and Terms

The rental period of TENS machines for hire in Brisbane usually ranges from six to twelve weeks. This allows individuals to use the machine for their labour, treatment, or recovery process. Some companies may offer flexible periods, allowing customers to extend their rental if needed. It is advisable to book a device a few weeks before the expected labour date to ensure its timely arrival.

Moreover, the terms and conditions may differ depending on the provider. It is essential to read and understand the agreement before signing up for the hire package. Getting the device beforehand enables users to familiarise themselves with the device. For example, pregnant women may try using the unit on other body areas except the abdomen.

It is advisable to research different companies to compare prices, rental periods, and terms. Reading customer reviews and testimonials can also provide insights into the quality of the machines and the customer service they provide. By understanding these factors, individuals can make an informed decision about getting the most suitable device.

Precautions when Operating the Device

Although the TENS machine is generally safe and non-invasive, following precautionary measures is vital. Pregnant women should consult their doctor before deciding to get a device. They should avoid using the machine over or near the abdomen and during the first 36 weeks of pregnancy.

Furthermore, do not place the TENS pads on open wounds and broken or irritated skin. Avoid sensitive areas like the head, throat, chest, and spine. Likewise, do not use the device near water to avoid electrocution. Lastly, individuals with heart problems, epilepsy, and other medical conditions should consult a health professional before using TENS.


The TENS machine for hire in Brisbane provides individuals with an affordable option to manage pain. TENS therapy is a natural approach to pain relief and can help with a variety of conditions. One of the common reasons to hire a device is to manage labour pain. Most rental companies offer at least a six-week period. Additionally, the cost will depend on the rental duration, type of device, additional accessories, and shipping fees.

It is important to read and understand the terms and conditions to avoid additional charges. The package usually includes the device itself, reusable pads, a user manual, and a prepaid satchel for returning the unit. Lastly, observing the safety precautions is crucial in operating the device. This helps to prevent unwanted effects or risks. It is also advisable to consult a doctor before deciding to get a device. Nevertheless, TENS machines can be effective in treating acute and chronic pain.

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