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Where to Buy Electrodes for TENS Units?

Wireless TENS device at iTENS Australia

New users of TENS therapy may ask where to buy electrodes for TENS units. You may get new or replacement electrodes or TENS pads in pharmacies and online stores, like iTENS Australia. Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation is increasingly becoming the top pain relief method for many people. It delivers tiny electrical impulses that help reduce pain symptoms and other discomforts. Through a portable TENS machine, individuals can manage their painful conditions without going to a clinic or treatment facility.

TENS is practical for many types of pain, such as injuries, chronic ailments, and labour pain. A person may use a therapy device based on the pain type, severity, and location. Therefore, getting a TENS unit that serves a specific condition is vital for effective treatment. In addition, the quality of TENS electrodes can influence pain management. The following sections will talk about buying electrode pads, usage and care guides, and TENS benefits. 

Where to Buy Electrodes for TENS Units and What are the Types

Before asking where to buy electrodes for TENS units, it is vital to know what they do and the different types. The electrodes are the adhesive pads of the device attached to the body. It transmits electrical currents through the skin to stimulate the targeted nerves. Various kinds of TENS machines have different electrodes. Firstly, traditional TENS have wired electrodes connected to a handheld controller. On the other hand, a wireless unit utilises Bluetooth connectivity instead of cords.

TENS electrodes are reusable for up to several applications. Once they lose their stickiness, they necessitate regular replacements. You may purchase TENS devices and electrodes in pharmacies without a prescription. Conveniently, you may buy from reputable online stores like iTENS Australia to get an all-around wireless pain relief device. Moreover, it is essential to get a TENS unit where you can easily get a refill or replacement pads.

Some devices have universal fittings. Hence, you can get new electrodes that match the electrical connector, regardless of the brand. In contrast, most wireless TENS machines have a snap-on attachment. It is essential to use compatible accessories to ensure good performance. iTENS Australia offers various accessories compatible with the wireless iTENS device. It is also readily available. Thus, you will not have difficulty looking where to buy electrodes for TENS units if you have iTENS. 

What Can You Get at iTENS Australia

iTENS Australia offers the following devices:

  • Small Wing Kit – for treatment of small areas like the hands and joints
  • Large Wing Kit – for broader pain coverage, such as the shoulders and back
  • Interchangeable wings – replaceable wings in small, large, and long strip sizes (for elongated treatment areas)
  • Refill gel pads – reusable pads in three sizes

Placing of TENS electrodes on a dry skin

Where to Buy Electrodes for TENS Units: Care Guide and Maintenance

Individuals can reuse a TENS machine as often as necessary. Most electrodes will last approximately six months, depending on the frequency of use. However, they are prone to wear and tear. Regular maintenance is advisable to help minimise looking for where to buy electrodes for TENS units. Particularly, TENS may accumulate gel residue as you put the pads on and off. Hence, the build-up of the particles may cause the electrodes not to adhere well.

Most TENS electrodes are self-adhesive and can be used many times until they no longer stick firmly to the skin. Several procedures can help preserve the life of the TENS pads. Mainly, periodically clean the sticky surface of the electrodes by wiping them with a damp or moist cloth. Adding a few droplets of water may also help restore the pads’ adhesion. However, do not submerge the entire device in water or other fluids.

Furthermore, when the electrodes no longer stick despite maintenance, it is advisable to secure a replacement immediately. Knowing where to buy electrodes for TENS units helps ensure continuous pain management. This is due to worn-down electrodes may not give adequate stimulation needed for optimal pain relief. Fortunately, the spare wings, refill gels, and other accessories at iTENS Australia are more cost-efficient than standard devices.

TENS and Skin Preparation

  • Wash the skin where you plan on placing the TENS pads with mild soap and water. 
  • The skin must be completely dry before placing the electrodes.
  • Trim any excess hair on the painful area.
  • Remove the pads immediately after the TENS session. 
  • Monitor the skin for redness or irritation.

Man holding his foot because of pain

Where to Buy Electrodes for TENS Units: Benefits and Advantages

TENS therapy is a safe and natural method for alleviating pain. It does not involve toxic substances that may cause adverse side effects. Therefore, it is low-risk. Many patients with chronic conditions use TENS as an alternative to oral medications. For these reasons, many are interested in TENS machines and want to know where to buy electrodes for TENS units. Their availability is vital to avoid unnecessary costs or inconvenience. Moreover, TENS provides many benefits and advantages, among other methods.

A TENS machine relieves pain by stimulating the sensory nerves with mild electrical pulses. These pulses cause the gating mechanisms in the spinal cord to close and block the passage of pain signals. As a result, the signals do not reach the brain. Additionally, low pulse rates induce the release of endorphins, the body’s natural painkillers. Endorphins often have lasting therapeutic effects. People who use low-frequency stimulation report not feeling pain for longer hours.

Other TENS advantages include being non-invasive and versatile. The electrodes adhere only to the surface and do not penetrate the skin. In addition, it does not leave permanent marks. Furthermore, you may use TENS while doing chores or exercise. In particular, wireless electrodes are more compact and discreet. This is valuable for people who need to remain active. Thus, knowing where to buy electrodes for TENS units for your pain condition is essential. 

TENS Pain Treatments

A TENS machine can help relieve the following conditions:

Furthermore, TENS is applicable to general aches in the following areas:

  • Neck
  • Shoulders
  • Elbows
  • Wrists/Hands
  • Upper back
  • Lower back
  • Hip/pelvic area
  • Quadriceps/thighs
  • Calf
  • Ankle
  • Feet


More people dealing with constant pain use TENS therapy instead of oral medicines because it is safe with no adverse side effects. A physician or therapist may advise patients where to buy electrodes for TENS units to help them effectively manage pain at home. Aside from clinics, you can get TENS machines and electrodes in pharmacies or drug stores without a prescription. Conveniently, you may head directly online, like iTENS Australia, to avail innovative wireless devices and complete accessories.

Modern TENS machines are portable and easy to operate. They are convenient to use, especially when pain symptoms suddenly start. Moreover, they are cost-efficient. You may use the device frequently. Moreover, the electrodes are easy to clean, which helps prolong their life. However, you can easily buy a replacement at a low cost. For comprehensive pain management, you may get a wireless TENS device at iTENS Australia.

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